Introducing Part 5 of the Hamfruitcake walkthrough which seems to be going at a lightning pace. Might be the fairies...

Beautiful Dawn Edit

I Want To Be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon. False
The 15th Lindblum War started in 1600. False
The theater ship Prima Vista was built in Artania Shipyards. False
Lindblum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle True
Some Mu's are friendly and won't attack. True
Burkmea Cable Cars have been running for eight years. True
Only one desert exists in the entire world. False
Conde Petie is a village of Goblins. False
Prima Vista means love at first sight. False
Treno's cafe, Card Carta, is members only. True
Bobo bird is a bird that brings you fortune. False
You can defeat Ragtimer. True
Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate. True
The theater ship uses Mist as its energy. True
The Lindblum War started in 1500 True

Is it weird that thinking about the word high I get that phrase stuck in my head? Now we're onto the world map once again and you'll see it's much clearer than when we were running around the valley. This is called Nolrich Heights if you were interested and there are three places of interest to look at but more on that later. First off have a run around the forests and steal Ore from any random encounters you come across and keep engaging in fights until the start up music changes from the usual battle theme to a plinky plonky theme. This will either be your first Friendly Animal or Ragtime Mouse. In both cases you do not attack the monster/animal head on. For the Muu he will ask you very nicely for a bit of Ore which you will have stolen before, if not just flee and steal some Ore and wait for him to return. Upon throwing the Muu an Ore he will give you 10AP and send you on your way in search of Mr Ghost. He is a member of the Friendly Animals Crew, for more info check out my extras page, linked from the friendly animal crew bit. If you get the Ragtime Mouse, just answer his question correctly and try not to flee from his devilish good looks. It's completely random which question but there are 17 he can choose from and they are all true or false. The questions he can choose from are in the table to the right. Even though he will ask you different questions at different points in the game I thought it would be easier for you to see them all in one go so you can come back whenever you need them. Ragtime Mouse can be found in any forest on any continent so just keep battling in there and you will surely find him at some point. I'll put the table on the Extras Page for when you need to have another look at the questions. This is also a good time to train your characters and with Steiner's Level Up ability from his Iron Sword will make this a breeze for him. Try to ensure all your characters are at least around Level 8 or 9 at this point to make the coming battles easier.

After that excitement you will see a strange structure that is sticking out on your right like a sore thumb and you will enter Observatory Mountain. Go into the little house at the bottom and find Morrid with his moustache and glasses pottering about. He loves coffee it would seem and he wants you to find him three rare coffees in the world, that would be, Burman, Moccha and Kirman. In exchange he offers to give you a model of the Prima Vista. This is a key item which can be sold later on. Leave for now and head back to the Heights.

To the far left where the mountains all seems to converge you'll see a gate structure. You can enter here and find it's closed off. You can have a rest and heal up from your training and such here if you like. Talk to Part Time Worker Mary and she will sell you some items if you are in need of them.

After all these optional tasks you can finally go to the village in the top right of the plateau and enter Dali.

Dali Edit

Vivi immediately takes a liking to the windmill, maybe we’ll check it out later. For now we rest. Go into the Inn on the right and Dagger will get a bit uncomfortable about the thought of sharing a room with Steiner. This evolves into an argument in the room which ends with Vivi snoring loudly and breaking the tension admirably. Whilst you’re asleep Zidane hears someone singing, whoever could that be? Hmm...

After waking up you can pick up a Potion and an Antidote from the room. We get to see an ATE of Dagger wandering around trying to fit in by chattering to an old lady on the farm, Dagger seems to be the only character in this game who is not afraid of oglops, meanwhile the locals are treating Vivi like he’s diseased upsetting our little guy quite a lot.

Give the letter to Gumo the Moogle the letter, apparently Gumo doesn’t like Mois but he’ll read it anyway; Stiltzkin is on the move! Leave the inn and you’ll see yet another ATE; looks like the Innkeeper is up to weird things. Have a chat with Storekeeper Eve, who happens to be an adept player at cards, try to win as many as you can, she has a Stroper and a Yeti which would look lovely in your collection. Don’t forget to stock up on items, buy another Leather Wrist or two and a couple Feather Hats wouldn’t hurt either as it comes with the ability bright eyes. Go to the north of the town to find Vivi who looks a little down... Apparently he can hear a Chocobo, Zidane also offers some advice on ladies, as he leaves Vivi is promptly kidnapped. In another ATE Dagger tries harder at blending in, whilst talking to Eve and a little kid runs in interrupting, she takes this opportunity to listen to the common folk talk. Go into the windmill on the left from where you left Vivi to get the Aries around the back corner. You can go up the ladder but the treasures up here are impossible to get to due to the moving mill. Another ATE shows the Innkeeper being all vindictive and mysterious.

You can go to the bar to get some medicine off the Dutiful Daugther Slai who mentions another weird person then head back to Shopkeeper Eve’s shop to find Dagger. Take her back to the Inn whilst an ATE plays of Steiner helping Siai out in order to gain information. Dagger and Zidane decide to look for Vivi, go to where he was standing before to hear the poor little guy crying. Apparently he’s underground! Go to the well to hear a chocobo, Zidane claims you could jump down but you’re both too big. So go to the mill to find a hatch that was previously guarded.

Going Underground Edit

Open the chest to find 156 gil, just in front of the lift you came down. Go into the next screen and you’ll find a chocobo and Vivi! Who is being ordered around by the townsfolk. Zidane threatens to make a scene but Dagger convinces him to calm down so we can follow and find out whats going on. Go back to the chocobo area and under the hut to find a Potion, open the chest to find some Eyedrops. In the next area you’ll find a moogle hiding inconspicuously in a barrel, deliver it’s letter and save your game. Jump onto the boxes to find an Ether, kick the lever to find another Ether. This next area has a few treasures, an Iron Helm can be found and another Leather Wrist.

In this next room we find a huge contraption but also someone is crying in a box, turns out to be Vivi. After getting him out we find out what happened, also that they were planning to send him to Alexandria. Zidane suggests next time someone tries to bully Vivi he should try screaming, like “Get off me you scumbag!” Go to the top of the room to find a treasure chest with 95 gil. Then open the doors to release the mist monsters, who are quite a pain to beat if you're not prepared. With Dagger's curative magic and Vivi's fire spells you should pull through. You can find a Phoenix Down and a Phoenix pinion in the incredibly misty room. The machine seems to be making eggs, and a chocobo on a wheel seems to be moving the conveyor belt. You see a bunch of black mages getting moving along which greatly upsets and bemuses the team until they are forced to hide in a barrel by Zidane.

A Knight to Remember Edit

Now to Steiner who is harassing old Morrid at the observatory, the coffee lover is moving along at his own pace and having none of Steiner’s hysteria. Follow him down to his house and after a hearty offer of coffee, he’ll eventually reveal to an irate Steiner the Cargo Ship is already here and in the process of being loaded. Go to the right of the observatory and nab 135 Gil and bottom right for a Hi-Potion. Now you can leave the Observatory and witness the (I think impressive looking) Cargo Ship docking. How he missed that from the Observatory is anyone’s guess, were there too many trees blocking his view there or something?

Steiner’s approach freaks out the workers and they scarper leaving a big inconspicuous barrel in view, it moves and you have the option to stab it with your sword, go ahead if you’re daring but Zidane and crew aren’t particularly happy about it as they jump out and scare the armoured knight. Black Waltz II will now attack.

Boss Battle : Black Waltz II
Black Waltz 2-FFIX
HP: 1000
Steal: Leather Plate, Steepled Hat
Attacks Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Fira, Teleport

First thing you should know, he will never harm Dagger, but if Dagger is the last one alive its game over. You essentially shouldn't use magic with Vivi as Black Waltz will retaliate with Fira hitting your whole party for heavy magic damage, you have been warned.

Keep Dagger on healing duties, Focus with Vivi, smack him with Steiner's sword and Steal with Zidane. Once you have all of his items after several rounds cast a super powered spell with Vivi to end this battle swiftly, just ensure his spell is the sure to kill him. A few attacks from Steiner and Zidane and three Focuses and a Fire from Vivi should end this battle swiftly.

I strongly recommend you return to the village and have a nap in the inn and gather your team together for a well earned nap. Then head back to the farm and climb on board the Cargo Ship. See you there on the next page!

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