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FFD - White Mage

The White Mage is a job in Final Fantasy Dimensions obtained at the start of the story. Like the traditional White Mage in most Final Fantasy games, the role is strictly geared for supportive magic and healing and keeping the party alive, using White Magic. The job becomes more important as the monsters hit increasingly harder over the course of the game.


As White Mages, the party will wear either the traditional White Mage from the series; a white robe with a red trim, or a white robe with a grey trim. Both variations wear their hoods up.

In the iOS and Android versions, the males wear their hoods down and the females wear their hoods up. All of them have white robes with red trimmings. All of the characters wear beaded necklaces with their respective colors, except the females, and Dusk, who wears a brown beaded necklace.


  • Innate Abilities: White Magic LV7
  • Equipment: Staves, Bows, Pointed Hats, Robes, Bangles

White MagicEdit

Ability Name Job Level AP Needed Slots Description
White Magic LV1 1 20 2 Grants the ability to use white magic.
---- 2 40
White Magic LV2 3 60 2
---- 4 80
MND+20% 5 100 1 Increases MND by 20%.
---- 6 120
White Magic LV3 7 140 2
---- 8 160
White Magic LV4 9 180 2
Slot+1 10 200 Number of slots increase by one.
---- 11 220
White Magic LV5 12 240 2
---- 13 260
---- 14 280
White Magic LV6 15 300 2
---- 16 330
---- 17 360
White Magic LV7 18 390 2
Slot+1 19 420 Number of slots increase by one.
Mental Discipline 20 450 2 Reduces the MP amount consumed in battle by half.


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