Whip-wielding Balamb's Instructor is a time-limited event where Quistis from Final Fantasy VIII can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located during Chapter 9.


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Supported by many of her students, Quistis is an active SeeD and one of the instructors of Balamb Garden. After being deprived of her position as instructor because of certain circumstances, she proceeds to accompany Squall who has been commanded to assassinate a sorceress.

Due to her suddenly appearition on a mysterious volcano, Quistis starts remembering the start of his journey with Squall and the siege of Dollet. After a while, she remarks to herself that "this isn't the time to be reminiscing" and tries to locate all of her friends until a recon squad of "warriors of Materia", composed by Laguna and Y'shtola among others, encounter her.

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Quistis recognizes Laguna from the events of her world, but deduces she probably is on the dream world due to his clothes, however she denies this when she admits that her appearance is still the same and has not been altered. What really unnerves her are the presence of an armored knight, and two human-like beings with cat ears and tails. The reunion with a confused Laguna that doesn't remember her gets interrupted because of the attack of several monsters and a Behemoth that surprises the group.

After the fight, Quistis starts talking with the warriors until Zell and Squall arrive, something that makes Quistis rejoice.

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Y'shtola gets curious about this and Zell explains all about Quistis to her then Squall says that he is glad to see that her is alright, something that surprises her. Galuf and Steiner comment that he "may not show it, but he cares about the people of his same world". Although this makes Squall uncomfortable. The heroes start explaining the situation of the world to Quistis, this makes her wonder about the rest of her friends. Squall tries to reassure her by admiting that not everyone has appeared yet but that doesn't mean that they are going to be summoned too and returns to his old "persona". Quistis mocks him, gaining the favor of the warriors of Light, but this makes Squall leave. Y'shtola, Steiner and Galuf welcome her to the group.
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While the party continue talking, Quistis is informed about the presence of Seifer and the members of the Disciplinary Committee in the world as well. This makes Quistis curious and, after hearing more details of the party's encounter with him, distresses her a bit, admiting that Seifer had his flaws on his original world, but express her interest in supporting him and his posse if he doesn't do anything evil.[1]
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Story CutscenesEdit

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Great Confusion:
  • Quistis: This volcano... how nostalgic. It reminds me of the SeeD Field Exams.
  • Quistis: I was a teacher then... when Squall was...
  • Quistis: Back then, I was wondering why he was so difficult to deal with...
  • Quistis: Zell... Seifer... that exam was a complete disaster, huh...
  • Quistis: Why I am... this isn't the time to be reminiscing.
  • Quistis: Where has everyone gone? We need to regroup...
  • Laguna: Woah! Who's that over there?!
  • Quistis: No way... Laguna?
  • Laguna: ...huh?
  • Y'shtola: Someone you know?
  • Cecil: Didn't you come from the same world? Could you introduce her?
  • Laguna: Well, uhh... I don't believe we've met before...
  • Quistis: So Laguna's here... then, could this be the dream world...
  • Quistis: No, that's not it. If that were the case, my appearance would've changed to something ridiculous.
  • Quistis: Then, who are these people? You only ever see armor-clad knights in movies...
  • Quistis: Ears and tails... I don't think I know of such races...
  • Quistis: ...No, I need to calm down. I don't need to be told that the battlefield is different from the exam...
  • Zidane: Hello, anyone home? Mind telling us what were you muttering to yourself just a moment ago?
  • Laguna: Someone I don't know who knows me... I feel like this confusing pattern has happened before... all this thinking is giving me a headache...
  • Cecil: This is much more complicated than I thought, but she doesn't seem to be an enemy.

(A Behemoth appears and Zidane, Cecil and Y'shtola summon their weapons ready to fight it, Quistis is shocked while Laguna is still confused.)

  • Y'shtola: But before we confirm that, I'd say that we should deal with the monsters here first, then we'll slowly listen to your story.
Something to Look Forward to:
  • Zell: Quistis!
  • Quistis: Zell! Oh, and Squall too! I'm finally able to see you again!
  • Y'shtola: You know those two?
  • Zell: She was our supervising instructor back in Balamb Garden... which resulted in her being dismissed of her position...
  • Zell: But, she is the youngest in all of history to have graduated as a SeeD, so she certainly posseses a great strength!
  • Squall: I'm glad to see you're alright...
  • Quistis: Oh, what's this? I thought you didn't care about others.
  • Steiner: Though Squall may not show it, he is indeed always thinking about those of the same world as he.
  • Galuf: He may not appear it, but Squall is certainly a man full of compassion!
  • Squall: (... Please, just keep your mouths shut...)

(The heroes explain what is happening to Quistis.)

  • Quistis: It's hard to believe that this is a different world right away... but that explanation does make sense...
  • Y'shtola: We're slowly gathering out allies as our journey pushes forward.
  • Galuf: Everyone was wandering alone at first, but now, we have an entire group.
  • Quistis: Then, our group as well?
  • Squall: There are still some who may not have been found yet, or may not have even come here.
  • Quistis: I see... whether they are here, or back in our world... it's still pretty worrying...
  • Squall: ...That's none of my-
  • Quistis: -"business"!
  • Y'shtola: Hehe, you're certainly the prospect of an instructor.
  • Steiner: To have anticipated his reply, as expected of his instructor!
  • Quistis: I'm not his instructor, but his ally. You as well, you've fought alongside him, haven't you?
  • Squall: It's great that you're safe and that you understand the situation, but as I was saying, I-
  • Y'shtola: -"would prefer you leave me alone".
  • Y'shtola: ...Was that right?
  • Squall: ... Whatever.

(Squall leaves.)

  • Zell: H-Hey! You are really losing your nerve, Squall!
  • Quistis: I'm glad you were able to joke like that. Please teach me more.
  • Y'shtola: Of course, you're one of us now.
  • Galuf: Hmm, you seem to have a deep understanding of a friend you've once taught.
  • Steiner: And again, we have gained yet another promising ally!
Instructor Quistis:
  • Quistis: Ever since coming to this world, you seem to be a lot more energetic, Zell.
  • Zell: With all these people around, it's gonna be an intense competition! So different from my usual fighting spirit!
  • Quistis: Irvine doesn't seem too nervous as well. It's great to see everyone doing fine.
  • Irvine: I'm always full of energy~
  • Zell: Oh right, and Seifer's here as well...
  • Zell: But he's a little more.. quiet now...
  • Vaan: Oh yeah, since you're Zell's friend, I guess you would know about Seifer as well.
  • Quistis: Have you guys run into him?
  • Hope: Yeah, we've fought several times, actually.
  • Vaan: Each time we met, he seemed to be provoking us into a fight.
  • Quistis: As I thought... I apologize, he was also a student of mine.
  • Yuna: But we know he is not a bad person.
  • Yuna: After having been told that he had become a knight to protect a woman whom he could not leave alone...
  • Irvine: Though it may be an overbearing way to go about things~
  • Quistis: ...Well that was one aspect of him which kept him from passing...
  • Quistis: His results in battle may have been outstanding, but his habit of ignoring others' opinions would've been fatal as a mercenary...
  • Hope: I had a feeling he was like that as well in his original world...
  • Zell: He was also a member of the Disciplinary Committee, together with those other two.
  • Quistis: You mean, Fujin and Raijin?
  • Irvine: It seems those three managed to make it through this world, despite not knowing anything about it~
  • Quistis: I see... I guess they're trying their best.
  • Quistis: So he's acting independently now.
  • Zell: Are you saying that you want to support him?
  • Quistis: Now that he is not particularly involved with anything evil, I wouldn't mind lending him a hand.
  • Irvine: As of now, I'm not too sure but I think it would be a little strange to be doing that.
  • Quistis: Although I'm no longer an instructor in charge of Seifer, he is still someone I grew up with, so I hope to get along well with him.
  • Hope: Guess I was worried for nothing, you really are a kind instructor.
  • Irvine: Well, she is "Instructor Quistis" after all~
  • Quistis: As I've said, I'm no longer an instructor! Though, that wouldn't be so bad...
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  • This event has been considered by the fanbase as a teaser of Chapter 10 (back then) and the characters that were going to be added to the playable roster with it. This Chapter was highly "Final Fantasy VIII focused" and added Seifer, Fujin and Raijin as playable characters.