Encounters Edit


Come! I shall give my all.

So I have no choice.

We'll fight with all our strength.

Light...give me strength.

Destiny ends here.

We shall see the end to this.

Give me strength.

I shall not run from my fate.
when HP is low

I won't surrender!
when HP is low

I must endure this trial!
when opponent is stronger

All I must do is fight!
when opponent is stronger

I can take you on if you wish.
when opponent is weaker

We know how this will end.
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

Seems you want a fight.

I haven't the time to play.

Prepare to duel!

I must proceed.

I cannot fail.

With all my strength!
when opponent is stronger

You leave me no choice!
when opponent is stronger

I will not give up.
when HP is low

I will fight till the light fades!
when HP is low

Try withstanding my blade!

Prepare yourself!

Let us open a path!
when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle.

It matters not who comes!
when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle.

Now is your chance to flee.
when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

To victory!
when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Dissidia NTEdit

I have no intent of holding back.

Foes such as these will not trouble us.

None can extinguish the light within us.

I'll admit you have the courage, but have you the wits?

I have allies who can help me.

Believe that we can win and we shall.

Encounters: Character Specific Edit

Dissidia Edit

I must conquer myself.
Warrior of Light

We shall see the end to this.

Destiny is now at hand!

Destiny ends here!

Emotions will not help you win.

Your ambitions are nothing.
The Emperor

You should learn when to quit.
Onion Knight

My light shall pierce through your darkness!
Cloud of Darkness

Is this battle your true desire?

I sense that you seek the light.

You must learn that courage is not recklessness.

The Void shall be yours alone.

Forgive me, but I must halt you here.

I'm done with pranksters.

Hesitation will dull your blade.

Mere words can no longer save you.

Are you ready to know true strength?

You cannot stop my time.

You cannot steal victory.

Your pride will lead to your ruin.

You should be aware of your naivete.

I shall sever the chains of dusk!

This woman is out for blood...

Will you not seek the light of the sun?

Brave spirit, come to me!

Dissidia 012 Edit

I must surpass myself.
Warrior of Light

I will not be a pawn to fate!

Go on, show me your strength.

There is no place for you here.
The Emperor

I applaud your bravery.
Onion Knight

I will slay you in the name of harmony!
Cloud of Darkness

Do not let the power of light fade.

I will not hesitate on this path.

I will not be tainted by darkness!

I shall protect your light!

Return to the Void, as you wish!

I shall send you back to the Rift.

You must not shun the light.

Do not disrupt harmony further!

Proceed to fulfill your wishes.

Never worry about injuring an opponent.

You cannot subdue the light.

What is the source of your confidence?

This sword is all I need.

The future remains with a shining light.

You'll give me your best effort, won't you?

No one can extinguish the light.

Only fighting awaits you on this path.

You can choose your own path.

This is not a game!

I will repel your magic with this blade.

My sword shall surpass your fists!

Lower your guard and you will get hurt.

Show me the pride of a warrior.

You aim to defeat me with that light?

I will put an end to this.

This time, I will slay you with my light!
Feral Chaos

Encounters: Story Specific Edit

Treachery of the Gods: Decision
Warrior of Light: "Toss aside your blade and say good night."
Lightning: "No thanks. It's not my bedtime."

Light to All: Resolve for Seclusion
Warrior of Light: "Have you no trust in your ally?"
Squall: "I don't need to be lectured by you."

Light to All: Champions of Her Will
Garland: "Your haste changes naught a thing."
Warrior of Light: "Obstruct my path at your peril."

Light to All: Champions of Her Will
Sephiroth: "Do you seek a reason for this battle?"
Warrior of Light: "I mustn't stop now!"

Light to All: Champions of Her Will
Ultimecia: "And I went out of my way to warn you."
Warrior of Light: "I needn't a foe's advice."

Light to All: Champions of Her Will
The Emperor: "My my, what a pity, not knowing the truth."
Warrior of Light: "It ends when my enemies are defeated!"

Light to All: Champions of Her Will
Garland: "Your petty attempts don't change fate."
Warrior of Light: "The crystals will change that!"

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
Exdeath: "Prepare to disappear into the Void!"
Warrior of Light: "I still have a goal to accomplish!"

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
The Emperor: "Grovel before my unrivaled power!"
Warrior of Light: "I do not serve the likes of you!"

Light to All: Conclusion of the Cycle
Garland: "There is no escaping the cycle!"
Warrior of Light: "Without fail, I will end this!"

Dissidia NTEdit

There cannot be a flame without light.

Your defenses will melt before me.

Is it I who shall sentence you.

This shall be the shield to stay your blade.

Your waves shall break upon my blade.

My spirit is indomitable.

We shall soar higher than you ever have.

This is my home, not yours!


Get ready!
when using Sword Thrust

Give me strength!
when using any Fang attack

You're mine.
when using Rising Buckler

when using Ascension

when using Shield of Light

Bathe in the light!
when using Shining Wave

when using Radiant Sword

when using Ultimate Shield

Blade of light!
when using Rune Saber

Take this!
when using Bitter End

This is it!
when using an HP attack during Chase

To shine brighter!
when activating EX Mode

I give my all, to this sword. Prepare!
when EX Burst begins

You're finished.
when EX Burst is performed

when activating EX Revenge

To arms!!
when used as Assist


Come forth and reduce their world to ash!

May the light speed your frigid lances!

Grace us with your almighty bolts!

Slice through our detractors!

The ocean waves herald your immense prowess!

The beacon of your justice shall lead us to victory!

Show us the depth of your ire!

Sample VoicesEdit

We'll settle this!


Let the light show me the way!

My strength is one with the Crystal!

This ends!

To Cosmos, we shall bring victory.

I shall fight even if my body breaks.

Dissidia NTEdit



May fate unite us once more.

Thank you.



I would rather not.

Before / After BattleEdit

Taking a different approach.

I am needed elsewhere.

The desire to fight still burns.

I wish to try something.

I will look on from afar.

An invigorating bout, indeed.

During BattleEdit

I shall destroy the core!

Call forth our summon!

You can leave 1 to me.

You can leave 2 to me.

You can leave 3 to me.

You can leave 4 to me.

You can leave 5 to me.

You can leave 6 to me.

I shall come to your aid, 1!

I shall come to your aid, 2!

I shall come to your aid, 3!

I shall come to your aid, 4!

I shall come to your aid, 5!

I shall come to your aid, 6!

Direct your rage toward me!

Allow me.


I shall fulfill my and now!

The light will always be with us.

Let us not forsake the crystals.

As long as this conflict rages, I shall do my utmost to protect you.


I do not intend to run from anything.

We are comrades in arms.

There is nothing about which to hesitate. I need merely to march forward.

The light shall be passed.

Victory Edit


This victory will be remembered.

The light is always with me.

I mustn't let my guard down.
when HP is low

The light has saved me.
when HP is low

Brute force does not equal strength!
when opponent is stronger

The light shall never fade!
when opponent is stronger

I am always ready.
when opponent is weaker

This is the way it must be.
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

My apologies, I must hurry.

That took too long.

You were careless.

I am making solid progress.

I will not lose.

Arrogance beckons doom.

I must harness this experience.

I... won't go down...

Dissidia NTEdit

We know naught of failure.

As long as the crystals shine, I shall fight.

Cooperation will always be key.

Defeat Edit


I cannot...die now...

I have a fulfill...

Light...never fades

Is this the end...?

I shall not surrender.
when opponent is stronger

Where is the light?
when opponent is stronger

You have fought well.
when opponent is weaker

How could I have...?
when opponent is weaker

Dissidia 012Edit

To be defeated like this...!

Is the light fading?

Was I... too brash?

But the fight continues!

I must hone my skills.

I cannot surrender.

Forgive me, comrades!

Dissidia NTEdit

Is the light of the crystals...fading?