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Weakened, also known as Weakness, is a recurring negative status effect in the series.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy XI Edit

FFXI Weakness Status

Weakened is a status that pertains to Final Fantasy XI. After a player has been revived from a KO'd status by a Raise spell, he will automatically receive a weakened status for a period of five minutes. This period of time can not be reduced by any means, either by a Cursna or Haste. A Weakened status will reduce a players HP and MP by 75%. It may also reduce a character's overall fighting ability for that period of time. Typically, though, players prefer not to fight in a weakened state and they wait the 5 minutes for the effect to wear off.

This status ailment is also called Weakness in a few instances in the game, but it is in the auto-translator as weakened.

Note: That if a character chooses to return to their Home Point upon being defeated, Weakened will not occur, but the player forfeits the regained experience from being Raised.

The Blue Mage spell Self-Destruct costs 100MP, plus HP damage, and also inflicts the blue mage with the status effect weakened after it is used, though it does not actually kill the blue mage, as it does all of the creatures that use it.

Players who participate in Dynamis will also receive a weakened status should they exit and reenter. This status lasts longer than if the player had actually died. This, presumably, is to discourage people from exiting—probably thought to be a good way to avoid the death of all alliance members at one point when something goes wrong in Dynamis, which it often does.

If a player with the Weakened status where to have their HP reduced to 0 a second time and revived, they will suffer from an advanced version of Weakened that cripples their ability to deal damage until the Weakened status fades.

A small number of monster special attacks can inflict the status as well, although it does not last as long as when it is inflicted by death. Note, however, that dying with this form of Weakened inflicted will mean that the player will suffer the advanced Weakened described above. Monsters that can do this include some Naraka family Notorious Monsters with the attack Raksha: Vengeance, the Iron Giant NM Voidwrought with the attack Eradicator, and Provenance Watcher's attack Fragor Maximus.

The Great Axe Himthige has the special property of rarely (less than 10% of the time) negating this status. The duration of the status from being being raised after KO will be reduced to 3 minutes if the player is raised with Arise.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

Weakness returns in Final Fantasy XIV and retains most of its mechanics. A defeated player that is revived with a Raise spell will be placed under the Weakness status and have all of their stats reduced by 15% for a 2 minute duration. Being knocked out while under Weakness and being revived a second time will put the player under the Brink of Death status, which reduces all stats by 30% for 2 minutes. A player who is knocked out and chooses to return to their home point or to the beginning of the dungeon will not incur the Weakness/Brink of Death status.

While Weakness and Brink of Death cannot be removed, the Free Company action "Back On Your Feet" can reduce the duration of the status effect.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time Edit

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