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FFD Warship

Interior of the Warship.

Warship (飛空艇, ?) is an airship in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It belongs to the Avalonian Empire and is grandiose in scale. It is located to the north of Castle Liene.


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FFD Warship Story2

A woman commands her dragons to take flight.

The party gets onboard the Warship, determined to get to the Avalonian Empire. However, they are promptly cornered by the Avalonian soldiers aboard the warship. Sol makes the suggestion to take over and commandeer the ship and the party decides to follow up on that suggestion.

As the party delves deeper into the Warship, they find the aft deck key which is necessary to unlock the deck and ultimately help the party secure the vessel. They move on towards the deck and encounter a vast array of enemy defenses that they easily overcome. After defeating the Captain and his crew, the party seizes control of the entire Warship, selecting Elgo to commandeer the mighty vessel.

FFD Warship Story5

Baugauven of the Flame makes his first appearance.

While the party has control of the Warship, elsewhere, a woman commands her dragons to take flight.

Back on the Warship, Sarah senses a perilous presence approaching. An armored man suddenly appears in front of the party, calling himself Baugauven of the Flame, accusing the party of stealing the Empire's Warship and then prosecuting them with a battle. At the height of the battle's climax, Baugauven unleashes a Heat Wave which renders the party heavily wounded. As Baugauven is about to eliminate the party, Elgo steps in to take the blow of Baugauven's lethal attack. The party is spared, Elgo dies and Baugauven decides to unleash his lethal attack again until dragons start incinerating the Warship and its crew with their flames.

FFD Warship Story3

Elgo bids the party to go as he steers the burning Warship.

Baugauven, realizing the futility of his actions decides to leave the party to burn alongside the already-damaged Warship. The party gathers around the dead Elgo to mourn until they are attacked by remnants of the Warship crew. As soon as they eliminate the last remaining crewmembers, they realize Elgo's corpse has disappeared and see him at the steering wheel. Elgo bids the party to go and with much hesitation, the party escapes the burning ship as Elgo maneuvers it into a nearby forest. The ship explodes into a massive fiery spectacle.


Item Place
Iron Shield Chest
Crossbow Chest
Iron Bangle Chest
Battle Axe Chest
Ether Chest
Iron Armlet Chest
Phoenix Down Chest
Star Pendant Chest
Chain Whip Chest
Hi-Potion Chest
Wizard's Hat Chest



Item Price
Potion 30
Ether 30
Maiden's Kiss 60
Antidote 40
Eye Drops 30
Echo Grass 50
Golden Needle 400
Phoenix Down 200
Tent 200


Item Price
Dagger 280
Broadsword 250
Iron Sword 450
Staff 100
Oak Staff 330
Rod 80
Metal Rod 80
Spear 480
Metal Claw 380
Iron Bow 350
Whip 330


Item Price
Bronze Shield 240
Bronze Helm 300
Feathered Cap 200
Pointy Hat 250
Bronze Armor 400
Bronze Hauberk 350
Silk Robe 370
Leather Shoes 60

White MagicEdit

Item Price
Slow 300
Silence 300
Mini 300

Black MagicEdit

Item Price
Poison 300
Sleep 300
Toad 300



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