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Waltz (ワルツモード, Warutsu Mōdo?, lit. Waltz Mode) is an ability usable by Dancers in Final Fantasy XI. It is divided into several subtypes, all of which are dances that have a curative property, allowing the player to remove status effects and regenerate lost HP.


There are three types of waltzes: Curing Waltz, Healing Waltz and Divine Waltz. CHR has a large effect on the amount of HP cured by waltzes, as does the VIT of the target of the waltz has an effect of the HP cured. The equipment Dancer's Casaque improves Waltz potency by 10%.

The Curing Waltzes (I, II, III, IV) have the same HP healed as a Cure II, Cure III, Cure IV, and Cure V, respectively. Divine Waltz is an Area-of-Effect waltz that has the same curing ability as Curaga, while Healing Waltz has an effect similar to Erase: it can remove all status ailments except Petrification, Doom, and Curse.

Waltzes Level Recast TP Cost Description
Curing Waltz
(ケアルワルツ, Kearu Warutsu?)
15 00:06 20 Restores a party member's HP.
Curing Waltz II
(ケアルワルツII, Kearu Warutsu II?)
30 00:08 35
Curing Waltz III
(ケアルワルツIII, Kearu Warutsu III?)
45 00:10 50
Curing Waltz IV
(ケアルワルツIV, Kearu Warutsu IV?)
70 00:17 65
Curing Waltz V
(ケアルワルツV, Kearu Warutsu V?)
87 00:23 80
Divine Waltz
(ディバインワルツ, Dibain Warutsu?)
25 00:13 40 Restores the HP of all party members within a small radius.
Divine Waltz II
(ディバインワルツII, Dibain Warutsu II?)
78 00:20 80
Healing Waltz
(ヒーリングワルツ, Hīringu Warutsu?)
35 00:08 20 Removes one magic-induced ailment from a party member.


Waltz, from German: "Walzer", is a ballroom and folk dance, normally in triple time, performed primarily in closed position.