Wedge is a boss in Final Fantasy VIII. He is fought twice in the game, along with his superior, Biggs.




Battle Edit

First encounter Edit

Major! We're doomed!

The battle begins with Biggs fighting on his own, but after some time passes, Wedge will join him. Wedge only has access to a weak sword slash and Fire, and his HP is not much higher than a regular G-Soldier. Once Biggs's or Wedge's HP is depleted, Elvoret will interrupt the battle.

Second encounter Edit

I don't wanna be demoted!

Wedge's attacks are still limited to a sword slash and Fire. When his HP is low, he will use a more powerful sword slash attack, titled "Wedge is pissed!", but he will only use that particular move once per battle. Nonetheless, his strength will be increased considerably for the rest of the battle. If the player scans him after the aforementioned, some of his scan information will read "Pissed" in the scan model screen. He holds many useful defensive magic for the player to draw. If inflicted with Confuse Biggs and Wedge will attack one another in a humorous scene.

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