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Water Spirit is one of the elemental spirits callable by Summoners in Final Fantasy XI. It can be learned at level 1 from a Water Spirit Pact, which can be obtained from the bodies of many defeated Tonberry Summoners, or bought from the Auction House if sold by other players. The Summoner has no direct control over Water Spirit's spellcasting.

List of SpellsEdit

Spell Summoner Job Level
Poison 3
Water 5
Drown 27
Water II 30
Poison II 42
Water III 55
Flood 58
Water IV 70
Water V 80

Spellcasting BehaviorEdit

Water Spirit is more likely to use powerful spells in rainy weather or on Watersday. The delay between its spells can be reduced by having higher Summoning Magic skill, wearing Summoner's Spats, or summoning the spirit in its matching day and/or weather.

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