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Weskham Armaugh is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy XV. He runs the restaurant Maagho at Altissia. He previously resided in Lucis and served as steward to Regis Lucis Caelum prior to his ascension to the throne. Prince Noctis visits him upon making landfall in Altissia during Chapter 9, upon which he tells them the state of matters in the area.



Weskham has gray hair and beard, and wears a monocle. He wears a white dress shirt under a leather vest and a white and yellow tie.


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In M.E. 725, Weskham was among Regis's company that included Cid Sophiar, Cor Leonis and Clarus Amicitia that held the front lines during Mors Lucis Caelum CXII's rule. Regis had fought alongside his friends on their trip to Accordo. Due to the defeat of the Lucis-Accordo allied forces, the Niflheim army had invaded the three regions of Leide, Duscae, and Cleigne, where they began establishing bases followed by a period of peace. Lucis challenged the empire but were pushed back. Regis, as the Lucian prince, had traveled to Accordo with a select few to seek the restoration of an allied force, but was forced to withdraw to the Crown City due to the Lucian army's defeat. The range of the Wall was pulled back to Insomnia's ramparts to maintain the strength to resist the empire's invasion efforts.[1] It is implied Weskham never saw Regis again face-to-face after this, and it is possible he decided to stay at Altissia after their trip to Accordo.

When Regis's son, Prince Noctis, comes to Altissia in M.E. 756, he meets Weskham at the restaurant. He meets Altissia's first secretary, Camelia Claustra, and agrees to negotiate with her at her estate. It is unknown what happens to Weskham after Altissia is ravaged by Leviathan.

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Weskham runs the Maagho's restaurant and thus is the local tipster. He can tell the player about the nearby area, uncovering local procurement points, treasures, and other landmarks. He serves food and offers hunts.


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Other appearancesEdit

A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XVEdit


Weskham appears as an assist character that Regis can call on. When summoned, he jumps onto the screen and deals heavy damage with his firearms. Weskham was the one to call for Regis when the monsters began invading Insomnia and also the first of Regis's friends to join him on the adventure.



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