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I've decided I'm going to let AK do his walkthrough at his leisure. I've looked at his writing and decided that I can write a better one (in my opinion, not the Wiki's). So I'm going to write my own walkthrough. If you want to whine about it, I am the Wiki's complaint department, as you know. This'll be in the same vain as my FFVI walkthrough. Part 1 is stolen from AK (with minor tweaks to it that I made to his walkthrough), as is about a third of the second part. After that it's all me, me, ME!!!!

CSM's official rules of Final Fantasy XEdit

  1. PILLAGE! Stealing has NEVER been more important in a game until now. You need to steal items early and often. This is the ONLY way you can consistently teach your Aeons new abilities, and it's the only way you can customize weapons. Take Kimahri down Rikku's path VERY EARLY so you can start your robbery A.S.A.P. And if you have any moral side, there's no one in this game who refuses to call themselves Thieves and they don't prefer the Treasure Hunter title.
  2. Aeons murder everything. Aeons make the game incredibly easy for you. Keep in mind that there are some bosses in the Monster Arena that render Aeons ineffective (because you need a full party you can control) and some bosses can Banish them.
  3. Make all characters take at least one turn in every battle, even if they just defend. This way everyone can get AP and EXP.
  4. Play Blitzball! Have patience, you need to do this if you want to make Wakka uber.
  5. NulBlaze, NulFrost, NulShock, and NulTide all suck, despite what others may tell you. They protect from ONE attack from ONE element. If you want elemental protection, do it from your armor or do a Mix to get it.

How to suck at Final Fantasy XEdit

  • Use the Cheer, Focus, Aim, Reflex, Luck, and Jinx commands. Use them often.
  • Don't have Rikku deliver the finishing blow after she gets her Godhand
  • Don't fight Mimics
  • Don't Steal. Stealing is wrong!
  • Don't learn new, more powerful Overdrive modes.


  • Part 1: "In the Final Fantasy universe, a boy can be represented by two separate, yet equally important personalities. A narrator who speaks in a deep voice and a whiney crybaby. This is his story. DOINK! DOINK!"
  • Part 2: Is this a Tintin novel?
  • Part 3: How the hell could someone armed with only a rod kick the crap out of a giant bird?
  • Part 4: Square was thinking about Leviathan, but after too much time in confessional they just decided to throw Sin at us again
  • Part 5: Jungle Boogie
  • Part 6: Shouldn't Blitzing involve a Bum Rush of some kind?
  • Part 7: This place goes on endlessly. It must be Nebraska. Or maybe the NY Thruway.
  • Part 8: Gentlemen! Fill me with barbecue sauce because I'm dumb as hell!
  • Part 9: Djose Reyes...damn that kid is fast.
  • Part 10: Ridess ze Shoopuf? I'll ridess it, jusht the way your mother rodess me lasht night, Trebek!
  • Part 11: Daar es Guadosalam
  • Part 12: Lightning Lookout!
  • Part 13: I would've made that stupid Macarena joke, but our resident assclown already did. So it sucks if I make it.
  • Part 14: Suddenly Seymour.
  • Part 15: Intermission!
  • Part 17: Rise of the Deus Ex Machina
  • Part 18: Why the Religious Right (all religions) should never have political power.
  • Part 19: If the Mi'ihen Highroad was Nebraska, this is probably Saskatchewan.
  • Part 20: Wait...there's MORE to do in the Calm Lands? Wow, this must be a kickass place!
  • Part 21: Is that Gilgamesh? No, it isn't. Therefore, it sucks.
  • Part 22: There ain't no mountain high enough to keep me from gettin' to Zanarkand!
  • Part 23: I think it's embarrassing to the game's only saving grace of a character if Auron can't swim...
  • Part 24: Welcome home, Assclown!
  • Part 25: Niskyunalesca, New York
  • Part 26: Sidequests MANDATORY Bushwhacking off the Beaten Path, Part 1: Random Ultimate Weapons and Return to the Temples
  • Part 27: Sidequests MANDATORY Bushwhacking off the Beaten Path, Part 2: OH ANIMA! ANIMA-HUH! Ain't nothing like it, her shiny machine!
  • Part 28: Sidequests MANDATORY Bushwhacking off the Beaten Path, Part 3: The Monster Arena...tons of fun!
  • Part 29: Sidequests MANDATORY Bushwhacking off the Beaten Path, Part 4: Daze in the Desert
  • Part 30: Sidequests MANDATORY Bushwhacking off the Beaten Path, Part 5: The Omega factor
  • Part 31: Sidequests MANDATORY Bushwhacking off the Beaten Path, Part 6: The Monster Arena Part 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • Part 32: They called it love, we call it Livin' in Sin
  • Part 33: The Monster Arena championship matches
  • Part 34: The Final Battle: "The Skies Above"

The OFFICIAL Crazyswordsman Final Fantasy X Listening AlbumEdit

(This isn't a soundtrack. This is better.)

Seeing as Nobuo Uematsu took a back seat in this game to some crappy voice acting, here is a list of songs that fit the mood of the game:

  1. Bon Jovi: "Living in Sin" (Auron's theme)
  2. Journey: "When the Lights go Down in the City"
  3. Foghat: "Slow Ride"
  4. Bob Marley: "One Love"
  5. Bob Seger: "Against the Wind"
  6. The Eagles: "Lyin' Eyes"
  7. Bruce Springsteen: "Thunder Road"
  8. Billy Joel: "Only the Good Die Young"
  9. REM: "Losing my Religion"
  10. Billy Joel: "Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)"