Hamfruitcake and now the end is here.

The Sea of SorrowEdit

Well the end isn't quite here, we have a zillion monsters to catch and some dark aeons to beat... But you can actually complete the game with your characters barely even a 1/4 of the way around the Sphere Grid. You just need Doublecast, Flare, Ultima and some characters with their strength figures in the 70s. If you're at this point you're more than capable of defeating the final bosses. So let's do this first before we fill the Sphere Grid and can kill everything in one hit?

Sea of sorrow

When you're ready select the Sin option on your Airship list to fly into Sin's belly. You will then promptly find yourself in the Sea of Sorrow. A bit of a bizarre thing to find in the belly of a beast you just slice open but ok, perhaps it's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, or maybe it's just got a massive sea maze in it for no real reason.

Unfortunately you will have to make the map appear in this place and the treasure chests are quite difficult to get to unless you fancy using the No Encounters option and roaming unmolested by the powerful fiends here. It is an excellent training ground but will severely lower your MP as you spend a lot of time healing. The main fiends you'll come across will be Gemini, Adamantoise and Ahriman, the first two can easily be handled with Armour Break. Exoray will counter as always with Pollen but you should be one hitting them by this point. The only real threat to your team will be the deadly Behemoth King who will use the powerful Meteor attack on it's death, the only way to avoid this is by Capturing the Behemoth or by killing it with a Counter attack. Otherwise it's best to summon an Aeon as a meat shield to defend your party. Auto-Life also works a treat here. And once again the Great Malboro will be appear every now and again to ensure you haven't forgotten about him, ensure one of main team always has a weapon with First Strike to avoid annihilation.

Upon entering the sea head along taking the path to the right and you will reach a fork head along to the left until you reach a waterfall with a chest atop it, you can't get to it just now so head north ignoring the first fork to the right and then head left at the next fork and then go downward when you come to the next fork... Stop saying fork damnit! There will be a small inset to left as you run down leading to a chest containing the Phantom Bangle. Keep heading down to reach that chest you saw before with a Special Sphere inside. Now jump down that waterfall!

Say whee!

Head north once again ignoring the dead end fork to the right and then head left again. At the dead end head up instead of down. This is making perfect sense I know. Straight ahead will be an inset to the left where you'll find a chest containing an Elixir head back and keep following the path around, in the background at this point you'll see a Save Sphere, all in due time my friends. Take the path to the right and then down to the left to find a chest with a Lv. 3 Key Sphere inside then back track to the fork and head down to reach the final chest atop a waterfall with the Wizard Lance inside. Back at the previous chest head north until you come to Save Sphere with a carpeted staircase next to it.

Is it just me or does the belly of a beast traditionally have organs?

City of Dying DreamsEdit

Apparently Sin has eaten Seymour and he believes he is capable of controlling Sin. He seems to have reached a point beyond insanity currently so let's kill him and end this madness.

Boss Battle : Seymour Omnis
Seymour Omnis
HP: 80,000 (15,000)
Attacks: Dispel, Ultima, Firaga, Blizaga, Thundaga, Wateraga, Fira, Blizarra, Thundara, Watera.
AP: 80,000 (15,000)

One point, the music here is quite impressive, apart from that this battle will not be.

Seymour comes accompanied by four big discs with elemental colours on them, these represent which spells he will cast on his turn, it's best to ensure they are not all the same colour by hitting one with Wakka's ball as this double Seymour's magical strength. To combat this it's easy to use some of Yuna's Nul magic to survive. Another thing to note is that the more of one element he has around him display his weakness, the opposing element of course!

Simply use Armour Break and go to town on Seymour with consistent 9999 hits from your team, to hurry this along you can Mix a Trio of 9999 with Rikku by mixing a Lv 3 Key Sphere and a Pendulum/Door to Tomorrow. Alternatively you can have your mages Doublecasting Flare and Ultima to great effect or just throwing Holy out regularly. It's all good here. After being attacked six times Seymour will use Dispel on your party, quickly ensure everyone has Shell cast on them before his next turn as he is going to use Ultima on your whole party and it is going to hurt, without Shell it will hit everyone for around 4000 HP. Heal up with some Mega Potions and then keep hitting him until his falls after this.

Yuna finally sends Seymour and we can all move on with our lives. Head back to the Save Sphere and recuperate before entering the City of Dying Dreams.

Upon entering you will find a glyph to right which will demand you kill 10 fiends in the area, to obtain a Lv 4 Key Sphere, let's get on with it then. Once of my favourite monster designs can be found in here, Barbatos, they are worth looking at with an amused and slightly befuddled expression, I think they are awesome. The path to the left will at one point have a small pathway to the left which will make you fall down a false pathway, following this path north will lead you to the Save Sphere with minimal effort if that is what you wish.

After vanquishing 10 fiends and obtaining the chest you will need to vanquish another 35 to get into the next area. Head north to find a platform which will take you up to a chest with Wakka's Four on One ball. Further ahead a little to the left you'll have to press yourself against the wall in order to retrieve a Defending Bracer behind it. Further along you'll find a chest with 20,000 gil down a ramp and a platform nearby will take you to a HP Sphere and Defence Sphere. Take the lift down and touch the glyph on the wall to find a Megalixir, keep moving on until you slide down a ramp and have to climb your way up the wall. Follow the path to reach to Save Sphere and prepare to enter the final area.

This is the Save Sphere of no return, after this you can't come back so if you fancy you can hop on the airship and do more exploring, or...

Tower of the DeadEdit

A giant tower will hurtle towards you, approach it to enter and be thrust into a ridiculous final joke from the creators. You have to run around a stupid area as the camera angle shifts and changes and spikes thrust out of the floor engaging you in random encounters if you touch them. You can Flee these if you fancy, I always do. The object of the game is to touch the glowing white balls around the area collecting the prizes until you reach 10, you will recieve, Prism Ball, Stillblade, Mage's Staff, Skill Sphere, Knight Lance, Wht Magic Sphere, Infinity, Attribute Sphere, a Wicked Cait Sith and finally a Hrunting. Not that you will ever use these items in such a pointless excersise but who the hell cares right? After all that you'll fly away into the final area and confront Jecht.

The Dream EndsEdit

Tidus' reunion with his father is quite touching and sentimental, looks like Jecht hasn't lost his sense of humour at least.

Final Boss Battle : Braska's Final Aeon
Braska Final Aeon
HP: 60,000/120,000 (20,000)
Attacks: Jecht Beam, Triumphant Grasp, Jecht Bomber, Ultimate Jecht Shot, Swipe.
AP: -

Pretty big looking aren't we Jecht? For those of you who are using their Celestial Weapons this will take a couple of swipes of it'll all be over very quickly, you won't even hear more than 6 bars of Underworld playing in the background, more than likely... For the rest of us let's show Jecht what we're made of!

First and foremost only Talk to Jecht when his overdrive bar is nearly full, this will lower it and prevent him hurting you too much. Tidus can only reach Jecht a couple of times so do no abuse this power. Attacking the Yu Pagodas causes them to stop briefly giving you a slight reprieve from them filling Jecht's Overdrive bar but this does not last long, keep attacking him and only hit the Pagodas if your attacks are hitting multiple targets (Ultima...)

To prepare it's best to use a Stamina Tonic on your core party to double their HP and then healing them quickly with a Megalixir. Follow this with a round of Regen Haste Protect and Shell if you're nervous about being hit hard. These buffs aren't totally essentially, but they definitely assist you massively in the battle.

Start with Armour Break and your strongest attacks and go town on Jecht with Doublecast Ultima and Flare and Holy. Jecht's Overdrive is a bitch as it will damage your party for 5000 HP all around so use an Aeon as a meat shield if you wish. Anima should kill him in a couple of hits or even one blast of Oblivion if you're up for cheating a little bit.

Jecht's Second Form will occur after he has taken 60,000 damage, then he will obtain two extra moves, a swipe from his sword and the Ultimate Jecht Shot. Keep healing your team with Healing Water or Megalixirs (when the hell else are you going to use them?). Ensure you have your buffs up, especially Hasteaga, and keep pummeling away at Jecht with your powerful attacks and party members going all out.

After the battle Jecht will collapse and move on leaving a big floating ball of doom bobbing about and Yuna with the task of Summoning all of her Aeons. This isn't going to be pretty... Yu Yevon at this point decides to make his presence known and zaps us all onto the side of Jecht's sword for god only knows what reason. You will have to kill all of your beloved Aeons one by one as Yevon possesses them. I can't really walk you through this part very well as I have no idea what stats your Aeons actually are and how much you have used Yuna.

Summoning your remaining Aeons to tackle them works well. My best advice is to summon the toughest Aeons first, get them over with. So summon the Magus Sisters first and use Anima's Oblivion to end that battle quickly, with the toughest bit over with, the rest should be as easy as pie. Holy is incredibly effective here against your more nimble Summons. Considering you have Auto-Life constantly on your party it is impossible to lose. Haven't always wanted to just stab Yojimbo in the face anyway? Man that felt good!

Final Boss Battle : Yu Yevon
200px-Yu Yevon
HP: 99,999 (0)
Attacks: Curaga, Gravija, Osmose, Ultima
AP: -

So after all that we are faced with a big floating cockroach. Delightful! Tidus finally explains to everyone his fate and Yuna looks devestated, way to spring that on everyone. Not particularly decent of him.

Why do a box out for this guy? Because it's still a battle technically. A laughably easy one considering you can't die but still a battle nonetheless.

So Gravija takes off 75% of your HP every time but that won't kill you. When his HP is low he will cast Ultima but with Auto-Life this is rendered practically pointless.

The easiest way to tackle Yu Yevon is with Doom or a Candle of Life if you fancy. Then it's just a case of twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the battle to end. How incredibly anticlimactic. In other words if you want to hit Yu Yevon be warned he will counter every time with Curaga restoring 9999 HP so it's hard to actually hit him if you don't have Break Damage Limit. There are two ways to skirt around this, you can either cast Reflect on Yu Yevon thus reflecting back his healing spells or you can inflict Zombie on him thus causing him to damage himself when he heals. Then just keep happily hammering away at him until his croaks.

After this follows a suitably extensive death sequence for Yu Yevon and the end of Final Fantasy X's story. A suitably epic, satisfying and wonderful ending sequence follows, and I'm not going to lie, my favourite end out of them all (better than VII's even).

Of course this is not the end of your adventure. Oh no, there is much more fun to be had in Spira, many more beasts to be slain and of course those pesky Dark Aeons to tackle. I'll be seeing you soon adventurers, I'm sure.

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