Hamfruitcake here once again with the first part of disc 2! Exciting times! Two pages in one day, must be the weather... or something...

Pretending to be Normal Edit

We meet our Social Commentators; or as they’re affectionately known, Biggs and Wedge. Giving us insight on why people who eat pickles are nice and having a wonder about Steiner and how suspicious he was... Wedge figured he was great since pickles are his favourite food but he just can’t eat gyashl ones. Insight and social commentary about the war. I like these guys.

Summit Station

Dagger and Steiner have just arrived back in Alexandria land; although Dagger still cant see the castle which confuses her slightly (she seems to think the Castle is the centre of the world, we'll learn through the game...) Go into the rest area and open the chest which has a Phoenix Down in. Talk Nazna the moogle and give her her letter; the moogles are getting all lovey dovey, well Nazna isn’t since she thinks it’s just not worth it...I like this moogle. Anyway agree to deliver her letter to Moochos and save your game. Have a look in the shops; there’s some fun new weaponry for Dagger, and just stock up on anything else you think you might need.

Now if you’re into cards this area is quite fun considering they’re all pretty damn good at it. Between the Chef and the two workers there are a Antlion, a Hecteyes, a Crawler and a Ralvuimahgo to win, so beat them for a while to attain them.

As you try to leave the rest area another train comes in and as you come outside you can hear the yelling of Cinna howling about missing his train back to Lindblum. As Marcus and Cinna wander back into the rest area you can also hear Steiner giving them a good tongue lashing... but Dagger only wants to chat to her friends (you know, those guys that tried to kidnap her) and so you can tell him off very gracefully with the Princess, Marcus and Cinna laugh and Steiner gets a bit upset.

Marcus is heading off to Treno too it seems so we’re all getting on the same train. There’s a catch up and exchange of stories until the train is abruptly stopped by some “pointy headed demon”. Wonder who that could be...?

Boss Battle : Black Waltz III - The Return
Black Waltz 3-FFIX
HP: 1300
Steal: Steepled Hat, Lightning Staff, Fire Staff
Attacks Hit, Thunder, Blizzard, Fire, Thundara

He has 200HP more and more than outstayed his welcome. Fear him not. So long as you have Dagger healing you should be able to beat this guy no problem. With the help of Marcus you may as well steal the items but it’s not entirely necessary at this point since you’ve already got 2 out of 3 of them items, but the Fire Staff is used to teach Fira to Vivi. But you can also easily buy them later. Attack with Steiner and it shouldn't last too long. A distraction, end this sock puppet's misery.

More talking ensues; Dagger gets torn up about defeating the Black Waltz since she doesn’t get why her mother would want to hurt her... which is a good thing to wonder really. She also says she’s grown a lot (about 9 hours worth of growth actually) and wants to help Marcus find the Supersoft to heal Blank with.

When off the train follow the path along, you could go to the left if you wanted to revisit Dali but meh. Follow the right path over the broken bridge and down the steps to find the healthy amount of 1610 gil. Follow the path and the guard will let you through towards the land of Treno.

This area has a few little trick sparrows but nothing to worry about greatly. You will probably find Mr Ghost, from the Friendly Animals Crew, who will ask you for some Ore in return for 10AP which will be incredibly useful for Miss Dagger and all her new weaponry. He’ll tell you to say hi to Miss Ladybird for him... So polite!


In the forest to the west (past the shady city) you’ll find a new enemy, Mandragora, who travel in packs of about 2 or 3. They are (in a word) bitches. They have this ridiculous move called Chestnut which will take off the amount of damage you have given to them, so best advice is to beat them very fast. They also enjoy moves like Shriek (silence) and a pretty weak Blizzara. You may ask, “Why would I want to fight anything like that?” but the logical answer is that you haven’t played properly with these guys since Dali and they NEED to be trained considering your other characters will probably be 8 or 9 levels ahead by now. So take your time in the forests, enjoy some Tents. Mandragora give a considerable amount of EXP so you needn’t worry about training too long. When you find it easy to beat those green tinted bastards then you should be capable of getting past the next boss.

In the valley you’ll also find Quan’s Dwelling where you can slide down the rope to get to a healing spring and also another Stellazio coin down at the far right of the screen, Scorpio. Go back up the rope and to the right and down to find a chest and then up again through the doorway to find another Ether on top of a ladder and some scribblings on a wall regarding Vivi... What on earth could that mean? Through to the screen to the right will be an Ether and no reason to stay so head on out. When you get bored enough head over to Treno for some fun times.

Treno Edit

Steiner and Marcus have a bit of an argument about morals as Marcus says he’s going to steal the Supersoft; Dagger runs off in the mean time. When Marcus is gone go to the fountain and throw some money in there until you get Gemini. You may also feel some strange sensation of happiness but that might be because you threw a load of money away. Come on Steiner, keep it together! Before moving to the next area watch the ATE in which Dagger gets mugged. It's called Treno Tradition, she may lose a nice chunk of change but it'll benefit you later so watch it.

Go down the right hand path and down the ladders on the right to find Taurus, 1 gil and a Yeti card, it’s also an item shop so stock up on anything you need. Note that people in Treno normally have good cards since they’re either Nobles or thieves, the nobles buy their good ones and the thieves will steal them. So it’s all in your interest to play people to get some - I read this somewhere but it's not entirely true, stick with who I tell you if you're unsure.

Then come back the way you came to the entrance and follow that path around to the left. Go into the mansion to the left and talk to the four armed man who will insist he didn’t mug Dagger and in fear of the guy with sword he’ll give you a Power Belt. Coward... But hey this Power Belt is going to serve you well indeed!


Follow the path along to find the synthesis and get anything you want or feel you need. The Cacushua has Ability Up for Dagger which is pretty handy so I recommend this. Then follow the path to Queen Stella’s and collect your goodies with regards to those Starsign coins you just keep happening to come across. Quack! You should recieve 1000 gil, 2000 gil, Phoenix Pinion, Blood Sword and 5000 gil. Thank her kindly especially for the Blood Sword which will add the amount of damage Steiner causes to his own HP. Combine this with the abilities on the Power Belt (MP Attack and Counter) Steiner is quite simply unstoppable, is there any reason not to love him? He will be a killing machine from this point. You can even play Stella at cards if you want, although she shouldn't have anything new. Apart from a Crawler perhaps... her assistant will have a Nymph card to win. To see everything you can recieve from finding these coins for Stella then check out my Extra Page to find everything you need to know. Now go down the path past the card stadium and up the Knights House on the right to the Moogle. You can request to fight the monster in the cage below. Beforehand equip Steiner with Bronze Armour (since this will cut Wind damage by 50%), equip your abilities with Bird Killer, MP Attack and Counter. Basically if it attacks first you’ll get your first hit in with a counter and then attack and by this time it’ll be dead (it takes two hits if you've trained, three should be right if you're still a bit low). It’s that easy. For your efforts you’ll get a Tonberry card (which always leaves me feeling cheated... but blah, to own is a reward in itself). Once you’ve finished messing around you’ll find Dagger chilling out in the Auction House which is straight on from the Knight's House. She’ll pretty much tell Steiner where to shove it and he’ll follow her, men!

Doctor Tot


Head to the Inn, Baku will have a pop at Steiner, and you’ll be able to go down to the dock with Steiner following yelling like a buffoon. If you go back to him you'll only have to repeat this scene again later but it's always fun to taunt him and hear his armour clank furiously. There will be some introspection on the boat from Steiner and Dagger, Zidane treat her like a child? Can’t say I agree with that, he wanted to treat her like a woman and seduce her with his manly wiles.

You’ll then break into the Synthesis Shop and meet a mole faced character in a velvet coat and glasses, Doctor Tot. He will offer to give you the Supersoft if you go meet him at his tower home. It’s to the far left of the entrance. There will be reminiscence between the princess and the old doctor and we’ll have a look at little Dagger, she was so cute before she donned that cat suit! I like to think she modelled her later hair on her younger self... perhaps? And we'll see my theory that she believes the Castle is the centre of the world in play. Don't argue with me! Steiner agrees...

Gargan Roo Edit

Eventually the Doctor will take you down to the Gargan Roo, cheerful place really; it’s underground and has levers with monsters that have big tongues. Give Mochos his letter from Nazna, it’s a moogle love story! Go to the left and pull the lever on the left. Steiner will be making short work of all the beasties around here with his awesome blood sword and MP attacks. There is a Phoenix Down and a Chain Plate in the chests and you can pull the lever to the left. Dagger with Cacushua’s Ability up ability should learn anything left she has in her equipment in this area just because she can. If you’ve trained up enough this is the point in the game you should be able to use Dagger’s summons because your MP will have reached that point if you have overlevelled. Perhaps it’ll make you feel smug? If you are that point you’re about three levels ahead of the game but that’s no big deal really is it? Dagger will be leaving your party soon so if you want to see her summons now is the opportunity even if they do cost a monumental amount of MP.

Then to the right and to the right again and Tot will come explain how the Gargan Roo works and you will have to pull the lever which is hanging from the ceiling in a very inconspicuous manner. If you’re not fond of giant spiders I doubt the gargan will look appealing to you. I think it looks quite nifty to be honest... and yes nifty can be used in a sentence involving a huge spider with a carriage hanging off it. Then pull the lever to the left which will feed the gargant; off we go then.

As you glide along gracefully, being carried by a giant spider, everything seems to be going right for a change, until the Giant Spider gets scared of something. It's a giant spider? What could it be scared of?

Boss Battle : Ralvurahva
HP: 3000
Steal: Bone Wrist, Mythril Fork.
Attacks String (slow), Devil's Kiss (poison), Blizzara

Oh right, a giant snake; a mild distraction. This guy should be no match for Steiner’s MP attacks and, if you have them, Dagger’s summons. Steal the items and beat this worm into submission. If you have trouble don't forget to throw a cure out from Dagger for the whole party and have Marcus throw curative items. Just keep Steiner hitting it with his Power Belt and Blood Sword and you should have this thing dead in no time.

As we come into Alexandria Dagger seems to recognise the place whereas Marcus and Steiner aren’t sure, when she starts to explain that it could be a trap Steiner puts his metal trainer clad foot forward and says we should just head on anyway. To which of course a cage erupts and a trap and damnit we’ve been duped! By the Clown Twins no less!

Incarceration is never any fun... I'll see you guys on the next page once I've had a lie down and recovered from the shock.

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