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These larval stage wamoura periodically switch between a curled-up and open form, even when not engaged. When curled up, their special attacks are limited to Cannonball and Heat Barrier. Left alone, these wamouracapa will morph into full-grown wamoura.

As with their full-grown relatives, wamouracampa will occasionally drop their cocoon, which be crafted into Wamoura Silk, which is used in a number of high end items.

Special Attacks Edit

  • Amber Scutum: Defense boost.
  • Cannonball: Single target damage. Only used when curled up.
  • Heat Barrier: Blaze Spikes and Enfire effect.
  • Thermal Pulse: AoE Fire damage and Blind.
  • Vitriolic Spray: Cone-attack Fire damage and Burn.

Gallery Edit


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