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White: Melodies of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is an arranged album of tracks from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. The first pressing came with a blue cloth pouch with the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance logo. The fold-out liner notes include the tracklist in Japanese and a message from Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Track list Edit

  1. "Monster Farm" (Bandneon Version)
  2. "Ivalice, A Different World" (Piano Version)
  3. "Crystal" (Quena Version)
  4. "Mewt" (Acoustic Guitar Version)
  5. "Teach Me, Montblanc" (Fagot Version)
  6. "Marche" (Love for Humanity Version)
  7. "Main Theme" (Piano Version)
  8. "The Anxiety One Can't Hide" (Electric Guitar Version)
  9. "Beyond the Desert" (Bandneon Version)
  10. "The Place to Which We Must Return" (Invincible Version)
  11. "Valley of Amber" (Sing Me Softly Version)

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