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Hello friend and welcome to this walkthrough for Final Fantasy XIII-2. I'm Leon and I liked XIII-2. I wasn't a huge fan of XIII, so I wasn't expecting much from this. Delightfully however, it turned out to be a pretty cool game. There's a bunch of dumb stuff wrong with the story, but the gameplay is solid and you can get a satisfying amount of fun out of the game. Square-Enix did a suprisingly great job listening to fans and fixing many of the problems that made people disappointed in this game's predecessor. So yeah, this is a walkthrough for FFXIII-2. It'll guide you through the main story, get you all 160 of those pesky fragments, help you out with the 32 trophies/achievements, and hopefully help you get the most out of your game.

If you aren't playing the game and are just reading this walkthrough to get a look at XIII-2, then Let's Plays exist for people like you. Kung-Fu Jesus did a cool one of this game and you can check that out here.

Important InformationEdit

  • The walkthrough was written while I played through the game on my PS3. If you're playing the game on an Xbox 360, then don't worry, that won't affect much. There are a few PS3-specific references when I'm talking about button prompts for Live Triggers and Cinematic Actions, but they're easy enough to translate. Plus, if you're playing the game while you're reading, then the choices will be on your screen anyway.
  • DLC content will not be covered because I'm unable to connect to PSN and I don't have the money. It all seems kinda crappy though, so I don't think I'm missing out on mu- wait, there's Mass Effect themed DLC? God damn it. ;_;
  • If you're offended by swearing, then I'm sorry in advance for the one or two instances that may crop up throughout this walkthrough.
  • I'll be commenting on the story and cutscenes throughout this, 'cause that's how I roll. Scroll bars exist though, so you can use that to bypass all my nonsense.
  • I'll be playing on Normal difficulty because I'm hardcore. If you're reading this walkthrough, then I recommend you play on Easy. You're struggling enough with a game that you need advice from a stranger on the internet, so you'd obviously benefit from lowering the difficulty. It's okay, nobody's gonna mock you for it. If you're looking to get a Platinum trophy out of this, then there's only one trophy that requires playing on Normal, so you're safe if you wanna play on Easy for the rest of it.
  • Technically it's not against Wikia rules to edit another person's walkthrough. However, it's frowned upon here on FFWiki. Please don't make any major changes to this walkthrough. If you do, then myself or another editor's probably gonna revert it anyway. If you want something changed for whatever reason, throw a message at my talk page and I'll consider it. If you see a spelling mistake somewhere in the walkthrough, then feel perfectly free to change that.
  • I have a Twitter that you can follow if you found me funny or interesting or whatever and want to hear me talk about other stuff.

Stuff You'll NeedEdit

  • A PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360. These are large and expensive blocks of plastic that can cause amazing, pretty things to occur on your television. They can also make your television spew out very bad things, so be careful. I used an old 80GB PS3 for the purpose of this walkthrough.
  • A television. I recommend something HD because the game's made a lot prettier. Having a large screen makes text easier to read too. I'll be using this 32-inch LCD thing that I just have lying around.
  • A controller for your PS3 or 360. These are the things that come with the plastic blocks I mentioned earlier. They control the pretty things on your television. They're smaller and less expensive pieces of plastic, but they're more prone to breakages if you get mad at video games. I'll be using the standard DualShock controller I got with my PS3 because I don't get very mad at video games.
  • Working eyes. Like most video games, seeing things is very important in XIII-2. Ears are optional. You'll miss out on the cool music and decent voice-acting though.
  • Hands. Unless you have mastered the ability to control two analog sticks and simultaneously press multiple buttons and triggers with your feet or... or some other appendage, then hands are vital to the XIII-2 experience.
  • A Wikia account. This isn't completely necessary, but it's recommended that you view this walkthrough using the optional Monobook skin, which is only available to members of the Wiki. The walkthrough looks fine in the regular skin too, and if you can deal with that, then you should join the Wiki anyway because it's a cool community.


The manual and in-game tutorials exist for a reason, you know. I'm not going to write down the controls when they exist in two easily accessible forms already. I'm not. Seriou- Fine, I'll do it, but only because you begged. Blue equals battle controls, green equals exploration.

  • X - Confirm and execute commands. Confirm actions, examine objects.
  • Square - Activate Feral Link. Open the map.
  • Circle - Cancel action. Jump.
  • Triangle - Execute available commands now.Open the menu.
  • R1 - View information on enemies. Use Mog Hunt, throw Mog (if holding L1 at the same time).
  • R2 - Nothing. Not sure what R2 did to offend Square, but it's unused here.
  • R3 - Reset and center the camera position.
  • L1 - Open Paradigm Shift menu. Begin throwing Mog (hit R1 to throw after aiming).
  • L2 - Again, nothing. Square aren't a fan of the back shoulder buttons, are they?
  • L3 - Centre the map on your position (must be in the map screen).
  • Start - Pause the game. Pause the game too.
  • Select - Toggle the mini-map on and off.
  • Directional Buttons - Select targets and commands. Navigate the menu.
  • Left Analog Stick - Select targets and commands. Move around.
  • Right Analog Stick - Move the camera (pointlessly). Move the camera (helpfully).
  • Sixaxis - This done nothing, because it's kinda lame.


The Main GameEdit

Part 1: The Prologue
Part 2: New Bodhum -003AF-
Part 3: Bresha Ruins -005AF-
Part 4: Yaschas Massif -010AF-, Oerba -200AF-, Yaschas Massif -01XAF-
Part 5: Sunleth Waterscape -300AF-, Coliseum -Year Unknown-, Archytle Steppe -Year Unknown
Part 6: Serendipity -Year Unknown-, Academia -400AF-, Augusta Tower -200AF-, Augusta Tower -300AF-
Part 7: Academia -4XXAF-, The Void Beyond -Year Unknown-, New Bodhum -00XAF-, A Dying World -700AF-, New Bodhum -700AF-
Part 8: Academia -500AF-, The Finale

The Rest of the GameEdit

Monsters: A guide concerning not-Pokémon.
Wild Artefacts: Hidden keys to new times and locations.
Paradox Endings: Screwing up time for weird cutscenes and fragments.
Trophies: Meaningless accolades that you just have to have.
Fragments: Click here if you want to spend 50 hours earning the right to a 20 second cutscene.
Fragment Skills: Screw it, let's just cheat.