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Waterpolo is a boss from Final Fantasy VII fought at Under Junon. It only appears when Bottomswell uses Waterball.

Waterball will trap one of the party members in a bubble known as a Waterpolo, rendering them immobile and draining their health rapidly over time. If all three characters become trapped in Waterpolos, the player is deemed unable to continue and the Game Over screen appears.

Waterpolos can be destroyed instantly by casting offensive magic on them. However, it can be easy to target the character instead of the Waterpolo. This is easily avoided by using a spell with an All materia attached as it will target both Bottomswell and the Waterpolo.


# Formation
480 Bottomswell, Waterpolo A, Waterpolo B, Waterpolo C
481 Bottomswell, Waterpolo A, Waterpolo B, Waterpolo C
482 Bottomswell, Waterpolo A, Waterpolo B, Waterpolo C
483 Bottomswell, Waterpolo A, Waterpolo B, Waterpolo C


Under Junon
Dolphin Offing 480 (fixed)

AI scriptEdit

AI: Setup {

Waterpolo's AI:Main = Off
Waterpolo's Physical Immunity = On
Waterpolo's HP = Waterpolo's Max HP

} AI: Counter - Death {

Choose Imprisoned Character
Remove Imprisoned Status from Target
Remove Death Status from Self
Remove Self
Choose Self
Use <Vanish> on Target


Related enemiesEdit

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