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Noctis throws his weapon before warping.

Warp is a command used by Noctis Lucis Caelum in Final Fantasy XV. It enables him to teleport to a nearby location when he throws his equipped melee weapon; Noctis cannot warp with equipped magic. To have Noctis warp, the player needs to hold the Warp button. Once the Crown Patch is downloaded, this can be done outside of battle, but not to a specific location.


Warping to out-of-the-way locations and objects is called point-warp. It fully restores Noctis's MP, but gradually drains his stamina gauge if he is left hanging from the area to which he warped. When Noctis's stamina runs out, he falls to the ground. If the battlefield has multiple point-warp spots, Noctis can freely travel between them. Performing the first point-warp suspension earns the Just Hangin' Around achievement/trophy.


Warp-striking can break off enemy appendages.

Warping to enemies and subsequently dealing damage to them is called warp-strike. The farther away from his target Noctis is, the greater damage he deals to it when using this ability. Noctis can further increase his damage output through the Ascension grid. Some battles that offer extra AP require Noctis to perform a warp-strike that deals double damage. Warp-striking to enemy appendages from afar can be a good way to break them off.

When infiltrating imperial bases, Noctis can use warp-kill to instantly defeat magitek infantrymen. He cannot use this ability, however, if he is detected.

By using the Mark Technique, Ignis Scientia can create additional warp points for Noctis.

Noctis can warp mid-air. Some powerful enemy attacks send him flying, triggering a warp command the player can use to mitigate damage. Even simply warping forward instead of into a specific target while midair will break the momentum from Noctis's fall.

royal arms often have unique warp-strikes.

Invoking Armiger turns all of Noctis's movements into warps for its duration. Noctis is in a sustained Armiger mode during the boss battle against the Leviathan.

Ragnarok is a Season Pass-exclusive weapon that boosts warp-strike damage but makes warping slightly slower.

Warp-enhancing abilitiesEdit

The player can unlock abilities that enhance Warp from the Ascension.

Name Category Effect AP
Daemon Destroyer Combat Warp-Strike can break daemon appendages. 24
Death Drop Combat From afar, use the attack button in midair to warp above the enemy and strike down with a sword or polearm. 28
Point-Blank Warp-Strike Combat Eliminate the damage modifier penalty of close-range warp-strikes. 333
Warp Decoy Combat Leave a hologram to divert enemies after warping. 48
Warp Factor Combat Warp-Strike damage increased by 25%. 24
Warp Factor II Combat Warp-Strike damage now increased by 50%. 52
Hang In Recovery Increase HP recovery rate while hanging from a warp-point position. 12
Warp-Ambush Wait Mode During Wait Mode, warp-strike an enemy not targeting Noctis to increase the likelihood of breaking its appendage. 18
Warp-Punish Wait Mode During Wait Mode, warp-strike an enemy with half or less of its HP remaining to increase damage inflicted. 99

Other appearancesEdit

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XVEdit

The members of the Kingsglaive can warp due to tapping into the magic powers of King Regis. Nyx Ulric warps by throwing his daggers. When the king perishes Nyx loses his ability to use magic, including the ability to warp. The statues of the Old Wall can warp and at one point, Nyx digs his weapon into a statue and accompanies it as it warps away.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit


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Warpstriking with Ragnarok.

  • As Noctis packs his sword in Final Fantasy XV Prologue Parting Ways, he remembers how he used to practice warping with it.
  • Phasing and warping leaves behind blue silhouettes of Noctis, unless he is equipping the Ragnarok; this makes the warp effects glow red. It is slower to execute, seemingly to charge the power of the warp-strike.
    • The final boss likewise warps with a red glow. Gilgamesh can phase with a red glow, albeit his ability to do this goes unexplained.

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