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Wardrobe Record (ドレスレコード, Doresu Rekōdo?, lit. Dress Record) is a gameplay element in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Its main and only feature is the possibility of changing characters' outfits without changing their stats and available ability sets. In case the player doesn't possess the Character Record for the character in question, the Character Record is rewarded as well. Available costumes are based on characters' other job class appearances or their other costumes they wore in their canon material.

List of Wardrobe RecordsEdit

Name Character Event Origin
Chosen of Feymarch
FFRK Adult Rydia
Rydia A Summoner Grown Final Fantasy IV
Time passes differently in the realm of the Eidolons, and in the blink of an eye, Rydia appeared before Cecil as a grown woman. Yet she had not lost her childhood innocence, and her purity of spirit allowed her to forge bonds with the fiercest of Eidolons, paving the way for her to grow into a skilled summoner.
Freelancer Lenna
FFRK Lenna Freelancer
Freelancer Galuf
FFRK Galuf Freelancer
Beastmaster Krile
FFRK Beastmaster Krile
Krile A Worthy Foe Final Fantasy V
The outfit worn by Krile, Galuf's granddaughter, in her beastmaster job. Krile shows boundless compassion for people and animals, great or small. Her ability to communicate with moogles and drakes proves vital on the quest to protect the crystals.
Opera Star
FFRK Opera Celes
Celes Prima Donna Final Fantasy VI
The costume worn by Celes when she impersonated the famed singer Maria at the opera house. Though once a general in the imperial army, Celes jumped at the chance to bask in the limelight, eagerly warming up stage in preparation for her performance.
Cloudy Wolf
Cloud The Lone Wolf's Lament, Cloudy Wolf Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Cloud traveled far and wide, enduring battle after battle and nearly losing himself in the process. Though he saved the planet, he lost much in the struggle, and now he chooses a life of solitude, shunning contact with even his closest friends.
FFRK Shirtless Sephiroth
Sephiroth The Second Coming Final Fantasy VII
The form taken by Sephiroth in his showdown with Cloud. Sephiroth held back the power of Holy to allow the Meteor to destroy the planet, and Cloud's attempts to stop him culminated in this one-on-one battle.
Leather Suit
SeeD Uniform
FFRK Squall SeeD Uniform
Squall Broken Chains Final Fantasy VIII
A military uniform with raised collar and broad shoulders. After passing the SeeD entrance exam, Squall wears this uniform to the inauguration ball where he first meets Rinoa.
Show of Resolve
FFRK Short Hair Garnet
Garnet Show of Resolve Final Fantasy IX
Faced with the twin tragedies of Queen Brahne's death and the fall of her beloved kingdom of Alexandria, Princess Garnet cuts short her hair as a show of her resolve to rise as the new queen.
Gunner Garb
Yuna 1: Eternal Calm
2: GoGo Gullwings!
Final Fantasy X-2
A famed heroine known throughout Spira, Yuna defeated Sin without using the Final Aeon, and became High Summoner. Rikku later asked her to join the Gullwings as a sphere hunter.
Young Auron
FFRK Young Auron
Auron Window on the Past Final Fantasy X
In his travels with Braska and Jecht to defeat Sin ten years ago, Auron earned his reputation as a legendary Guardian. At the outset of their pilgrimage, Auron often clashed with the brash young Jecht, but little by little the trust between them grew.
FFRK Thief Rikku
Rikku GoGo Gullwings! Final Fantasy X-2
One of many outfits worn by Rikku as she hunted for treasure and thwarted evildoers! She founded the Gullwings with Brother, and though the originally set out to hunt spheres, they soon discovered a sphere with images of a man who bore an uncanny resemvlance to Tidus. Rikku showed Yuna the sphere and convinced her to join the Gullwings, kicking off the next chapter in their adventures.
Bride of Deceit
FFRK Wedding Dress Yuna
A Fleeting Dream
FFRK Tidus A Fleeting Dream
Knight of Etro
FFRK Lightning FFXIII-2
Lightning Dangerous Beauty Final Fantasy XIII-2
As a knight of the goddess Etro, Lightning gained new powers, allowing her to command eidolons and beasts from Valhalla. Time stands still in Valhalla, and so she appeared as she did on the Day of Ragnarok, frozen at the age of 21.
Academy Uniform


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