It's Sunday morning, it's pissing it down with rain and my sister's coming over for lunch. With her tiny dog. Who's best friends with my massive greyhound, so that's nice. Part 4 of Apoqliphoth's Final Fantasy X walkthrough begins!

S.S. LikiEdit

Wakka's...a bit lacking in the imagination department.

Item ChecklistEdit

Item Amount
Remedy 1
Potion 20 - current stock
Al Bhed Primer Vol. III 1
SS Liki Deck

Watch as Tidus thieves the binoculars from one of the passengers, à la Zidane from the previous game. He does what all sensible guys do with binoculars; that is, eye up the bustiest woman on board -- in this case, Lulu. And to be fair, he covers his tracks brilliantly.

Talk to Wakka -- he wants to pray for the Aurochs' victory, an idea at which Lulu (and myself) laugh. Because let's face it, only a supreme being can save your hides (and may well do just that).

Let's go exploring. Head to the back of the ship and down into the corridor.

Oaka SS Liki

Here you'll find O'aka XXIII, 'merchant extraordinaire' and bad cockney impersonator. Maybe he had lessons from Dick van Dyke. He pulls a merchant faux pas by insulting you, bragging about how his name will be famous, and then asks you to lend him cash. Brilliant pitch.

Unfortunately, it's actually a good idea to lend him every Gil you have -- it winds up saving you a packet later on.

Enter the door on the left of the corridor and raid the chest for a Remedy. The suitcase on the right can be kicked for Potions, but runs out when you hit 20. Now head south of O'aka and into the power room.


Kweh, mo' fo'

Chocobos! Apparently they're being used to power the ship. Why am I getting even more flashbacks to Final Fantasy IX? There's also an Al Bhed Primer Vol. III on the floor, so study hard to learn what the letter 'C' is in Al Bhed. It's like the Spiran version of Sesame Street, I swear.

Head back to the deck and approach Yuna. Apparently she's Lord Braska's daughter, whoever the hell he is. Talk to Wakka for an explanation -- apparently he's the High Summoner who took out Sin last time.

Now go and chat up Yuna.

Tidus and yuna

This looks like a titanic success.

The's nice
—Yuna, temptress of time.

It's adorably awkward, with Tidus not having any idea how to talk to her. Yuna reveals from her googly teenage squeeing over Zanarkand that she knows Tidus' father. Small world.

Sin attacks ss liki

'sup brah? Don't leave a guy hanging.

Yuna thinks their meeting is the blessing of Yevon. Not quite, sister. And she can apparently pinpoint 'ten years ago' to 'the exact day that Jecht rocked up in Spira, blitzball in one hand and bottle of Jack Daniel's in the other'.

It's true! I first met Jecht ten years and three months ago! I remember, that was the day my father left. The date fits, doesn't it?
—Yuna, bad Miss Marple impersonator.

To avoid dwelling on this singularity of awkwardness, Sin pops up to say hello.

And you know what? Thank god for that.

There's a couple of nice-looking FMVs. To be fair, any FMV involving water is bound to look sweet. It's boss time again, fans.

Boss Battle: Sin's Fin, Sinscale x∞
Sin Fin-enemy-ffx

HP: 2000(1000)/200(400)
AP: 10 (20)/2(3)
Gil: 100/22
Difficulty: Easy

Hmm, a boss that spawns an infinite number of easy-to-defeat minions? You know what to do, power-levelers! This is a great way to gain Warrior and Slayer Overdrive modes for Tidus, Wakka and Kimahri. Stack 5 Cheers and just run them over until you get bored.

Afterwards, attack the fin a few times with Wakka's ball and Lulu's magic, then call in Valefor to finish off the fin with Energy Blast. Easy overkill, boatload (sorry) of AP. But we won't be getting that AP yet; there's another boss following another FMV sequence.

Sin's fin rips the harpoon cannon (Dammit Vyse!) right off the ship. Smart move that was. Wakka notices that Tidus is nowhere to be seen -- he was swept off the boat by Sin's tail smashing into the water and creating a huge wave. He jumps into the sea to find him floating around being pummeled by Sinscales. In a nice piece of gameplay-story integration Wakka spots Tidus a Hi-Potion, and another fight begins.

Boss Battle: Sinspawn Echuilles, Sinscale x∞
Sinspawn Echuilles-enemy-ffx

HP: 2000(400)/100(300)
AP: 12 (18)/2(3)
Gil: 115/24

This sinister jellyfish is our next Sinspawn to take out, before Sin comes back for it. Also, more of the endless stream of Sinscales, but this time we're down to only Tidus and Wakka, so don't bother with any more grinding. Stack Cheer as usual and beat it down. Start with Dark Attack and regular attacks from then on. Use Potions if your HP gets below 150, and finish it off with an Overdrive for an Overkill boost.


This'll end well.

Watch the scene. Sin absolutely batters Kilika Island with a tidal wave, demolishing both its well-designed infrastructure and its citizens, as touchingly demonstrated by the floating blitzball. Crai.

Kilika IslandEdit

What's a sending? Are we going somewhere?
—Tidus, genius.

Item ChecklistEdit

Item Amount
Ether 1
Potion 3
Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV 1
Kilika sunset


Save up and head into the west area. Pub's closed, Tidus, and you're underage, both physically and so, so mentally. This is adequately proven in the upcoming scene, which is pretty much famous by now. Lulu calls out Tidus for possibly being retarded ('possibly', hah) and explains that the sending ritual is used to send the souls of the dead off to the Farplane (read: afterlife) so that they don't congeal and become fiends.

Yuna Sending

You knew this was coming.

After Yuna's Jesus impression sending ritual, Tidus gets all sleepy (how disrespectful). In the morning, save up. The kid running about wants to be a blitzball when he grows up. Maybe one day he'll become the president of the United States.

When you leave, Datto comes along and says that Wakka is looking for you. So let's do the exact opposite of what the failed underwater football player wants and go treasure-hunting. There's a little girl in a rickety house -- save her. Enter the nearby house and raid the chest for 3 Potions. Talk to the woman for an amusing parallel. Her man's been afflicted by the toxin, and has become incredibly abrasive and socially awkward. Hmm.


"I'm glad I shaved."

Head into the first screen, the dock, and enter the now-open pub. Turns out the little girl lives here, which is totally fine. Grab the Ether from the chest and nab the Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV from the counter.

Now go and talk to Wakka, who's been making himself useful by fixing bugger all -- he's too busy waiting to go and pray to God not to get battered at the tournament.

Afterwards, head past where you saved the little girl and enter Kilika Woods.

This is as good a time as any to stop this part. I'll see you next time, hombres.

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