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FFX-2 Artwork Paine

Paine is a Warrior from Final Fantasy X-2.

To attack is the best defense.
Dissidia Final Fantasy, Warrior Lore

The Warrior (ウォリアー, Woriā?), also known as the Fighter (戦士, Senshi?, lit. Soldier), is a job that appears in various games in the series. It is one of the core basic jobs within the Job System.


Warriors are characterized by equipping swords, daggers, axes, shields, and armor, and having high physical stats. The Warrior is usually one of the basic jobs in each game, and its focus is strong melee damage and survivability. In later installments, Warriors were given the ability to lower the stats of their opponents.

The Knight job is generally seen as an upgrade to the Warrior, but lacks the strict offensive focus of the job, gaining supportive abilities.


Final FantasyEdit

Main article: Warrior (Final Fantasy)

As an invaluable asset to most parties, the Warrior is often a first choice when it comes to picking a team. The Warrior's upgrade, the Knight, is an even greater source of physical power, and can use White Magic. This is probably one of the most important character classes one can choose.

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Main article: Warrior (Final Fantasy III)

The Warrior is a job ability granted at the beginning of the game by the Wind Crystal. It is a basic, straight forward fighter. In the remake of Final Fantasy III, Warriors were given the exclusive Advance ability.

The Knight job, received from the Fire Crystal is generally seen as an upgrade to the Warrior. It has higher stats, but has a smaller choice on equipment, being only able to handle swords, while the Warrior can wield axes and some daggers and bows.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Final Fantasy VIII does not assign characters formal classes, instead allowing for heavy customization by using Guardian Forces and the Junction System. However, Squall's Limit Break is based on the Warrior class, and he has the highest raw HP and Vitality of the party.

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Adelbert Steiner is a classic warrior, wielding heavy swords and boasting the highest strength and HP. He also has access to debilitating sword abilities and can lower his opponents' attack and defense.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Tidus is a classical Warrior who uses basic swords and shields during battle, along with high strength and defense. He can be considered part Time Mage since abilities such as Haste and Slow are in his section of the Sphere Grid.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Main article: Warrior (Final Fantasy X-2)

As Paine's default dressphere, the Warrior class is available from the beginning of the game. The Warrior sports abilities for both elemental attacks and for assaults on an opponent's stats.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Main article: Warrior (Final Fantasy XI)

The Warrior is one of the base classes available in the game, with well-balanced overall stats. The Warrior mostly uses physical, offensive abilities.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

Main article: Warrior (Revenant Wings)
Main article: Sky Warrior

Sky Pirates, Warriors and aegyl Sky Warriors make use of offensive abilities that forsake defense.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

The Warrior is a Soul Crystal job of Marauder Class. It is a tank class using two-handed axes.

Also, a miniature warrior in the style of the original Final Fantasy is one of three possible outcomes of summoning the "Minion of Light" (the others being a black mage and a white mage).

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Main article: Soldier (Tactics Advance)
Main article: Warrior (Tactics Advance)
Main article: Fighter (Tactics Advance)
Main article: Gladiator (Tactics Advance)

The Warrior and Soldier are bangaa and hume jobs, respectively, with small differences. Both have access to debilitating abilities, and while the Warrior has access to more melee skills and broadswords, the Soldier makes use of scouting abilities and greatswords. The Soldier is Marche's default job.

The Fighter and Gladiator are another pair of similar hume and bangaa jobs. Both are close-range powerhouses that equip blades and use close-range melee abilities, and both are unlocked through Soldier and Warrior mastery. As the Gladiator learns elemental sword attacks, the Fighter learns powerful long and mid-range abilities.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Main article: Soldier (Tactics A2)
Main article: Warrior (Tactics A2)
Main article: Fighter (Tactics A2)
Main article: Gladiator (Tactics A2)
Main article: Raptor (Tactics A2)

Warriors and Soldiers and Fighters and Gladiators return in Tactics A2, and have suffered no changes.

Final Fantasy Tactics SEdit

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a KingEdit

Main article: Warrior (My Life as a King)

The Warrior is a job exclusive to Clavats and male Lilties. It is a hard hitting class that uses strong offensive skills and a few defensive abilities.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Main article: Warrior (Dimensions)

The Warrior is a starting job class available to both groups. Its keeps its pure offensive focus.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

See also: Warrior (Dissidia)

To represent the original Final Fantasy in Dissidia, the Warrior class was chosen to be a character. He is simply named the Warrior of Light.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

The Warrior is a job that can be selected for a character in the player's Party for Quick Battle, Friend Cards, or wireless matches. It grants +3 ATK, and unlocks the Samurai, Knight, and Ninja jobs.

The Warrior of Light's new alternate outfit is based on the original Final Fantasy's incarnation of the warrior.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Main article: Warrior (Airborne Brigade)

Warrior is a basic job in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, available at the start of the game. Warriors gain a bonus to Attack and Defense for equipped Greatswords and Strength-based abilities, and, like all basic jobs, have the lowest EXP required to gain levels.

Final Fantasy All the BravestEdit

This novice swordsman, for whom all roads lead to war, is a fighter, not a lover.

The Warrior is a character available to the party, he uses the Attack ability during battle. Already unlock at the beginning of the game.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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