Magandang tanghali po - the first of the Monster Arena bouts, with Stratoavis, the Malboro Menace and Kottos. Oh, and since I have to refer to myself in third person in order to link back to my user page: Paramina, there we go.

Heads up, the format I'll be using for each Monster Arena boss is as follows: Unlocking Conditions, a Details table (covering cost after the initial free battle, classification menu and the prize for unlocking), a short blurb discussing enemy drops or good reasons to fight it, then a strategy.


Conditions to Unlock: Capture at least one of each of the Besaid monsters
Stratoavis Details
Classification: Area Conquest
Cost6,000 gil
Unlock PrizeStamina Tonic x99

Stratoavis is the easiest to both unlock and defeat in the Monster Arena. He's good to fight as a warm-up, and is especially good if you're looking to harvest those rare Dark Matters through the Arena, because he'll go down the quickest.

No particularly interesting drops, and weapon/armor drops tend to come with Strength/HP boosts, respectively:

Weapons: 2-4 slots, Str +5-20%
Armor: 2-4 slots, HP +10-30%
Monster Arena Boss: Stratoavis
FFX Stratoavis

HP: 320,000
AP: 8,000
Steal: Smoke Bomb, Stamina Spring
Difficulty: Easy

Basically this is just an overpowered, souped up Zu. If you're coming into the Arena at low levels, I recommend you make full use of any Break abilities Auron has, followed by a Slow spell from Tidus, which the Stratoavis is susceptible to. When he's running low on HP, he'll drop to the ground, which is where you should end it quickly. You can also cast Haste to further exploit his slowness, though you'll hardly need it. Rarely do his attacks connect if your Evade stat is high enough. Granted, you can just cut him down if you're coming in at a reasonable level.

Malboro MenaceEdit

Conditions to Unlock: Capture at least one of each of the Kilika Island monsters
Malboro Menace Details
Classification: Area Conquest
Cost6,000 gil
Unlock PrizePoison Fang x99

As expected with Malboro enemies, you should come into this with armor boasting Berserkproof, Confuseproof, Stoneproof etc. Since he always begins with an ambush, make sure you've also got First Strike somewhere in your front line's weaponry.

We get status-related weaponry and armory dropped from the Malboro, so its an alternative way of obtaining them if you can't be bothered harvesting individual items for Customization:

Weapons: 3-4 slots, Sleep, Silence, Dark, Poison, Stone, Zombie and Slow Strike
Armor: 3-4 slots, Sleep, Silence, Dark, Poison, Stone, Zombie and Slow Proof
Monster Arena Boss: Malboro Menace
Malboro Menace-ffx

HP: 640,000
AP: 8,000
Steal:Remedy, Mana Spring
Difficulty: Medium

As previously stated, this will begin with an Ambush. Having First Strike allows your team the initiative hit, though. If your levels are lower and you still want to take on the Malboro Menace, I recommend placing Yuna out of your top 3 in place of someone with a First Strike weapon. Then, on your first turn, swap Yuna in and have her Summon an Aeon - any Aeon - to take the brunt of Putrid Breath, and duke out the first part of the battle for you. -proof armors are imperative, so you should be suited up in them.


Conditions to Unlock: Capture at least one of each of the Mi'ihen Highroad monsters
Kottos Details
Classification: Area Conquest
Cost6,000 gil
Unlock PrizeSoul Spring x99

Don't go after this guy in lower levels thinking he'll be a pushover. He's actually a lot tougher than you'd imagine, and his Counter can knock a weaker team for six. This is a battle that should be reserved/revisited when your stats - particularly your Defense - are much higher.

Granted, for winning, you get pretty sweet weapon drops, especially for your main attacker. However, the 3-slot limit prevents them from being used as Celestial alternative bases:

Weapons: 2-3 slots, Counter, Evade & Counter, Magic Counter
Armor: 2-3 slots, HP +10-30%
Monster Arena Boss: Kottos
FFX Kottos

HP: 440,000
AP: 8,000
Steal: Stamina Spring, Soul Spring
Difficulty: Hard*

Kottos counters everything. This guy just likes to punch people, a lot. Honestly, even Steal from him, and he'll beat you silly. At higher levels, you'll be able to withstand his counter long enough to put in your own offensive, without having to worry about playing HP catch-up. Truthfully, the "Hard" tag is slightly misleading - it's getting to the level where you can fight Kottos, but when you actually get there, it's so so easy. Physicals. End of.

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