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FFD - Warrior
Specializes in weapon attacks. Uses Battle Arts to attack.
—Official site description.

The Warrior is a job in Final Fantasy Dimensions obtained at the start of the story. This job is the classic sword and board class and hardly of use in the magic department. Though somewhat slow, the job allows characters to absorb damage while being able to dish out decent damage themselves, making it a good and easy-to-use class for a large portion the game until the player obtains the more powerful physical jobs like Paladin and Dark Knight.


The males are mostly clad in armor, while the females are slightly less so.


  • Innate Abilities: Battle Arts, Counter
  • Equipment: Swords, Spears, Axes, Bows, Shields, Helmets, Armor, Armlets

Battle ArtsEdit

Ability Name Job Level AP Needed MP Slots Description
Strike 0 0 4 Critical attack on one enemy.
Battle Arts 1 10 2 Grants the ability to use "Battle Arts" techniques.
---- 2 20
Bash 3 35 5 Damage one enemy and inflict Confuse.
---- 4 55
Counter 5 70 1 Counters an enemy's physical attacks.
---- 6 90
Enrage 7 120 5 Lower character's defense, but raises his attack power.
---- 8 130
---- 9 160
Slot +1 10 190 Number of slots increase by one.
---- 11 220
---- 12 250
STR+20% 13 280 1 Increases STR by 20%.
---- 14 320
War Cry 15 360 24 Increase all allies' physical attack power.
---- 16 400
Assault 17 440 28 Inflict damage proportional to character's own HP to one enemy, falling into near-death status in the process.
---- 18 490
Slot +1 19 550 Number of slots increase by one.
Double Attack 20 600 16 Attack an enemy twice.


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