West Sarutabaruta.

West Sarutabaruta is an area in Final Fantasy XI. These plains feature the Starfall Hillock, a location famous for meteorites and a rare dew that forms there overnight.

Location Edit

Part of the Sarutabaruta region, West Sarutabaruta forms the southwest corner of Mindartia. It connects to both Port Windurst and Windurst Waters and leads to the Yagudo stronghold of Giddeus in the west. Three ancient towers can be found in this area that lead to the Horutoto ruins.

The hill located north of Odin's Gate is known as the Starfall Hillock, and meteorites are said to fall here from the sky. On the top of Starfall Hillock sits a tree where rare dew gathers in the morning hours, fine enough that it can only be picked up by the scales of a Pugil.

The waters of the Pamtam Straits run to the south of Sarutabaruta and Windurst, and a cliff face on West Sarutabaruta's southeastern end faces its waters. This area makes a nice, secluded spot for some peaceful sea fishing and is a preferred location for catching Bladefish.

Story Edit

In the A Shantotto Ascension mission Burgeoning Dread, the player is drafted into the Shantotto Empire upon entering West or East Sarutabaruta from Windurst.

Landmarks Edit

Stone Monument Edit

WSartabarta Stone Monument

The stone monument in West Sarutabaruta.

Position: (G-9)

A stone monument can be found in West Sarutabaruta, northwest of Shiva's Gate, northeast of the Dahlia Horutoto Tower, and west of the Cavernous Maw, inscribed by Enid Ironheart, the daughter of Gwynham Ironheart. The player must make a copy of the monument's inscription using clay and take it to Abelard in Selbina, along with the rest of the inscriptions of the monuments across the land, in order to obtain a map of the Crawlers' Nest. The monument reads:

Now, five years after I first crossed the Jeuno Straits and began my slow southward survey of Mindartia, I have arrived at the southernmost land: the plains of Sarutabaruta.
The Tarutaru who live here are a kind and friendly people; it is hard to believe their ancestors plotted the conquest of the world during the age of great magic.
They, too, worship the Goddess Altana, yet they believe that She has a form here on Vana'diel called the Star Sibyl, who lives in a giant tree.
I met the Star Sibyl, and she took my hand and spoke to me of everything from the current state of our world to the unseeable future. It was a wonderful experience.
The Tarutaru have agreed to give me a magical ship to speed the rest of my survey. I thank the Sibyl, and her kind people.
—Enid Ironheart, 778 Crystal Era

Connected Areas Edit

Relm-ffvi-snes-battleThis gallery is incomplete and requires Port Windurst
(I-10), Windurst Waters
(J-9), Giddeus
(F-8), Inner Horutoto Ruins
(J-8), Outer Horutoto Ruins
(F-4), (F-11) and West Sarutabaruta (S)
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Enemies Edit

  • Balloon*during foggy weather
  • Bumblebee
  • Carrion Crow
  • Crawler
  • Giant Bee
  • Goblin Digger
  • Goblin Fisher
  • Goblin Thug
  • Goblin Weaver
  • Land Crab*caught fishing
  • Mad Fox*at night
  • Magicked Bones*at night
  • Mandragora
  • Mugger Crab*caught fishing
  • Palm Crab*caught fishing
  • Passage Crab*caught fishing
  • Pixie
  • River Crab
  • Savanna Crab*caught fishing
  • Savanna Rarab
  • Tiny Mandragora
  • Yagudo Acolyte
  • Yagudo Initiate
  • Yagudo Scribe

Notorious Monsters Edit

Garrison Enemies Edit

  • Yagudo Follower
  • Yagudo Priest
  • Yagudo Theologist
  • Yagudo Votary
  • Yagudo Condottiere*Garrison leader

Confrontation Enemies Edit

Voidwatch Edit

Music Edit

The eponymous theme "Sarutabaruta" plays in both West and East Sarutabaruta. When the player engages in battle in East Sarutabaruta alone, the "Battle Theme" plays. If the player engages in a battle alongside other party members, "Battle Theme #2" plays.

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Trivia Edit

  • As West Sarutabaruta is located right outside a starter city and designed to cater to low level, it is well known as a newbie area.