The Weretiger, known as the CATMAN in the Nintendo Entertainment System version, is an enemy from the original Final Fantasy. It appears on the Bahamut Islands, as well as on the first floor of the Mirage Tower. In the Bahamut Islands, they appear flanked by Sabertooth Tigers, while in the Mirage Tower, they appear only with other Weretigers.


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Weretigers regenerate some HP each turn, but they are not hard to beat and the amount of HP they regain does not pose a threat. They also use Poison. When they appear in groups they may be a nuisance, as they are quite resistant to magic.

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Etymology Edit

In folklore and fantasy fiction, were- is often used as a prefix applied to an animal name to indicate a type of lycanthropy and/or shapeshifter (e.g. "were-boar"). Hyphenation used to be mandatory but is now commonly dropped, as in werecat and wererat. This usage can be seen as a back-formation from werewolf (literally, "man-wolf"), as there is no equivalent wifewolf.

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