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Final Preparations Edit

Well, we've defeated pretty much every monster in the game and finished almost every dungeon. If you haven't, get off this page and reread the entire walkthrough!!! But that doesn't mean we should just march right into Kefka's Tower without the proper preparations. Well, I suppose you still could, I mean, it's not like that dungeon is particularly difficult. This section is just a convenient way for me to cover all the sidequests I never really got to.

First off, if you want Gau in your final party, its time to get him. He's in the Veldt. Simply land with a party of three and he'll join eventually. There's a short sidequest you could do in which you find Gau's real father, but you don't get any treasure for it or really anything so skip it.

Now for training. Your party at this point should probably be at a general level of something like 35 or 36(or if you have calm,99). For most characters its probably safe they stay there. But you really want to train up your best characters to something higher, like maybe 40. (For me the best of the best were Terra, Sabin, Celes, Setzer, Locke, and Relm.) This isn't based on any exact science, I'm just saying that a little level grinding might do you a bit of good. As for the best training ground, that place is the "Dinosaur Forest", a seemingly normal forest on the Northeast continent of the World Map. However, inside are the game's most powerful random encounters. There's a T-Rex which is kinda nasty, but the real monster is the Brachiosaur, an enemy more powerful than most bosses with 46050 HP. It can also use "Ultima" if just to make your life a living Hell. However, winning means a ton of EXP and 10 AP and a chance of dropping one of the best Relics in the game. That Relic is: the Celestriad, the Gold Hairpin on steroids. Instead of halving MP costs, this one knocks every spell's cost down to 1 MP. So you can use "Ultima" over and over again every battle without any fear of MP exhaustion. Beautiful! And you can Steal Ribbons from it, as if things weren't beautiful enough.

So find at least one Celestriad, level up a bit, and then you probably should be ready. Spells for all three Mages to master are: "Cura", "Curaga", "Arise", "Reraise", "Firaga", "Blizzaga", "Thundaga", "Ultima", "Holy", "Bio", "Osmose", "Protect", "Shell", "Haste", "Hastega", and "Quick". (I hope I didn't forget anything!) That will certainly take awhile, and you don't need to learn all of it just yet. Hopefully most of it, though. Your other characters need only need to learn the healing and support magic.

Also, stock up on all the items you'll need. That should go without saying, shouldn't it?

So with that all done, we can finally DO. THIS. THANG!!!

Kefka's Tower Edit

As you may recall, the Final Dungeon is another one where we need to break up into multiple parties: this time three. So really everything should already be in place. You have more than twelve characters - I'll leave the exact formations up to you. Just don't take Umaro, or else you're a very stupid stupid Space Monkie. As before, you should try to split up your parties the most evenly you can, but you should know this beforehand. The first party, Party Awesome (Party A) will have the easiest job, having only a single boss to fight. The other two, Party Badass (Party B) and Party Cool (Party C), will both have a more challenging route to take with two bosses each. Then things get a little weirder, I'll explain once we get there.

As for suggestions about how to arrange your team, I'm not going to tell you exactly which character should go where. Really, its not that extremely important that say Sabin join Team A or whatever. Just make sure you separate Terra, Celes, and Relm so that all three teams have a Magic expert. Also, keep Locke and Gogo in different teams so that at least two have characters that can use Steal. Just remember to cycle out your best Equipment from team to team once you switch. That basically boils down to the Master's Scroll, Soul of Thamasa, and Celestriad - those are the key ones. But make sure to transfer all your best stuff between every party switch.

Starting out with Party A, we already covered most of the ground leading up to the Fixed Dice chest during our initial raid so many pages back. If you didn't get the Fixed Dice back then... well, you're a blubbering moron, but its too late now, huh? Maybe in the future you will learn to listen. Anyway, follow the path over to there then go South from the Fixed Dice Chest to go outside again. Go down the steps all the way until you're at what looks like a dead end, but luckily there's a door to your right. Take it to find a dead-end in a place that looks a lot like the Magitek Research Facility. Guess we have to jump over to Party Badass now.

With Party B, go down the stairs and around to find a door. Go up and then over to the left to find a third Minerva Bustier. Yeah, its nice to have another, I guess. But just like a third testicle it can't add anything and all it does is take up space. Now go down the stairs and over to the obvious door. In here you'll find a Pinwheel, and nothing else. So... what, is this a dead-end? No. Actually there's a totally invisible door right below the one you just used. This will take you into the prisons of the former Imperial Capital. Two cells to your left is a prisoner, but this time it isn't Kefka, its an ancient demon from behind human sanity... yeah, another one:

Boss Battle: Ultima Buster
HP: 55000
Steal: Blood Sword, Crystal Orb
Difficulty: Easy


Ultima Buster is the sister-in-law of Ultima Weapon, a monster that just so happened to be hanging around the first time we tried to save the world. Okay, I'm making up the "sister-in-law" part, but its like not the game is willing to contradict me. Will a sillier name and a different coat of paint mean success for this Ultima? Take a wild guess.

I can't say I found this Ultima to be any more difficult than the first, but then again what could be when you're as super powered as our team? She's got lots of attacks, some very strong, but not really much of a chance to use them because I didn't feel like letting Buster Bunny off with a warning. Basically I used "Ultima" a lot because this gal can absorb all the elements other than the basic three: Fire, Ice, and Thunder. And its not like anything it used against me had that great of an effect. I hear that if you let Buster Bunny live long enough it will use "Ultima", but I've never seen it. I'm pretty sure you don't want that to happen.

By the way, if you're interested in Stealing, the Blood Sword has long since been obsolete and the Crystal Orb doubles your MP. However you don't really need it because the Celestriad covers you on the MP department. And you're about to get one in about five minutes anyway, so who cares?

For destroying Ultima Buster, the ancient creature fades into oblivion and in its place a Save Point forms. Excellent. Now go out the Southern door.

As soon as you step out, your character comically falls off a cliff. I didn't know we had Wile E. Coyote in our group! So we down onto another Magitek Research Facility-looking place. Go up the steps to find a room filled with pipes. You know, I have to call Kefka on a lack of originality here. He basically just stole the lame Imperial architecture and threw some Floating Continent into it. If you want a really creative Final Dungeon, look for one designed by Exdeath or Kuja. Minor gripes aside, take the left pipe to appear outside again. Go over to the Force Shield then take the right escalator down. If you go all the way over to the left, ignoring the doors, you'll find a Force Armor. Now take the left door to spot Party Awesome. Grab the Ribbon in the Chest and flip the switch for them so that they can continue on their merry way. Now leave and take the other door.

Go through the cave and then you'll find another one of the Eight Dragons, who has built himself quite a nice room out of pieces of Vector. Time to die.

Boss Battle: Gold Dragon
HP: 32400
Steal: Nothing
Difficulty: Easy


This isn't a dragon! I've been extremely lenient on this game's definition on "Dragon", even letting that T-Rex of an Earth Dragon go without calling it just because T-Rexes are totally awesome. But this time I have to put my foot down. Plant-eating dinosaurs are not dragons! Don't care.

This the "dragon" of Lightning, so prepare accordingly. Put on all the Thunder-blocking equipment you have, and you shouldn't really have any problem at all. Its weak to Water, so use "Flood" for extra damage.

That's... really all I have to say. This battle is incredibly easy.

Seven dragons down, one to go... it better be good.

You get a Crystal Orb for winning, thus saving you the trouble of stealing from Buster Bunny. Go up the stairs, then around and out a door to the South to find yourself in an area that is so Vector I want to scream. Go North to find one of three switches you have to press simultaneously.

Anyway, now we're going to jump over to Party Cool because they haven't had anything to do all dungeon. From their starting point, go South until you see a Chest and a door near it. The Chest holds a Red Cap. Even though there's a path going South, ignore it for now and go through the door. After passing through another cave hallway, you will appear on a catwalk. Grab the Nutkin Suit and Gauntlet, then leave through the way you came because this is a dead-end. Now go back outside and take that Southern route I told you to ignore. Here you'll find another door that you should take. Soon you'll be inside another Magitek Research Facility room. Grab the Hero's Ring then head South. There's a hidden path down here. Go left around the spinning wheel then South into the black abyss. As you head South, you'll see a secret room. You should just be able to grab the item now, but I guess Square thought that having a hidden path in a totally random section of a random wall was too easy. So instead you have to go all the way around counter-clockwise then navigate through an impossible junction (I sometimes can get through it, sometimes I can't) and grab the Aegis Shield.

Most annoying part of the Final Dungeon, right there. Whoever programmed that path was an asshole.

Anyway, go back through the black abyss and head North to find a rolling escalator that will take up North. Hey look, there's the catwalk we were just on! In here, you'll find another Save Point. Yay! But as you go over to the stairs to the left, a boss drops down. No!

Boss Battle: Inferno
HP: Big Guy - 30800 | Rahu - 8000 | Ketu - 11000
Steal: Big Guy - Ice Shield | Blades - Flame Shield
Difficulty: Easy


This battle is almost exactly the same as the one with Number 128 while escaping from the Magitek Research Facility. I think Number 128 fell down into Hell and sold his soul to Satan in exchange for unlimited power so that he could get his revenge. Unfortunately, instead of unlimited power all he got was a new coat of paint.

As before, you only have to kill the Big Guy. The other two are only there for decoration mostly. Just make sure that if you kill one, kill the other, because if Inferno has only one blade left, he can use "Meteor" for a lot of damage. Is that all you have to fear? Yeah. This battle is perhaps the easiest yet. Really, what do you expect from a guy that names his body parts weird shit like "Rahu"?

Now we can finally go down the stairs and South to the exit. Go through the hallway and then outside again. Go South through the stairs and grab the Megalixer on your right at the start of a deadend. Then go left. First you'll see a door, but you don't want to take that yet. Instead go over and examine an open Chest with a glowing red thing on it. That will create some stairs over for Party Awesome later on. Now go up the escalator to find a Rainbow Brush and take the other escalator to reach the door where you entered. Yup, you have to go back down again to reach that door.

After passing through yet another cave hallway, you will be in a room exactly similar to the one where we fought Gold Dragon. And what do you know? There's another dragon right there. And since we've beaten... ummm.... let me count here... seven dragons, that makes this one the last! I can't wait to kill this guy!

Boss Battle: Skull Dragon
HP: 32800
Steal: Nothing
Difficulty: Easy


Huh, I think somebody beat us to it.

This final dragon is not really much trouble either. Since the elements of Fire, Ice, Water, Wind, Earth, Thunder, and Holy have been taken, logically this one would be Poison, right? No. This one is actually the Dragon of the element of Status Effects (??). I don't get it either. He loves to use all sorts of very dangerous status effects, so equip four Ribbons. You definitely should have four by now, perhaps even five or six. The Skull Dragon acts like he's undead, but it doesn't die from Phoenix Downs. But it is weak to Holy and Fire, so use that to your advantage. Or don't and just hose him down with "Ultima" like everything else around here.

Eight dragons down, none to go...

BOOM!! The whole world starts to shake. You see, by destroying all Eight Dragons, we seem to have unlocked some dude who was sealed away by them. I'm sure he's going to greet us with gratitude, we should hang out later. That means that the Super Dungeon has been unlocked. For beating Earth Dragon we get the Muscle Belt which doubles HP, and for defeating all Eight we get the Crusader Magicite (formally known as "Jihad" before Square lost their balls). That summon is that one that hurts both you and the enemy, remember? I bitched about it when Setzer joined because I accidentally summoned it and got a GAME OVER? Well, this guy teaches "Meteor" at a rate of X10 and a spell called "Meltdown" which hits both your enemy and you for tons of Fire-elemental damage. That can be extremely useful later because if you equip Flame Shields or something it can be your best healing spell. Crusader also gives a 50% MP boost at level up.

The route up to the next green switch is exactly the same as with Party Badass, only a mirror-image. After that a door will open in the middle for Party Awesome to pass through. Speaking of whom...

With Party A, go South to enter a room filled with broken Esper tanks. Pass through and go out the other side, there's nothing in here. In the next room you might run into the incredibly difficult enemy, Fiend Dragon. You might remember him from the Colosseum. Try to avoid that. After that you'll be outside again. Go North and then head left at the fork to find a Pinwheel. Take the right side to enter a door to then appear up on the catwalk above Parties B and C. Go up into the building.

As you go through the door you'll see another three switches. This is where things get weird. Each party will then have to take a route from one of these three sections. Just as a warning, the middle section is the most difficult with two bosses, with the other two being easier with one. If you go right, that means that Party B will have to fight two bosses, and if you go left, Party C will have to fight two bosses. I took Party A over to the right. When you go either direction, the path will be blocked. You now have to go outside and drop a weight down upon the switch either Party B or C are standing upon. (Of course, you have to move them first.) Then Party B or C will have to go up the stairs onto the center platform and go inside the structure. Now they have to go the opposite direction and do the same thing. That leaves the last remaining party to stand on the center square.

Confusing huh? And if just to make things slightly more annoying, you might run into random battles during all this switching. In the end, if you're following me, Party Awesome should be on the right, Party Badass should be in the middle, and Party Cool should be on the left.

To be continued on the next page!

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