The Water Chaosjet is an enemy from Final Fantasy XII. It is a weaker version of the Water Elemental and shares its bestiary entry and weakness to Fire-elemental damage. It only appears when fighting against the Esper, Chaos in Necrohol of Nabudis, and in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode in Stage 84 where an Elixir can be rarely stolen from it.

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Shares the same bestiary entry as the Water Elemental.

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The element of water, the vital element, present in all spaces where there exists life. Should a water elemental appear near to a befouled pool, it is made clear as a mountain spring, and for this, these entities are worshiped as purifiers by diverse faiths. 'As water consumeth all, and cleanseth the land, so doth the violence silence uprising, and purify thought,' says the central tenet of one such belief, much to the dismay of those caught up in its holy wars.

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PFF Water Chaosjet
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