Part 7- On the Side FlamesofRebirth

Completely Random Introductory Quote-

So farewell to hope, and with hope farewell fear,
Farewell remorse: all good to me is lost;
Evil be thou my good.
—John Milton, Paradise Lost

Now it’s on for realz, yoEdit

We have reached a major turning point, both in terms of the plot and game play. Up to now, all the battles have been easy, no real strategy required. The story line bosses will still be simple, but if you choose to take on the optional hunts without leveling up first, you can’t fake your way through it anymore. Preparation and skill and maybe some luck will be needed, and we’ll be spending more time on side quests than the main story.

Side questin’ timeEdit


Back in Rabanastre, it’s time to be a dick to Ktjn again. I feel like such a douche bag doing this to her, and even more so for telling you to do it to her too, but it all works out in the end. Dash her dreams by telling her “it’ll never happen.” You asshole. Swing by the clan hall for some rewards and a new hunt, the Gil Snapper. If you haven’t claimed your reward from the Wyvern Lord hunt yet, hit up the weapon shop for that before moving on. Moogle on over to the East Gate and make your way to South Bank Village.

Cactoid, Estersand PatientEdit


Remember this little guy?

You probably still can’t stand toe to toe with that Wild Saurian, but if you don’t want to run away anymore even a mediocre Quickening will punch his ticket with ease. Talk to the Village Elder, and then Tchigri by the boat to go to the North Bank. Talk to Ruksel to realize that you are the one who caused all this trouble. Back in South Bank, talk to Dantro’s Wife, then check out the flower behind her hut. Go back to North Bank with the miraculously reincarnated Dran to finish off this portion of the quest. You are rewarded with the very handy Wyrmfire Shot. But now, we can finish off another Cactoid related quest we’ve been working on. Since the ferry is reopened, go north to the Broken Sands and grab three Valeblossom Dews (from the big pink flowers), and take them to Dantro’s Wife. The first two are right near the entrance, but the last one is up and around to the north, past the Wild Saurian. Don’t try to fight anything up here, swallow your pride and run shamelessly. When you get back to the North Bank, talk to the moogle for a map of the Highwaste, which will be useful later. Give the Dews and Great Serpent Skin to Dantro’s Wife, then exit and re-enter the village and talk to her again. The recovered traveler is behind her hut, and he will give you the Barheim Key and the outstanding Golden Amulet. This is the accessory to have equipped on inactive party members, as it will double their LP earned (everyone earns LP, even if inactive or KO‘d). You could go into the Passage to fight an optional Esper, but we have to go down there later anyway, so we’ll just consolidate our trips. You can beat Zalera at this level, so if you do want to go down there now just use the Immobilize glitch, and make sure you can protect against Sleep, Disable, and Blind. There may be a treasure chest in West Annex in a dead end behind several traps. Don’t open it yet, or you might screw yourself out of the ultimate shield.
Optional Area Overview- The Barheim Passage Take 2
Rare Game Level HP avg Weakness Zone Conditions Steal/Drop
Minibug 46-47 16,172 Wind East-West Bypass (east end) Random, 20% chance to spawn Wrath of the Gods (CS), Mace of Zeus (VRD)
Ithuno 41-42 23,221 Holy Special Ops Sector 5 Random, 20% chance to spawn Deathbringer (RS)
Ishteen 43-44 34,132 Holy East-West Bypass, Zeviah Span Join Hunt Club, will appear within 8 ½ minutes of being in zone. Soul of Thamasa (CS)
Loot to Look For Dark Crystal x 11

CS/CD- Dead Bones

Ancient Bone x 3

5% MD (Warmage)- Dead Bones

Earth Crystal x 3

CS/UD- Bug

Gigas Hat

Rare Steal from Dead Bones

The Cheating Bastard (Tip #6)
Ithuno FFXII

Ithuno out of its chest form.

If you do feel like venturing into Barheim, you can grab some equipment that will hold up all the way through the end of the main story. Unless you are seriously over-leveled, don’t try to fight anything. Going east would take you to the cave-in caused by the Mimic Queen’s defeat, so go slightly west, then north through this zone and the next to get to an orange crystal. Your first target is a rare mimic called Ithuno, to find him go south from the crystal, then west. There are two paths here, take the southern one (Special Ops Sector 5). Look for an abnormal treasure chest near the west end of the tunnel (on the train tracks), and examine it to start the battle. If the chest isn’t there, zone in and out a few times. Equip Thief Cuffs if you have them, but luckily he only has one item to Steal- the Deathbringer sword. True to its name, it can instantly KO its target, and has an attack power of 90 as well. With two of these and a Zodiac Spear, you will never have to spend another gil on weapons. Obviously, save if you got one (or two) before going deeper into the Passage. In the Zeviah Span, look for a chest with a Celebrant’s Miter at the end of the bridge, it’s one of the best Mystic helms in the game. In the West Annex, right before the blue save crystal zone, another chest may contain Dragon Mail. When you’re in this zone, STAY AWAY from a chest in a small alcove with a line of traps in front of it. We’ll come back for that later. Getting these takes luck, and getting three of each would take far more patience than I have, but again this setup would be sufficient for any storyline battle you will face. This equipment would really take away any challenge from everything but the tougher optional bosses, but if you cared about preserving the challenge, you wouldn’t be… a cheating bastard.

Back to the side quests- JulyEdit


So much easier than a rare steal.

Go to Nalbina and find a spy named July near the save crystal. Walk over to the imperial soldiers who are anagrams of Biggs and Wedge to find out that not-Biggs hates the smell of chocobos. Rent one from the nearby moogle, then ride towards them, causing them to run away and leave their posts (they are begging for an Article 15 here). July will thank you, we’ll come back to her later. For now, we can do something so crazy, it just might make the rest of the game too easy. If you don’t feel up to it, don’t worry, I saved to a separate file, so I won’t use the overpowered weapon until after we go to the Necrohol for real. But if you think you can handle it, ride that chocobo north through the Mosphoran Highwaste.
Area Overview- Mosphoran Highwaste
Rare Game Level HP avg Weakness Zone Conditions Steal/Drop
Wary Wolf 34-35 14,282 Earth Summit Path Random, 7% chance to replace any Worgen in the zone Hell's Gate Flame (RP)
Dheed 49-50 77,740 Water Skyreach Ridge Join Hunt Club, random (40% chance) Mirage Vest (CS)
Grey Molter 34-35 21,397 Holy Empyrean Way Game clock between 10-20 minutes, activate Shrine of S Wind to reach area Nothing good
Loot to Look For Great Serpent's Fang x 2

10% MD (Hunter)- Python

Beastlord Horn x 3

8% MD (Knight)- Humbaba

Ring Wyrm Scale x 4

CD- Ash Wyrm

Moon Ring x 3

10% MD (Dragoon)- Ash Wyrm

Area Overview- The Salikawood
Rare Game Level HP avg Weakness Zone Conditions Steal/Drop
Spee 36-37 14,780 Water Sun-Dappled Path Random, 15% chance after any Wyrdhare is killed. Spawns in the dead ends. Stardust (CS)
Rageclaw 36-37 39,641 Water Piebald Path Join Hunt Club, spawns near one of the exits if no enemies have been killed after 1 minute Sickle Blade (CS)
Wood Toad 35-36 51,697 Lightning Corridor of Ages (down the stairs) Random, 20% chance (it’s invisible, so hit it with Reflected magic to start the battle) Meh.
No important loot in this area.

Insanity- Quest for the Zodiac SpearEdit

We tread here on a fool’s errand

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

This section will get you the strongest weapon in the game, at an insanely low level, so be warned that you will be massively overpowered for the rest of the game if you do it. I recommend getting it now for the challenge, then not using it until you come back to the Necrohol to defeat the optional bosses. From Nalbina, ride your chocobo north to the Babbling Vale. There are some great items for sale here, including Golden Amulets and Thief’s Cuffs, so make sure you have three of the former and at least one of the latter. Save and continue north, running from everything you see. There is a Wayward Chocobo just outside the NE exit, you can ride him by feeding him a Gyshal Green if you want. You should have bought the map at North Bank Village (it‘s also available here), just follow it north to the Salikawood. After you hit the blue save crystal, exit to the west from the next area to get to Sun Dappled Path. There shouldn’t be any unfriendly enemies here, just neutral Wyrdhares. Move on to the north to Garden of Decay, then east to get to an orange crystal.
It’s good to be the king
—Mel Brooks, History of the World Part 1
Optional Boss Battle- King Bomb
Level 34 My Level 15-16
HP 37,596 Difficulty Hard
Steal Bomb Shell, Fire Crystal, Bomb Fragment
Status Immunities Death, Petrify, Stop, Doom, Confuse, Sleep, Blind, Poison
Fire Ice Lightning Water Wind Earth Dark Holy
Absorb Half Half Weak Half Half Half Half
Summon Belias at the save crystal, then save to restore your MP before entering the battle. Belias will take out the little bombs, then do some damage to the King, absorbing all the Fire-based attacks along the way. Keep your summoner out of the way so King Bomb doesn’t target him/her, and as soon as you see Belias charge Hellfire, Dismiss him so he doesn’t heal your enemy. King Bomb can use Restore to gain back HP, so finish him with Quickenings before he does it, or let him do it twice and just keep wearing him down. I recommend Quickenings, as you will wear down first here. Seriously, do not let him Renew. You’ll have to be quick with switching out characters to start a new chain before he can target you, or worse, use Renew. When you Dismiss Belias set battle speed to slowest to help your Quickenings get in before the King can make a move. It isn’t easy, but if I did it, so can you. (The next time you talk to Montblanc, you will get a Mallet. Do NOT sell this.)

Optional Area Overview- The Necrohol of Nabudis
Rare Game Level HP avg Weakness Zone Conditions Steal/Drop
Helvinek 48-49 52,376/ 99,999 Holy Any Kill six Oversouls on current trip to Necrohol Grand Armor (VRD)
Vorres 49-50 63,848 Holy Hall of the Ivory Covenant Join Hunt Club, lure Dark Elemental to room SW of Cloister of Reason Soul Powder (CS)
Loot to Look For Holy Crystal x 9

UCD- Babil

Grand Armor

VRD- Helvinek


RD- Elvoret

Aegis Shield

RD- Pandora

Optional Area Overview- Nabreus Deadlands
Rare Game Level HP avg Weakness Zone Conditions Steal/Drop
Velelu 46-47 37,279 Holy The Fog Mutters One party member < 20% HP Capricorn Gem (CS), Save the Queen (UD)
Arioch 47-48 43,460 Holy The Slumbermead Join Hunt Club, random (40% chance) Sage's Ring (CS)
Loot to Look For- Black Mask

VRD- Banshee


VRD- Leynir

Golden Skullcap

RS/VRD- Dead Bones

Crown of Laurels

RD- Crusader

Yakei katana

VRD- Baknamy

War God's Band x 4

5% MD (Warmage)- Leynir

Silver Liquid x 5

UD- Foobar

The Fool’s Errand continues- the NecroholEdit

Save again at the orange crystal- you won’t be getting another- then go past the Bower to the Corridor of Ages, head south at the split to enter the Necrohol. This is your last chance to heed Basch’s warning, there’s no turning back once you move past the entrance. Here’s the bottom line about this area: anything that touches you, kills you. Make for the zone breaks as quickly as you can, then revive everyone and run to the next zone break. Setting battle speed to slowest helps delay your enemies’ attacks. Use the Immobilize glitch to its fullest potential here, leave one person stuck at the exit to the Salikawood and switch back to them as soon as you get far enough away to clear out the enemies. If you don’t know about this glitch, when a party member is Stopped or Immobilized, if your other party members get far enough away switching your Immobilized member to party leader and then switching back will make enemies disappear. This is vital to the Fool’s Errand, and very useful later on in the deepest sections of the Henne Mines. Immobilize targets the whole party, so be smart about casting it (only have one active party member). Go north as far as you can, then west, then around to the south and into the next zone. Congratulations on making it this far. Revive and move on. (If you try this a few times and just cannot get past that first group of Baknamys, you may want to try going through the Deadlands and into the Necrohol from the other side. It will take longer, but it may be worth trying). In Cloister of Distant Song, east and mostly north is the goal, it is much easier than the Hall of Effulgent Light was. When you hit Cloister of the Highborn, go east then north, to find a small room with 16 chests, your Zodiac Spear is in the front row, second from the left. The spear is 100% guaranteed since Diamond Armlets aren‘t available yet. Don’t open the other chests yet, you can get Dark Matter from them later. Now go back the way you came, you made it this far, don’t get killed on the way out. Once again, Hall of Effulgent Light is by far the most dangerous because the first enemies are so close to the beginning. If you make it past the first group, the Immobilize trick secures your escape. Congratulations, the Fool’s Errand is complete.

Here's a nice easy one for youEdit

All right, that last quest was harder than a MF’er, so if you decided to forego it, no hard feelings here. Get to the nearest orange crystal or Aerodrome. This quest will be much easier, and provide a nice short-term reward. All you have to do is get a few people wasted out of their minds. Teleport or fly to Bhujerba, and let the hunt begin.

$idequest- Bhujerban Lightweights
Zone Location Buyer
Aerodrome Left of the save crystal when facing the exit, on top of some crates Man sitting on a railing near an Imperial right behind you
Armor Shop Just in front of the counter to the left Person right in front of the counter
Weapon Shop Go upstairs to find the bottle in the corner Woman talking to a sitting man
Magic Shop Look on a shelf upstairs Guru right behind you
Travica Way Just outside the magic shop, right by the entrance to Miner’s End Man leaning on a wall outside the magic store
Khus Skygrounds Left of the street merchant if you’re facing him Woman leaning on the wall right across from merchant
Cloudbourne Row On crates stacked at a dead end to the south Patron right outside the Cloudbourne entrance
Cloudbourne Pub On a drunk chick’s table (check the hunt board while you're here) Seeq right across from the bar
Staras residence Sitting on a table Go back and sell to the Seeq at the Pub
Miner's End Near the Gambit shop Miner near the SE exit to the area
Clio's Technicks To the left of the counter Moogle on the red carpet
Gambit Shop Bookshelf on the left wall of the upper area Shop Clerk Seeq right in front of you
Kaff Terrace Next to passed out Seeq on right wall Woman in the NW section
Lhusu Square Edge of the fountain right in front of the mine entrance Miner next to the merchant

I hope you enjoy sidequestsEdit

We aren't even close to finishing off everything that became available after the Tomb, so forget about advancing the plot and move along to the never ending sidequest, part 2.

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Loot Inventory/ Bazaar Tracker
Important Loot
Taurus Gem x 3 Tyrant Bone x 2 Wind Magicite x 6 Gnoma Halcyon x 1
Snake Skin x 8 Book of Orgain x 3 Frog Oil x 2 Aries Gem x 3
Bat Wing x 1 Putrid Liquid x 3 Dark Crystal x 11 Crooked Fang x 4
Ancient Bone x 3 Earth Crystal x 3 Mallet x 2 Holy Crystal x 9
Great Serpent's Fang x 2 Beastlord's Horn x 3 War God's Band x 4 Silver Liquid x 5 or 8
Available Rare Bazaar Goods
Dark Stone x 3 Green Liquid x 2 Fish Scale x 2 Capella/ Silent Shot
Dark Stone x 2 Bat Fang x 1 Rat Pelt x 2 Short Bow/ Parallel Arrows
Water Magicite x 3 Bat Fang x 5 Yellow Liquid x 1 Loxley Bow/Bamboo Arrows
Green Liquid x 3 Water Stone x 5 Yensa Scale x 2 Vega/ Aqua Shot
Fire Crystal x 3 Bomb Shell x 1 ----- Fumarole/ Poison Bombs
Crooked Fang x 2 Fire Stone x 4 ----- Longbow/ Fiery Arrows
Fire Crystal x 3 Bomb Ashes x 3 Book of Orgain x 2 Tumulus/ Oil Bombs
Salamand Halcyon x 1 Yensa Fin x 2 Wyvern Wing x 2 Arcturus