Hey, Hamfruitcake here with yet another part of her FFIX Walkthrough. Trawling through every episode of 30 Rock has been tough but I'm finally onto season 4... No applause necessary.

Festival of the Hunt Edit

Zidane has signed up Vivi for the Festival of the Hunt, who is none too pleased but Zidane convinces him that if he wins he’ll set him up on a date with the Princess. Steiner's ears seem to be burning at this.

So let’s see, if Freya wins you get an Add-On, which is a Coral Ring and not all that important right now, if Vivi wins he gets a Theatre Ship Card which is a bit boring too considering you can get it later and it's a lot more easier than allowing Vivi to win. If Zidane wins he gets a good amount of money (5000 gil) and of course those all important, bragging rights so it's clear who we want to win. Plus a date with Dagger is on the cards.

Event : Festival of the Hunt

If you levelled up enough before you should be killing all these monsters with one hit and shouldn't need to throw on Potion. If tend to your wounds quickly in between fights and hope for the best.

Just a quick reminder. The Muus are the blue cat/fox things, the Trick Sparrows are clearly the flying birds and the Fangs are the brown wolves. Trick Sparrows serve you the least points so it's best off avoiding them completely, the Muus give you a couple more but it's killing Fangs that gets you the most points so aiming for them is the trick here. As aforementioned you should be killing everything in one hit and it's a good idea to equip Zidane with the Jelly ability just in case.

This strategy worked for me but you can go at it any way you want, this is the most points I can manage to get in the time given but you are welcome to try your own method.

When you get dropped off at the Industrial District kill the Muu at the fountain, head up the stairs and to the back of the area for another Muu avoiding trick sparrows as you go and then head back to the aircab. Then it’s time for the Theatre District, kill the Muu circling the old man and head down to where Lowell and the giant moogle were from before and wait for the Fang to jump over the barrel and attack then head back to the aircab again for the Business District. An unavoidable Trick Sparrow will attack you as you head down and a Muu will jump out from a door on the right too as you head to the top exit; kill them and move on. Kill the Fang on the left hand side and go to the church to kill the other Fang terrorising a woman. Coming back into the main area you will witness Vivi being chased by a Fang kill that and head to the top right exit to find, the big, the ugly, the indesctructible(?) Zaghnol.

Boss Battle: Zaghnol

This beast has a nasty heave attack which he’ll rarely use but shouldn't be any hassle at all, if it is throw a potion, plus you’ll have the help of Freya. Steal his Mythril Gloves and Needle Fork if you want them (and feel confident for time) and attack as quick as you can. Have Freya Jump to avoid damage and allow her more powerful attack to work. It should take two or three rounds if you leveled up enough before. With that score it’s impossible to lose although just beating Zaghnol usually gives you enough to win but you wanted to be able to brag didn’t you?

After your obvious glowing victory you'll be rewarded by non other than Cid himself but the festivities are cut short when a Burmecian Soldier crawls into the room crying out for help. Zidane and Freya decide they want to go to Burmecia to sort things out, Dagger apparently wants to come too but Zidane talks her down. Then Cid suggests everyone has a nice meal just while the matter festers in the background and some Gate opens up. In revenge for Zidane's cruelty Dagger poisons the party all except Steiner with Sleeping Weed and takes her leave. Zidane, Freya and Vivi all decide to head off anyway in hopes of catching up with Dagger and perhaps saving Burmecia, Freya's hometown. This seems like a half-arsed plan but who am I to judge in this case? It means we get to do some real fighting for the first time in forever!

Once you've got on the Trolley Car take it to the Serpents Gate first where you'll find a Wyerd Card. Then hop back on to find a Tent in the top corner of the Dragon’s Gate. Have a chat with the moogle and you’ll get a letter off Stiltzskin. There is also a man on the left willing to sell you any items you might need so stock up now or regret it later. Keep stock of pretty much everything as there won't be many shops for a while now. Then equip your new character and Vivi with all your new equipment you picked up in Lindblum and head on out into the mist.

Qu’s Marsh Edit

There are three note worthy places to go here, Qu’s Marsh which is the first you’ll reach, Gizamaluke’s Grotto which will appear next (but don’t go in immediately) and Chocobo Forest which is a place I find myself a lot of the time for very important reasons.

Guess where we're heading first? Head twards the green kidney shape in the swamp straight ahead from the gate to enter Qu's Marsh. Here you will find the ever annoying Mogster, try your best not to kick him as you wander into the reeds. In here you’ll find the head chef from Alexandria Castle trying to catch frogs. With Zidane catch one frog and give it to him, his master will come along and after a conversation you can have Quina become part of your team. So here's a Character box for him!

Quina Quen character

Say hello to Quina, this games resident Blue Mage. Wondering why he's so big? Well that's because he eats the enemies to learn their abilities. Apart from this Quina doesn't do anything else. His mind is set on one thing which is finding more food to eat. He's always hungry and always in search of 'Yummy yummies' which can cause your team and you a headache from time to time. He is the games comic relief in the sense that he really doesn't care what's going on as long as his gut is bulging and it rarely is.

Onto his abilities. Blue Magic in this game isn't the best of the series but it definitely isn't the worst. It's not a slight on Quina not to use him because as we know, he really doesn't care, but his magic can be invaluable for protection and general healing and even some status effects on the enemies. He's a handy character to have around because his wide range of spells and I have completed the game with his help unlike other characters like say Amarant who is completely useless. So my point is: Don't knock Quina, he's good to have around. If not for comic relief.

You may sit and ask yourself, “Why?”; the reason is simple, Frog Drop, if you have him now and catch frogs from the beginning of the game you’re going to save yourself A LOT of time later. Not to mention at this stage of the game Gigan Toad are easier to eat in the fat they completely easy to beat that breathing on them will cause them to die instantly. At this point you have less chance of accidentally killing them without even realising. For more information on Frog Catching check on my Extras Page.

Vivi will seem to recognise Master Quan and start talking about his grandfather, Quan will be incredibly rude and basically tell him that he did know “that bigot!” and causes Vivi to wander off ever so sadly... Follow him out of the hut and start your first Frog Catching mini game back at the pond.   After catching 2 frogs you get an Ore, ok nothing special but keep going, catch as many frogs as you can. After catching 5 frogs you can get an Ether. Don’t leave Qu’s Marsh until Quina has eaten a Gigan Toad for reasons explained above, they will take a bit of damage and won’t die but this will be enough for Quina to eat them. They have about 250HP so work from there on removing it. While you're in the marsh also try and eat Axacotyl for Water Breath one of the games few water based spells. Then feel free to leave, unless you want another lecture off Mogster...

Once you're outside Try to eat a Serpion outside since these guys will teach Quina Mighty Guard which is actually an incredibly useful skill at this point in the game but takes up a massive amount of MP; useful for boss battles. This will make Quina an invaluable member to your team at this point so you can just tell all those skeptics where to shove it. Eating a Vice will teach you Vanish which will increase your evasiveness for one character, may come in handy for those with weaker HP. You may even find yourself against an Ironite; which will give you Angel Snack if you eat it with Quina too, this pretty much uses 4 Remedies on one turn on your party, good for any status based battles but bad if you need to keep your remedy supplies. Don't worry though because these guys can be found later in Burmecia but they’re a bit meatier there, so if you want to wait until you can pummel happily then eat wait a little bit.

Chocobo Forest Edit

Now go up past Gizamaluke’s Grotto which will be on the left mountain straight ahead from the Marsh and head straight on until you come to a river. Follow the river to the right until you come to a bridge which will you take you to Chocobo’s Forest. For now head past that to find another gate (where you saw Baku and the gang in that ATE),
you can have a sip of water from the restorative spring to restore your HP and MP. To the right of this you will find the Moccha Coffee, one down for Morrid! There is an Ether to be found near the gate but apart from that not much else to do here so head back towards the forest.

Upon entering you’ll find a Moogle and Chocobo frolicking; Mene introduces herself and says an ugly girl came by but no pretty ones so we'll assume we've gone the wrong way... Right Zidane... Right... Still, she suggests we take Choco for a ride to make things quicker on our journey, when Mene suggests this Choco runs off in a strop. To get him back Mene gives you some Gyshal Greens. Just come outside of the forest, stand on some chocobo prints (large bird foot prints) and just click on the Gyshal Greens in your items menu and Choco will appear in front of you; simply press X to mount and go back into the forest.

Mene will then start suggesting other things, like buying more gyshal greens, which isn’t really necessary as you'll come across plenty on your travels and also playing Chocobo Hot and Cold. Which is simple and fun and infuriatingly addictive unlike the minigames from say FFVII... For 60 gil you dig around for 60 seconds finding treasure, anything you find you keep. The louder Choco's “Kwehs” become the closer you are to a treasure. It's a case of running around and the more exclaimations there are then you start honing in until the almighty 'KWEEEEHHHH!!!!!!' happens pretty much. Play this for a while until you find a stone with strange patterns on. Mene will tell you it’s a map and henceforth it will be called a Chocograph. If you use the chocograph you can find treasures outside of the forest on the world map. The one you’ve found is called Streamside; come outside of the forest cross the bridge and follow the river to where it meets the sea on the left, press square around here until you find the treasure. So far not so great but they do get better. Now you can go back to the forest if you like and continue to play Hot and Cold for a while; basically until you get bored. For a more in depth explanation of how to play Choco Hot and Cold and further information on Chocographs and such look on the very special Choco Hot and Cold Page!. If you don’t get bored quickly play until your beak is at least level 5.

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