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Hello friend, welcome and this is Jo's Final Fantasy XII walkthrough! This is my first walkthrough on my first Final Fantasy game, and also my first major contribution to the FF wiki! Before you start reading, I would like to clarify a few things: This is rated 13+ for minor swearing and my stupidity. Also contains unsightly English. This walkthrough has the main storyline and sidequests put separately.


The 12th installment of Final Fantasy takes place in Ivalice, the same world where Final Fantasy Tactics took place. The looming war between two great empires - Archadia in the east, and Rozarria in the west - threatens to destroy the smaller kingdoms caught in their midst. Vaan, a young boy who despises the Archadian Empire for the occupation of his homeland, Dalmasca. He with the sole heir to the Dalmasan throne, Princess Ashe embark on a journey throughout Ivalice to uncover the invasion of the Empire, and the secrets that lie beyond.


Right Analog Stick - move

Left Analog Stick - camera, adjust camera (pressing down)

X-button - combat menu, examine, interact

Triangle-button - main menu

Circle-button - decline, exit

Square-button - combat menu

Arrow Keys - change party leader, navigation

START - pause

SELECT - area map

L1 or R1 - change pages or targets

L2 - flee from battle



Final Fantasy XII introduces the Active Dimension Battle(ADB) which I simply adore. Unlike previous games, you don't have random encounters, and you don't control all of the characters directly. Instead, you insert your commands called Gambits and the characters will do exactly as they were 'programmed'. Gambits could be accessed through the main menu, or you could switch them off in the combat menu. They can be bought in shops or found in treasure chests and you don't need a license to use them! Each character has 12 gambit slots in total, 2 in the beginning of the game. You have to obtain the rest in the License Board. Some gambits target your allies, some enemies and some yourself. To make them work, all you have to do is choose the target, example: Ally: HP <80% and select the action, let's just put 'Cure' for that matter. The character will then cast cure on an ally with less than 80% of their max HP. Gambits at the top have more priority than the ones below, example: You want to steal from an enemy before attacking it, so simply put a gambit Foe: HP 100% with 'Steal' as the first slot. The second slot should be Foe: Any or the like with 'Attack'. The character will result in stealing first before attacking. It can also be an disadvantage if you insert the wrong gambits, so be careful.

Battle ChainEdit

If you killed a wolf, and you killed another wolf, will result in a battle chain. This will start if you kill an enemy of the same type. The battle chains will get higher as you kill more, but eventually they will stop at 999. Of course, the number of loot will increase, say from 2 pebbles to 4 pebbles. If the chain is high enough, rare loot will be obtained. The loot will also activate White Magicks or Green Magicks on characters. However, if the player kills an enemy of the different type, enter a city or touch a save crystal, the battle chain will return to 0. Quickenings can also perform a chain up to 99.

Espers and QuickeningsEdit

Espers are summons, quickenings are limit breaks. Both have to be licensed before using and can be found in the 'Mist' section of the combat menu. Each character has only three quickenings, and after a character obtains one, their MP bar will be split into segments, two quickenings will make two segments, three will be three. The first quickening will use up one segment of MP, upon purchasing the second two will be used, on the third all MP is lost. Chains can occur when using quickenings, players can get a 'Mist Charge' to restore MP. With a specific combination of quickenings (based on ranks) there will be a Conccurence which can deal more damage and effect the nearby enemies as well. Espers work quite the same way, they use up MP segments based on their rankings. Only one character can purchase a specific Esper, other characters cannot obtain it. Like Final Fanatsy X, the Esper replaces the other two party members, but players cannot control them. The Esper will stay for a some time before unleashing its' special attack, but the summoner has to be conscious for that to happen. An Esper remains on the battle field unless: The time is up or 'Dismiss' is selected, the Esper or summoner is defeated, the party rides the Strahl or a chocobo, the party enters a city, or a teleport stone is used.

License BoardEdit

All equipment and abilities need to be licensed before usage, except for gambits. To get the license, characters will need License Points, and LP can be obtained by defeating enemies. Bosses and marks have more LP compared to normal enemies. There are also augments which are not equipment and ability related. LP adds for every character, even those who are in reserve. For more specific info on LB, check out this page. This is really useful.

Traps and WeatherEdit

Traps are a common sight in Final Fantasy XII, they are invincible and can only be seen with a bangle or status effect 'Libra'. Traps can be avoided by casting float too. Some treasures are placed in the middle of traps, which sometimes can be annoying. The weather determines what kind of enemies do players encounter, sometimes making the player's vision blurry. But you won't need an umbrella or sunscreen for that. The characters work just fine in any kind of weather.

Gil and LootEdit

You don't get Gil by just defeating enemies. Instead, you obtain loot and sell them in shops. Rare loot have a higher price, and some may result in unlocking bazaar items. These usually can't be found anywhere, and they sometimes sell cheaper than regular shops. DO NOT sell teleport stones, as they come in handy a lot. DO NOT sell any of the hunts' bounty, because they may be used for other sidequests. I suggest that players use the teleport stones as a breaker, put all of the bounty on top and sell the ones at the bottom. Last are Monographs, which can be found in the bazaar. Players aught to buy them at the beginning of the game, it might be hard cause it's expensive, I know. But when the story advances, those are going to pay off. They allow the theft of super rare items that are certainly gonna make you rich! Check out this page for more bazaar info.

Let the adventure begin!Edit