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Wendigo, originally named Stalker, is a boss in Final Fantasy V. It guards one of the tablets needed for the Sealed Weapons. Before the battle, he makes fun of the group, claiming that they're just a bunch of girls.


When the battle begins, the party will see four Wendigos. Only one of these is real; the other three are copies. Attacking these copies will do nothing but it is impossible to know which version is the real Wendigo. Once hit he will switch with one of his copies, meaning the player has to start the whole process over again. Attacking them all at once will cause all four of them to counter with Frost, which is an Ice-elemental attack that can be deadly without preparation. Wendigo himself is not Ice-elemental, but absorbs Water and immune to Earth.

Wendigo is the only enemy in Final Fantasy V that can teach the Blue Magic spell, Mind Blast, that does not appear in the Interdimensional Rift, so the player may wish to give everyone in the party the Learning ability to acquire the spell.


The best strategy is to have some Knights and Samurai constantly attack each one, until the party hits the real one. A White Mage should heal all the time, since Wendigo attacks rather quickly. Any armor that absorbs Ice attacks is useful. The Samurai's Zeninage command with the Ice Shield equipped to absorb Frost is an assured win, but costs a lot of gil. A Geomancer's Gaia technique will usually cast Wind Slash, and will deal damage to the real Wendigo while avoiding any Frost counter-attacks from the clones.

An easy battle that takes a lot of preparation is to use is equipping someone with the Dance ability, a maxed out Chicken Knife, and Time command with the Quick ability learned on that character. It is optional to use Hastega and Slowga. With two or three of the items used to enhance the appearance of Sword Dance greatly helps (Lamia's Tiara, Rainbow Dress, Red Slippers). With that character in the front row, Quick will delay Wendigo's turn and make Wendigo unable to switch with a copy when the right one is hit. Characters who guess which enemy is Wendigo with Sword Dance are in luck, as it practically guarantees 9999 damage even at mid 30s levels; Wendigo only has 20,000 HP.

Another alternate strategy, is the use of the Blue Magic Level 3 Flare. When cast, it should hit all of the copies, but not the real Wendigo; because of this, Level 3 Flare can be used to determine which one is real, and then attack it. The downside of this is that the party will be repeatedly hit with Frost, which means the party will have to respond with Curaga or White Wind.

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In Algonquian mythology, a wendigo is a cannibalistic spirit that would possess humans and force them to consume human flesh. In alternate legends, the wendigo would possess its victim during their first cannibalistic experience. Wendigos are strongly associated with winter, where starvation was common. However, this boss's Japanese name is "Stalker"; the reference to Wendigos was not intended by the original game.

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