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Final Fantasy XI Spell
Warp II
MP: 150
Effect: Return Party member to their Home Point.
Duration: Instant
Casting Time: 5 Seconds
Recast Time: 10 Seconds
Magic Type: Enhancing Magic
Element: Dark
Jobs: BLM 40

Warp II functions much like the Warp spell, but rather than being limited to player casting on themselves, it can be used to teleport one immediate party member to their Home Point.

This spell is commonly abbreviated as D2 by players, because it is known in the Japanese game as "Dejyon," or "Dezone." Another theory for how it came to be called as such was the Japanese kana representation of the word "Dimension," which was shortened to "De-zi-o-n" due to four kana maximum for early Final Fantasy games on magic spells.

A scroll of Warp II can be gained only by completing the Curses, Foiled A-Golem!? quest for Shantotto.


Warp is an element in video game design that allows a player character instant travel between two locations or levels.


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