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Ward Zabac
Portrait Wardmenu
Japanese Name ウォード・ザバック
Romaji Wōdo Zabakku
Hometown Unknown
Date of Birth February 25th
Age 25 (in flashbacks)
42 (in present story)
Blood Type A
Height 213 cm (7')
217 cm[1]
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Never seen (however, his beard in the present story is blond)
Weapon Harpoon
Ultimate Weapon
Limit Break Massive Anchor
Final Fantasy VIII Character
Start listening more closely, 'cause it's getting embarrassing... what Ward would say. Can't you see it in his eyes?
—Kiros Seagill

Ward Zabac is a temporary playable character in Final Fantasy VIII. He uses a large spear-like weapon called a harpoon, which he throws at his enemies and fights alongside his friends Laguna and Kiros in the Galbadian Army.



Standing at seven feet, Ward is a tall and intimidating-looking person. However, underneath his rough exterior lies a wise, observant mind. He is first seen wearing the standard Galbadian soldier's uniform, but his casual attire consists of a blue bandana on his head, white tank-top, green overalls and army boots. He sports a scar going across the left side of his face from an undisclosed injury, and has light facial stubble.


Despite his intimidating persona, Ward is a caring person who would help a friend whenever they need it, although this usually results in him being dragged along on one of Laguna's poorly thought-out schemes.


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Deling city fountain

Ward's plans for the evening.

Ward serves in the Galbadian Army with his friends Laguna and Kiros. They get lost in the forests of Timber and escape to Deling City where Ward and Kiros coax Laguna to get acquainted with Julia Heartilly. When they see Julia approaching their table Ward and Kiros make a swift exit, but need to soon fetch him from Julia's hotel room because they have been sent on a mission in Centra.

In his last mission with the Galbadian Army, Ward gets lost with Laguna and Kiros and the trio accidentally end up in the Centra Excavation Site where the Esthar Army is excavating the Lunatic Pandora. During their escape he receives a wound that results in the loss of his ability to speak. After leaving the Galbadian Army he becomes a janitor in the D-District Prison, which Zell later has a flashback about.


Ward hints at Squall's father's identity.

Eleven months later, when Ellone is kidnapped by Estharian Soldiers, Ward accompanies Laguna and Kiros to Esthar to rescue her. They get in to some trouble along the way, participating in a movie to earn some money where they encounter a Ruby Dragon. During their adventures Laguna gets separated from Kiros and Ward; however, the three later reunite and continue on their journey to Esthar, where they rescue Ellone and defeat Sorceress Adel. Laguna becomes President of Esthar, and Kiros and Ward become Laguna's advisers.

Ward is seen for the first time in the game's present timeline when Squall enters the Sorceress Memorial to rescue Rinoa. Squall does not appear to recognize Ward and he is not named during the scene, but appears as a large man wearing Estharian clothes who does not say a word, but is the one who lets Squall enter the building. Later, Ward is seen in the Presidential palace when the SeeDs meet with Laguna, and lastly within the Ragnarok before entering the Lunatic Pandora, where Ward and Kiros make remarks on Squall's parents.


Massive Anchor

In battle, Ward wields a giant harpoon which he throws at an enemy, and then runs up to retrieve it for another attack.

Limit BreakEdit

Ward's Limit Break is the Massive Anchor, which allows Ward to throw the harpoon into the air and jump after it. Once caught, he rides it back down into the ground, creating a shock wave that damages all enemies. It is similar to a Dragoon's Jump attack. Massive Anchor's attack power is 150, even higher than that of Lion Heart, but it only hits once.


LV HP Str Vit Mag Spr Spd Luck
1 210 2 3 2 1 15 10
10 657 10 9 8 6 16 10
20 1145 18 15 13 11 18 11
30 1625 25 20 19 16 19 11
40 2098 31 25 23 20 20 12
50 2562 37 29 27 23 21 12
60 3019 42 33 30 26 23 13
70 3468 47 37 32 28 24 13
80 3910 51 40 34 29 25 13
90 4343 54 42 35 30 27 14
100 4768 56 44 36 30 27 14

Triple TriadEdit

Ward Card
TTWard Element None
Refine 1 refines into 3 Gaea's Rings
Drop N/A
Card N/A
Level 10 (Player Card) Win Dr. Odine
The CC Group on the Ragnarok airship on disc 4.

Other AppearancesEdit

Pocket Station Memorycard IconsEdit


An icon sprite of Ward appears in the Pocket Station memory card file manager.




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