Yo, this is Drake Clawfang, welcome to Part 10....what? Why are you looking at me like that? What, I have to make a joke here, the walkthrough isn't enough for you? You don't even care how hard I work, as long as you get a cheap laugh, is that it!? I give, and I give, and I slave away, but that's never enough for you is it? IS IT!?!?

Missile BaseEdit

Watch the scene, Selphie and her troop (Zell and Irvine for me) sneak into the base and don soldier disguises. Enter the door to the left and examine the control panel between the doors. It's locked, fortunately that army jeep we stole from the prison just happened to have a key card under the seat, so head inside the left door. Go forward, and when Selphie spots the guard, act casually and just run past normally. Go along until you see two guards, speak to them both, then take the exit left of the stairs. Talk to the two guards here, they'll tell you to deliver a message for them. Go back and enter the missile room, there's a Draw-point for the awesome Full-Life spell here. Talk to the guard inspecting the silo and relay the message, he'll tell you to take a message back to them. Do so and they task you with going to the circuit room in their place.

Go to the first guard you passed and talk to him, he runs off. Enter the room and inspect the control panel. Choose "hit random buttons" and "press whatever" to cause a power outage. Leave the room and the soldiers come running. Talk your way out of it and say "We were just gonna call you". Watch the scene and go to the missile room. "Play it cool" and agree to help out. Enter the room, approach the silo and play the short minigame. Now go outside and inspect the control panel. Go to "Target", select "Set Error Ratio" and boost it as high as it can go. Now choose "Data Upload" to complete the change, and exit the terminal. So yeah, that's Selphie's big plan, allow the missiles to launch, just screw with the error ratio so rather than obliterate Garden, the missiles will spray all over the continent instead. Well, this is Selphie remember.

FF8 BGH251F2
Min HP Max MP Draw
4200 8400 Shell, Protect, Stop
Dangerous Attack Mug Drops
Beam Cannon None Weapons Monthly
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Thunder, Water, Earth Poison 1.5/5

Talk to the guy guarding the stairs now and he'll let you pass. Up here you fight the Base Leader and a couple Base Soldiers, stronger variations of the normal Galbadian soldiers. Draw-cast Slow on them and crush them, they're weak. When they die, examine the left terminal. Now examine the other two terminals, then go through the door. Examine the terminal and set a time limit. If you choose 10 minutes and make it out in time, you'll get a SeeD rank boost. But it's too difficult, 20 minutes is fine. Choose 20 minutes and leave out the right door. Go outside after the scene and run right to see a scene of the missiles launching. Isn't it fun how the game tells us our time here accomplished pretty much nothing? Keep going right ans you'll run into a boss.

The BGH251F2 is also known as the "Iron Clad", so I'm calling it that. Iron Clad has three attacks - a physical, "charging" Beam Cannon, and Beam Cannon, which does about 900 damage to a single target. Draw-cast Protect to weaken his blows, he also has Stop for you to draw but you don't need it and don't have time to stockpile it now. The only problem is depleting Iron Clad's health within the time limit, if you choose 20 minutes or higher you've got plenty of time, just wail him into submission like a normal enemy. If you choose 10 minutes, go to town with Boosted Quetzy and Brothers summons, and Limit Breaks. Iron Clad should die within the time limit if you've been keeping your GF training up to par. Iron Clad's pods blow up as he weakens, when he has only two left you're almost done. He explodes and the pilots run out. Dust them off to win the round.

With that done, Selphie's team is trapped in the base and accept their deaths as the base blows up. I'm not kidding, they're trapped in the base as it blows up and accept fate. That's how the game goes.

Saving BalambEdit

Back as Squall, he and his team (Rinoa and Quistis for me) arrived in time to warn everybody. First, take back your junctions from Team Selphie, leave to the world map and save. Enter the Garden, everyone is running around looking for Cid. Further in, someone asks if you side with "Norg", answer yes to pass or no to fight a small battle, either way, continue to the main hall of the Garden. Fujin and Raijin are here, you tell them about the missiles and they run off to warn people. Now we're gonna check out the side rooms, going clockwise. Go left and watch a scene where some SeeDs are gonna fight. Intervene and fight a random battle. Watch the scene where the glorified NPC doctor helps the kid, and advises we find Xu, that glorified NPC SeeD. She may know where Cid is.

Clockwise to the next room, another Faculty member, another battle. Beyond him tell the students you're with Cid, and talk to one of them for an X-Potion. Go on to the top-left hall for another Faculty battle, one of the students gives you "Gyshal Greens", useless. The top-most path takes you back to your room if you want to rest and save. Top-right is a path to two students who give you Tent. The right-path on the next screen takes you to the training area, the Faculty member here has a T-Rexaur for you to play with. The students you save give you a Remedy. Go to the Library now and fight your way in. The girl in the back gives you a Mega Phoenix if Zell is in the party, otherwise it's a Remedy. Back in the main hall, we see Xu near the elevator, follow her upstairs and down the hall. Turns out Cid picked an awesome hiding spot - his office. Yeah, no one thought to look there apparently. If Norg's followers are this stupid, I think we're gonna be okay.

At Cid's office, he basically has no real plan. Missiles are coming and short of relying on Xu, Fujin and Raijin to get the students out of the Garden, we're screwed. They don't explain this fully in-game that I've ever found, but the Garden wasn't actually built by Cid, it was retrofitted out of an ancient ruin. Cid hopes the old ruins, which still exist in the basement, may have something that could save the Garden. Yeah, that's Cid's plan to save Garden, head to the basement and hope we find something that can help us. We are so screwed.

The BasementEdit

Take the elevator down until it stops, then examine the floor hatch and climb down. Eventually the elevator falls and Squall and co leap to safety. Pull open the hatch and hop down. At this point, if you want a little extra "kick", Junction Fira to your Elemental Attack, enemies here are weak to Fire. Follow the path to a ladder and go down. Go through the lower-left door and try to turn the wheel. It may take a couple tries, the party members help out. When you turn it, exit the room and keep climbing down to a large pillar room. Go up for a Full-Life Draw point, then go left. Climb up the ladder alone and it'll fall over, landing you in a control room. Examine the control panel and go back down the ladder. Examine the green button below you and climb down yet again. Use the save, pull the switch and go up to fight a miniboss.

Oilboyle has one thing going for it, called Sonic Wave. It does mediocre damage to the party and may inflict Curse, stopping them from using their Limit Breaks. Just Draw-cast Esuna on Squall if he becomes effected and bust out a couple Renzokukens to end this battle quickly. They have a couple other attacks that do decent damage, but you can kill them before they can really weaken you. With the Oilboyles dead, the missiles are almost here. Follow the path beyond the monsters and climb down the ladder. Approach the control panel and hit some buttons to see what happens.

....well, whadda ya know. The Garden flies. Yup, the entire building just simply uprooted itself and took flight to fly away from the missiles. Do I even need to say anything on how incredibly stupid and implausible this is, it doesn't speak for itself? I've heard of deux ex machina, but this is *really* extreme. Go down the lift and to the second floor, open the door at the end of the hall for a scene. The scene is slightly different if Rinoa is in the party. Yeah yeah, ain't she beautiful. Don't get me started listing the FF women better than her based on only looks, if we factor in personality she's got no chance. Anyway, go back and talk to Cid. The Headmaster has now lost his balls and will spend the rest of the game trying to find them. Get used to Cid acting lost without Squall around, it's what he's gonna do every scene from now on. Squall narrowly turns the Garden away from Balamb, and the Garden crashes into the sea. Well, at least we're all alive. Shortly after we're in Squall's room, if Rinoa is in the party she asks for a tour and says things as you walk around.


Go to the main hall and you'll be told the "Norg" guy we've been hearing about wants to see us. Take the elevator down a floor and watch the scene. Talk to Cid, then go left to see Norg. What is Norg? He's the guy who funded the Garden program, and is "a tub of sentient cholesterol". Sorry, I had to say that, I've got a quota of Spoony quotes to meet. Norg is really pissed, because the order to assassinate Sorceress Edea never came from Cid, it was just Martine (Galbadia Garden leader) pretending it was from Cid. Oh yeah, and Edea and Cid are married. Funny how no one ever thought to mention that huh? Anyway, Norg is worried over Edea coming after him, and why not, he's the guy funding the people who took a shot at her. So Norg decides to placate her by offering her you. Not gonna happen without a fight, Jabba. Bring it on.

FF8 Norg
Min HP Max MP Draw
4400 12200 Many (Leviathan)
Dangerous Attack Mug Drops
None Mag Up, Spr Up (orbs), Circlet (Norg) Wizard Stone
Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Wind (Norg), Thunder (Pod) Poison 1.5/5

Norg (or NORG, as the game insists on capitalizing his entire name for some reason) is holed up in his NORG Pod. The two orbs on the pod flash yellow, then red, and when red cast magic. Just attack them to change them back to blue as soon as they flash red and they won't ever get to cast. They're a nuisance but one you can handle. Cast Haste on everyone, Mug both orbs for some handy stat-boosting items, then start cracking open the NORG pod. It has 2000 HP regardless of level and should snap open quickly. When NORG appears, draw Leviathan from him first thing, it's a new GF!

NORG's orbs still charge up for spells, so keep them in check as you wail on NORG. It's actually a good thing they stick around, the one orb has Life, Draw-cast it if needed, though it shouldn't be. Another one has Bio, a spell you may not have in bulk yet, but don't need if you don't want to spend time drawing it. Mug NORG for a rare Circlet, then just take him out. I had Squall attack NORG while Quistis and Rinoa kept the orbs blue, it worked for me and should work for you. Without his orbs to cast spells, NORG's only attacks are low-level magic, and "Psycho Blast", which does decent damage to a single target. Overall NORG isn't too tough, he just has a really good grip on that Circlet. Cast Protect on him if you're worried he'll die before he coughs it up.

When NORG bites the dust, he kinda wraps himself in a cocoon. Let's check out that shiny new GF we got from him, shall we?



Leviathan has a few handy abilities. He learns Mag-J and Spr-J, and learns Spr+20%, Spr+40%, and Spr Bonus. He also has the Recover command, which heals a character, not the best command but I guess if you want you could use it. He also has Auto-Potion (useless), and two Refine abilities. Supt Mag-RF refines spells like Protect, Shell and Esuna from items, but you've already had plenty of chances to fully-stock those, so you shouldn't need them. GFRecov Med-RF refines items into GF Recovery Items. I've played through the entire game without ever, ever using a single GF Recovery Item, which shows you how often you need them and thus how good this ability is. Leviathan has a couple interesting abilities but nothing vital, teach him whatever you want. Leviathan's summon is Tsunami, calling down a tidal wave to drown enemies with water-elemental damage.

Now, let's go back and talk to Cid about this "married to Edea" business...

Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough by Drake Clawfang
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