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Giza Rains

Cloudy in Giza Plains in Final Fantasy XII.

Weather (天候, Tenkou?) is a natural phenomenon in several Final Fantasy games. It usually affects the potency of elemental attacks, or the creatures that appear in the area.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

Weather in Final Fantasy XI can affect most areas in Vana'diel. There are twenty types of weather, sixteen related to the eight elements:

  • Fire: Hot spells/Heat waves FFXI Fire Element
  • Earth: Dust storms/Sand storms FFXI Earth Icon
  • Water: Rains/Squalls FFXI Water Element
  • Wind: Winds/Gales FFXI Wind Element
  • Ice: Snow/Blizzards FFXI Ice Element
  • Lightning: Thunder/Thunderstorms FFXI Lightning Element
  • Light: Auroras/Stellar glare FFXI Light Element
  • Dark: Gloom/Miasma FFXI Darkness Element

There are also four other weather conditions unrelated to elements: fair, sunshine, cloudy and foggy. While these conditions usually are only used to imply a lack of elemental weather conditions, the foggy elemental condition can cause bombs and Poroggo to appear. Weather can be predicted by Non-Player Characters with the official weather Linkshell. These NPCs are usually wearing white cloaks.

Weather EffectsEdit

Elemental weather has approximately a 1/3 chance to add a 10% bonus to the power of corresponding elemental spells, by player or by enemy. As an example, Fire or Fireball would have a chance to be increased in power during a hot spell. Enhancement spells such as Enfire or Blaze Spikes will also have their effects have a chance to deal more damage. In addition, Skillchains with the relevant element, such as Fusion or Liquefaction, also have a chance to be increased in power.

An elemental Obi, obtainable via a quest, overrides the "chance" of the effect occurring, allowing for a constant 10% bonus during the relevant elemental effect or day of the week. Weather also has a chance to have the same effects on the element it is strong against, only in the opposite manner. Continuing the example, any ice spells or related skillchains would have a chance to take a 10% penalty towards damage.

In addition, many pieces of equipment have a Latent Effect based on the current weather. Fulfilling these weather requirements allows for their full potential to be harnessed. Most Elementals also spawn only during their related weather effect. Chocobo digging during weather effects also gives a chance of the chocobo digging up a crystal of the same element as the weather effect.

Weather SpellsEdit

Scholars are capable of replicating the effects of any weather condition, using their Storm spells on allies to grant them weather conditions as necessary to grant benefits to the elemental spells they're casting, or to automatically trigger weather-based Latent Effects on equipment.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

See also: Mist (Term)#Final Fantasy XII

Weather is a phenomenon in Final Fantasy XII. Depending on the current weather conditions, certain Magick elements and weapons behave differently. Certain enemies are only seen during specific weather conditions. Some enemies have the Ignore Weather passive ability, which makes them immune to weather and terrain effects, and the player can achieve the same by equipping the Agate Ring.

Elemental EffectsEdit

Weather / Terrain Fire Ice Thunder Water Wind Earth
Sunny / Cloudy (strong winds)
Rain (strong winds) / Heavy Rain
Foggy / Dense Fog
Snow / Snowstorm
Sand Terrain
Water Terrain
Snow Terrain

The effects of Sand Terrain and Sandstorm do not stack.

Weapon EffectsEdit

Windy weather reduces the accuracy of bows and crossbows. Bows and crossbows will work poorly during Windy, Heavy Rain, Blizzard and Sandstorm.

Field EffectsEdit

In addition to these effects, there are also a number of field effects that occur during certain battles, such as when the player is fighting against Ultima. In the International Zodiac Job System version of the game, these effects are also present during certain stages of Trial Mode.

  • HP Drain - Characters lose 1% of maximum HP three times every second
  • MP Drain - Characters lose 2% of maximum MP three times every second
  • Attack command disabled
  • Magick command disabled
  • Technick command disabled
  • Item command disabled
  • Magnetic field - Charge time will increase for characters that are using metallic equipment.


Final Fantasy XIIIEdit


Vanille standing next to a Climate Control Orb.

A device that makes bad weather.
—Sazh commenting on the climate control orb.
These spheres modulates precipitation levels in the surrounding area.
Certain indigenous fauna exhibit rain-shy behavior, taking cover during storms. However, inducing showers can result in encounter with otherwise elusive hydrophilic wildlife.
—Game Information

Climate Control Orb is a mechanism that changes weather in the Sunleth Waterscape. These orbs are strategically placed to allow players to change the weather between parts of the area in an attempt to avoid the more difficult battles against opponents like the Wyvern or the Scalebeast.

The weather also appears to randomly change on Archylte Steppe between sunny and cloudy, although this has no effect on gameplay, apart from affecting what kind of wool the sheep give. Accepting a mission from the Cie'th Stone circle triggers a cutscene with Titan which makes dust blow across the plains, but this has no effect on gameplay either.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

A tribe of hunting nomads on the Archylte Steppe has a device which can change weather. Each change brings about different music and monsters. The four types of weather are: "rainy", "sunny", "thunder", and "cloudy". An achievement/trophy called "Big Game Hunter" requires defeating the most powerful enemies from each weather type - Long Gui (Sunny), Ochu (Rainy), Immortal (Cloudy) and Yomi (Stormy). Some cactuar tablets only appear during certain weather conditions, and sheep are found roaming the plains in cloudy weather only. Interestingly, stormy weather makes only Cie'th to appear on the plains and causes other monsters to hide.

Other areas also have weather conditions, but their change is dictated by the storyline. It first rains sometime after the player arrives at the Bresha Ruins 5 AF and defeats Paradox Alpha, but after having defeated Atlas, the rain stops. The Bresha Ruins 300 AF and Vile Peaks 10 AF have snowfall, which also changes the characters' appearance on the field, the tops of their heads and parts of their equipment turn white from the snow. Academia 400 AF is in a continual state of rain during the game. When it rains, rain drops appear on the player's screen, like droplets on a camera lens.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Stormy XIV

Showers in Eastern Thanalan.

Weather in Final Fantasy XIV will randomly change between sunny, rainy, and stormy.

In A Realm Reborn, weather is marked by an icon on the mini-map, and may change every eight hours, at midnight, 8:00 AM, or 4:00 PM Eorzean time. Cutscenes in outdoor areas will depict the current weather and time-of-day. While it has no direct effect on battles or crafting, weather can affect conditions needed for fishing or completing the Sightseeing Log.

Patch 2.35 added Skywatcher NPCs that can provide a 24-hour forecast for a given area. In the overworld the weather may change in 8 hour periods, at 12:02am, 8:02am and 4:02pm (the sole exception to this rule is Tension, which overrides the current weather whenever Odin is present).

In instanced duties the weather is generally constant, however there are certain times that the weather may change, for example once the player reaches the final boss of a dungeon.

Types of weather conditions:

  • Clear Skies: Clear skies with no clouds. Visibility is very good.
  • Sunshine: Partially cloudy but otherwise sunny/moonlit. Visibility is very good.
  • Clouds: Grey clouds dominating the sky. Visibility is good.
  • Fog: Thick fog permeates the landscape. Visibility is very poor.
  • Wind: High winds stir particles. Visibility remains fair. Occurs only in La Noscea.
  • Gales: Very high winds. Visibility moderate. Occurs only in Western La Noscea.
  • Rain: Light rain falls in the area. Visibility is moderate.
  • Showers: Heavy drifting rain pours in the area. Visibility is reduced.
  • Thunder: Stormy clouds punctuated with lightning. No rain. Visibility is moderate.
  • Thunderstorms: Stormy clouds with heavy rainfall. Visibility is poor.
  • Dust Storms: A thick sandstorm covers the area. Visibility is very poor. Occurs only in Central Thanalan.
  • Heat Waves: High heat leaves an orange haze. Visibility is good. Occurs only in Southern Thanalan.
  • Snow: Snow flurries fall in the area. Visibility poor. Usually occurs only in Coerthas; will also appear in the three cities and their housing districts during the Starlight Celebration.
  • Blizzards: Snowstorm and winds blankets the area. Visibility very poor. Occurs only in Coerthas.
  • Gloom: Sky turns purple with a distorted purple mist. Visibility is reduced. Occurs only in Mor Dhona.
  • Tension: Black fog with ethereal light particles fills the area. Occurs only in the Black Shroud when Odin is present.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Weather affects the characters' appearance on the field; in wet weather, the party's hair and clothes get a subtle damp look.[1] Weather will have a tactical impact on battle conditions, with different types of magic having varying effects depending on weather patterns. Using fire on a clear day, for example, will not only hurt monsters, but also ignite the surrounding area. As such, using magic can be a liability, as well.[2]

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

Main article: Weather (Tactics)

Weather conditions affect ranged weapons' accuracy and elemental damage. In stormy weather the accuracy of bows and crossbows is reduced, and during rain Lightning attacks are more powerful, and fire weakened. For random encounters the weather varies between seasons dictated by the calendar, but set battles have fixed weather conditions.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

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