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Wendigo (ウェンディゴ, Wendigo?) also known as Stoker, is a recurring enemy in the series. Though it appears differently throughout its appearances, it is often a giant, and many times headless.


Final Fantasy VEdit


Wendigo is a boss fought at the end of the Island Shrine, guarding a tablet required for the Sealed Weapons. When fought, four Wendigos will appear, though only one will take damage, and the player must attack the right one to damage it. It will constantly shift to a different one each time. Attacks which hit them all at once result in a Frost retaliation.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

FF8 Wendigo

Wendigo is an enemy fought in forests around Timber, many areas in Galbadia and in the Stairway Hall and Passageway of Ultimecia Castle. They use physical attacks heavily, meaning they can be defeated easily using Blind.

Final Fantasy XEdit


Wendigo is an Ogre enemy fought in Lake Macalania when escaping Macalania Temple, fought with two Guado. It deals mostly physical damage and is in Berserk status from the beginning of the battle. After dropping to below 9,000 HP, it will raise its arms and then counter any attack.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Wendigo is a member of the Skeleton enemy family.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Wendigo is an enemy fought in the Sochen Cave Palace, which attacks with physical damage and several -ra magic abilities.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Wendigo is fought in the Luxerion Cathedral during the Final Day.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit


Wendigo is an enemy family containing the Wendigo and Glasya Labolas enemies, encountered around the world map.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Wendigo appeared in the original release, and has not reappeared in A Realm Reborn.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Wendigo FFTA2

Wendigo is a member of the Headless enemy family.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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In Algonquian mythology, a wendigo is a cannibalistic spirit that would possess humans and force them to consume human flesh. In alternate legends, the wendigo would possess its victim during their first cannibalistic experience. Wendigos are strongly associated with winter, where starvation was common. In Final Fantasy XII, a wendigo will drop a flesh-type loot and is an Ice-type enemy, further alluding to the legend.

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