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Completely Random Introductory Quote-

"I've known it all along
Like the bone under my skin
Like actors in a photograph
Like paper in the wind
Bad Religion, Generator

Chapter 11 Continued Edit

Dust to Dust Edit

Oerba Edit

After trekking halfway across Pulse (because flying here on Bahamut would have been way too convenient), we've finally made it to Oerba. Let's take a look at the welcoming committee that greets the town's long lost L'Cie.

Battle- Vampire
By the way, I kept the same party and paradigm setup from the Dahaka battle because this area is short and the same strategy works on the next boss.

Battle- Taxim
This enemy is pathetic, nothing at all to worry about.

Battle- Taxim

Battle- Vampire

Battle- Vampire, Taxim
After defeating them, go to the small area on the left and pick up a Perovskite.

Battle- Varcolaci, Vampire
There is another Waystone in the corner behind these guys, once again I suggest doing it now to save a hell of a lot of walking later. Go down the ramp and into the big group of enemies in the center of town, ignoring the house on your right.

FFXIII enemy Seeker
Battle- Seeker x 4, Chonchon x 2
The Seekers can use Magic Blast to do some decent damage, and if they all do it at once you won't survive. They won't get to get what they're after till the day they die, so use Ruinga to finish them quickly. Go straight ahead and up the stairs, into the house. Ignore the Vetala on the first floor unless you are an idiot like fighting them.

Side Quest- Bhakti Edit

There are a few items in the house you can examine to see some depressing observations, but the main thing to look for is the little robot in the middle of the floor. After examining him, you can pick up the parts needed to repair him. You have to do this if you want all the trophies, and you will get a nice reward eventually. All of the pieces except one are along the way anyway, so don't be a lazy bum- do this quest. The first piece is right outside this house. You'll have to fight that last group of enemies again, then look to the right of the area for a red circle to find the Power Cable. Now enter the house on your left, the one you ignored a minute ago.

Battle- Vetala
If you had come up here and defeated it already, it would have respawned. Once is more than enough with these guys. Pick up the Battery Pack at the red circle, then go outside and on to the next battle.

Battle- Seeker, Vampire
Pick up the Heavenly Axis (Vanille's stagger-lock weapon), then go down the ramp.

Battle- Vampire
Defeating him gets you the Trochoid Gear, another Bhakti part. There is a staircase just ahead on the left, take it up to a Librascope.

Battle- Vampire
If you accepted the mission, he will be replaced by a gaggle of Ceratosaurs.

Mission 28- Faded Glory Edit

Class Difficulty Target Time My Time
C Easy- 2/5 1:44 0:54
FFXIII Ceratosaur
Status Susceptibility
Deprotect Deshell Slow Poison
70% 70% 100% 70%
Imperil Curse Pain Fog
70% 70% 100% 70%
Daze Death Dispel Provoke
70% - - 20%
HP Stagger Chain Res.
35,100 300% 10
Strength Magic
598 112
Fire Ice Lightning Water
Weak Absorb - Absorb
Wind Earth Physical Magical
- Weak - -
Go in with Aggression as your default paradigm, and Blitz until they're all dead. If you want 5 stars, you need to get the multi-target damage. The first time you need to heal, use Renew so you don't have to slow your attack. You'll gain the TP back long before you need them. If you need to heal a second time, use Tireless Charge. Doesn't get much more simple than this.

Past the last battle, go down the path to the right and inside the house.

Oerba Village
Battle- Chonchon x 2, Vetala
Great, my favorite enemy again. Pick up the Aspheric Lens for Bhakti on the first floor, then go up the stairs to find a beautiful rooftop garden. You can examine the flowers for yet another depressing piece of information, then go to the other end of the roof for a Moogle Puppet and a pair of Pleiades Hi-Powers. The Moogle Puppet is what's known as a "premium" component- it doesn't give good exp or add to your multiplier, but you can sell it for a lot of money. Go back downstairs and out of the house, and make a right.

Battle- Seeker x 3, Vampire
Take the stairs up and around, and enter the next building by the save point.

Battle- Taxim x 3
Go upstairs and out onto the bridge. Up ahead you will find a Metal Plate, this is the last part needed to fix Bhakti. To the left of this there is a dead end with a Flamebane Brooch. Go all the way back to Bhakti and examine him twice to get your reward. How much you receive depends on how much time you've spent wandering around Pulse. I got the "Trailblazer" rank, along with 10 Deceptisols, 2 Ultracompact Reactors, and a Gold Nugget. You can come back later after you've spent more time doing missions, a total of 10,000 steps taken on Pulse will make you a "Pulsian Pioneer," earning you 5 Perfumes, 3 Platinum Ingots, and a PS3 achievement trophy. I'll remind you about this the next time we're in town. The Gold Nugget, Perfumes, and Platinum Ingots should all be sold. You will feel rich after doing this, but just wait until you see how badly this game screws you on money later on.

When you're finished with this, make your way back to the place where we picked up that last Bhakti part, and continue across the bridge.

Battle- Varcolaci x 2, Seeker x 2

Battle- Vetala
Behind him is Fang's stagger-lock weapon, the Taming Pole.

Battle- Varcolaci x 2

Battle- Seeker x 3, Vampire
There is a save point up ahead, and an Ethersol next to it.

"End of the rainbow" - Sazh Edit

Use up any CP you have, you should be finished or very close to finished with two out of your three primary roles even without doing any grinding. The setup I used was the same as the last boss battle, with one slight modification.

Paradigm Deck- Fang, Sazh, and Vanille
Relentless Assault Commando Ravager Ravager
Diversity Commando Ravager Medic
Aggression Commando Commando Ravager
Tireless Charge Commando Commando Medic
Espionage Saboteur Synergist Saboteur
Evened Odds Saboteur Synergist Medic

Boss Battle- Barthandelus, Round Two Edit

You son of a-
Status Susceptibility
Deprotect Deshell Slow Poison
70% 70% 70% Immune
Imperil Curse Pain Fog
70% Immune Immune Immune
Daze Death Dispel Provoke
Immune Immune - 30%
HP Stagger Chain Res.
3,307,500 200% 60
Strength Magic
413 660
Fire Ice Lightning Water
Half Half Half Half
Wind Earth Physical Magical
Half Half - -
Start off with Espionage, switching to Evened Odds to heal. Don't use anything else until Bart has Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, and Slow. You should also have Haste, Faith, and Brave on everyone. Now just chain him with Relentless Assault/ Diversity, and stick with it after he staggers. When you run his chain gauge up to 500% or so, switch to Aggression/ Tireless Charge until the stagger ends. If you have control of Sazh, don't forget to use Blitz instead of regular attacks for maximum damage. At some point, Bart will use Apoptosis, which will dispel all statuses on everyone, as well as doing damage. When you see this coming, go to Evened Odds and start the entire strategy over. Thanatosian Laughter will put everyone in HP critical, so get into a healing paradigm when he readies it. If you're too slow a Poisoned character might bleed out before you can cast Cure. One more thing to watch out for- Poison and Curse aren't a big deal, but you may also see Fog, which prevents magic use. If this hits Vanille, you're kind of screwed unless you have a Mallet. You should buy a couple from Unicorn Mart just to be safe. Then you can use a Renew to heal up followed by the Mallet to get your Medic back online. 3,000,000 HP is a lot, and I haven't upgraded any weapons yet, so I needed three staggers to finish the job. Still, not very difficult.

Their Own Worst Enemy Edit

Template loop detected: Template:Video Your Crystarium will expand again, giving you access to your Full ATB skills. To help you reach them, Barthandelus pays out 100,000 CP, which seems like a lot until you look at the cost of the new abilities. I recommend getting these ASAP, between this battle and the next one you should be able to pick up every one except Fang's and Vanille's (the two best ones). They will both be very close, so you'll get them early in the next chapter.

"Revolutionaries always get called crazy" - Fang Edit

Examine the Cie'th Stone here to find out some very interesting information about Fang and Vanille's previous life. If you want to level up or do missions, this is your last chance for a while. The ship at the end of the bridge takes you back to Cocoon.

The Road Home Edit

The end is at hand
—Galenth Dysley

We're taking this fight to the seat of the Sanctum's power on the next page.

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