• Introduction

    Compare to the original version the IZJS is much better in many ways. The introduction of Job Classes has made the gameplay completely different. Basically, you have to assign classes to all your characters so they can benefits of all magicks, technicks, weapons, etc… that class has to offer. You can of course not assign any class to all your characters and play the game as such. Job classes are not the only add-on there are many other new/ updated items;

    • Treasure chest: To re-spawn a treasure chest you only need to zone out one screen. The treasure chests contains better items. Some Magicks and Technicks are within treasure chests.
    • Speed Boost: You can now travel faster by using the L1 button.
    • Weapons: New weapons have been added. The strongest one is now Seitengrat but the probability of obtaining it is ridiculous.
    • Enemies: Some enemies stats have been updated such as Archaeoaevis. Some foes will also drop different loots.
    • Espers/ Guest: You can change your esper and guest gambits.
    • Trial Mode: A new mode where you can battle up to 100 Stages against enemies from the main game including; normal enemies, bosses, espers and hunt marks.
    • Strong/ Weak Mode: Strong mode can only be chosen when you have completed the main game. In this mode your characters will already be at higher levels and you will no longer earn EXP. Weak mode can only be chosen when you have completed the Trail mode. Your characters will start at lower levels from start to finish.
    • 9, 999 Damage uncap: Your characters can now deals more than 9, 999 damages.

    The list above is not a complete one. There are more changes than this in game. For instance, the merchants now sells different items after certain events. Even the Baknamy Merchant has changed location at the Necrohol. To notice all differences you will have to play this version at least once.