Listening to the Black Mages version of Battle with the Four Fiends after realizing I wrote at the top of the last page I should be revising for my Modern Studies exam when I indeed finished it this morning, the same day I finally finished writing Part 6. Hmm, I think it went okay as far as exams go... got to knuckle down for Biology now... oh well: Paramina's Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough, Part 7, ready to go.

Let's Get NotoriousEdit

Don't Listen to Ondore's Lies! But seriously, watch this
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When we left our party they'd surfaced from the mines, witnessed that treacherous pre-teen Larsa scarper off with Vaan's sort of girlfriend/sister no one cares about, and decided to get a meeting with Ondore. How? By "raising a clamor" that our Captain is still alive. But who can make enough noise to attract that sort of attention? Oh, how about that brainless peasant who jumped on a cage and rattled it about, screaming abuse whilst we were supposed to be sneaking around very, very quietly? Genius!

This bit cracks me up every time, I swear... oh, here we go, hahaha, I'm laughing already. I think it's because it's so random. We're given a quick practice run: press Square-button to here Vaan blast the best. "I'm Captain Basch fon Ronsenberg of Dalmasca!" "Don't listen to Ondore's lies!" My personal favourite is the short yet punchy "Basch lives!" Hahahahaha, oh dear.


"Don't listen to Ondore's lies, fool - you jes' know Basch's livin'!" Barrett would undoubtedly be a lot more notorious on this mini-game, methinks.

Mission: Gain 100% Notoriety... "Basch lives!"

Normally I'm so against mini-games from Square, but I really do love this one. I have no idea why, it's inane and stupid, but I do, I really do. We have to boost our Notoriety Gauge up to 100%. Not as easy as it sounds - it's constantly a-dropping so we must be constantly yelling. Testify! Search out for big groups of NPCs with the Talk symbol above their heads in order to gain some Notoriety, keep an eye out for Parijanahs, who are guides. These give us a massive boost. Conversely, Sainikahs (those helmeted losers) don't like our preaching, and blow a whistle and really decimate our gauging. With 100%, we are confronted by Resistance Members. "Basch lives!" True dat, Vaan.

The Resistance Members take us to their top-secret Hideout... the Cloudborne. The pub. Jeez, these guys should really rethink their strategies a bit. As expected, Balthier is already here. Basch wanders in and Vaan's incessant yells show themselves to be truth - Basch indeed does live! Who listened to Ondore's lies (fool)? Sadly, our rather awesome moment is ruined by a quick reminder of Penelo's existence. Larsa lays some more smooth moves on his lady love until he ruins it by expressing concern re:Empire. Nothing bores a girl like business-chat, Larsa (you'll learn that given time, son). Penelo admits Vayne frightens her, but Larsa reverts to Casanova mode by giving her his word she will meet no harm. Smooth operator.

I Loves Me Some Sidequestin'!Edit

Oh dear, did this phrase instill fear in you? I'm pretty sure it did to those reading my VIII walkthrough... but never mind! You must do as I say! Before hitting up Ondore's digs, we must complete some Sidequests in order to... well, no reason really. I just say you should do them. End of.

Head back to the Cloudborne and check out the notice board - 'tis just like the notice board back at the Sandsea, covered in bills and post-its for our perusal. Your perusal? Wraith. But what's this you say? "Meh... that's all the way back in Rabanastre?" I know! We'll teleport! 'Tis the future, you know. Head back to the Aerodrome for quick passage to the West Gate.

The petitioner, Milha, is hanging about the Northern Sprawl of Lowtown. Accept her Hunt and head down from Storehouse 5 to the Garamscythe Waterways to the Overflow Cloaca.

Clan Centurio Hunt: Wraith
No. 04 - Waterway Haunting
Rank: I
Petitioner: Milha
Reward: Ether, 500 gil, Gauntlets

Level: 9
HP: 5146
Difficulty: Easy

If you've got Quickenings, then use them - one or even a chain of two will kill this guy flat before it has a chance to say "boo." If you're unlucky/rubbish and don't have quickening, then you really have to keep an eye out for Doom - the only way to get rid of it at this point is to either kill your afflicted character and then resurrect them or use a Remedy under the Remedy Lore 3 Augment on the License Board. Just keep up the battering and you'll be a-okay.

Return to Milha to get a bunch of goodies for slaying her ghost. Fabulous. Now we've done Hunts 01, 02, and 04... for the OCD in me, we must do Hunt 03. Of course, this isn't so much of a Hunt as an annoying Sidequest, but hey, someone's got to do it (i.e., you).

Accept Flowering Cactoid and seek out the petitioner, Dantro. He's in the Outpost of the Estersand, so you've got a little to do on foot. Dantro wants us to go after some Rare Cactoid in the middle of Yardang Labyrinth. No problemo, pal.

Clan Centurio Hunt: Flowering Cactoid
No. 03 - Dalmasca's Desert Bloom
Rank: I
Petitioner: Dantro
Reward: 10 Potions, 500 gil, Cactus Flower

Level: 4
HP: 755
Difficulty: Easy

Another basics battle where you should focus on your physicals. At these early levels, the battles aren't too interesting, I'm afraid. The Cactoid will be with its little Cactite possé, so be careful. Also, it tends to flee when it gets nailed - don't let it get away. Upon it's death you'll get a 1000 Needles blast, which'll hurt at these levels - pretty badly. In fact, it may even be a KO for one of your team (fingers crossed it's Vaan, if he's even out there).

After weeding this little guy you'll get the Cactus Flower, that little thing on the Cactoid's head. I guess Vaan must have wrenched it off before we left or something. Anyway, take it back to Dantro who will give you your bounty and ask you to give it to his wife in the village at the South Banks. Thus begins the "Patient in the Desert" sidequest... it's a pretty long one that we can only complete part of now, so pay attention to save yourself the trouble later!

  • Hike up to the South Bank Village. Dantro's wife is hanging around outside a hut, beneath a canopy thing. Give her the desert flower, and she'll give us a Bundle of Needles. Cheers?
  • Exit then re-enter the village and speak to her again. She now requires Semclam Shells, but is apparently immobile considering they're right here in the village. Look out for 'Mysterious Glints', there are three on the banks of the Nebra and two actually within the village. Try and get all five if you can, it makes the final reward a little bit better.
  • Give her the Semclam Shells for her to then ask for Nebralim. I guess this patient is really sick - because they're all the way back with Dantro. Hike back to Dantro for a chat then inspect all the supplies lying about to find two Small Phials of Nebralim.
  • Hike back to South Bank Village and give them to Dantro's wife. Now she'll want Valeblossom Dew, but we can't get that just now because it's on the Broken Sands North of the River, and we don't have a boat.

Put the Sidequesting on pause here and head back to the Teleport Crystal nearby. Back to Bhujerba!
Let's talk, Ondore.

Oh, low blow, Ondore.
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