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XI West Aht Urhgan is a woodland region in Final Fantasy XI. The western capital of the mighty Empire of Aht Urhgan, Al Zahbi, is located in these expansive forests.

This region requires the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion to access.


Al ZahbiEdit

Aht Urhgan WhitegateEdit

Bhaflau ThicketsEdit

The Bhaflau Thickets is a lush wooded area caught between the waters of the Cyan Deep and Sicklemoon Straits. Lying just outside the teeming city of Al Zahbi, adventurers are often spotted sneaking through the thickets on their way to the beastmen strongholds of Mamook and Halvung. Those not cautious enough will face a wide array of unfriendly beasts, from the gigantic Marids to tiny Chigoes, from the slow Treants to darting Puks. Be prepared, the thickets can claim even the most well-seasoned adventurer.

The ColosseumEdit

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