Hamfruitcake here cheating a little bit and giving you the end before she finishes. It's just easier this way but if you want to beat Ozma go back a page.

Save the Crystal Edit

Haha! So I skipped a bit, so sue me! I know how to beat these final bosses and of course you can also do it at this point in the game even if you skipped the previous training section with the Rocky Theme music and Quina's tongue dashing from side to side almost athletically as you catch all those godamn frogs. You don't need to train too extensively for these battles. The final boss can be beaten at about level 60 but you should be at least level 70 to give it a good go. Before you wander on in it's very important to have as much protection as you can against status effects. It'll save you a lot of hassle later on. Trust me on that one. Pick your team, whoever you are comfortable with. Make sure they have their most powerful attacks and as I am very sweet I'll even tell you, if you want, you can use Freya, as some people think her Jump move is quite effective here, and Dragon Crest should be pretty powerful after all those Grand Dragons you killed. But then again, who needs Freya when the rest of you team is the cows bollocks and can kill anything? Oh and if you use Amarant I will, as always, call you stupid and tell you get the hell out of my walkthrough.

So travel back to Memoria if you must and hightail it through the world, which is much shorter without all those pesky bosses lurking about, and approach the Crystal World and Kuja. It's time to end this. Cue dramatic Final Boss Battle Music.

Final Boss Battle : Trance Kuja
HP: 60 000
Steal: Rebirth Ring, White Robe, Ether.
Attacks Holy, Flare, Meteor, Flare Star, Reflect, Curaga.

So here comes the point where everything comes to a head. Elixirs, Ethers, everything you have you go ahead and use right now. If you're nervous about dying summon Phoenix with Eiko and it will then revive your characters if you die.

Here's how it's going to go down, Flare hits one character from between 1000HP and 2000HP. But beware, Flare Star will hit your entire party for 2500HP, ensure your party's HP is above that level.

Have one white mage healing with Curaga frequently and White Wind. Also have Quina use Mighty Guard on your party and Bad Breath on Kuja. This inflicts Blind (not a big deal) but very handily can also inflict Slow on Kuja which may turn the tide for you considerably. Careful though it wears of quickly so cast it every couple of rounds. With Quina alternating between White Wind and Bad Breath you should be pummelling this guy with Ark, Steiner's Shock or Climhazzard and Zidane's normal attack and/or Thievery. Eiko and Vivi should be using Flare and Holy alternately. If Kuja casts Reflect deal with it by casting Reflect on your own party and hurl it straight back at him, the ability Reflect x2 at this point would be handy to switch on if you wish to use this technique. Personally I prefer brute strength and summons but hey it's up to you. Freya's Jump will prevent her from dying and will also inflict some damage, so will her Dragon Crest but I sincerely hope you realise I was kidding when I said you could use her.

If your attacks are powered up enough Kuja will soon get bored and blast your team with Ultima

So now your party is dead and the crystal is destroyed all in one fell swoop by Kuja and his mighty Ultima. Nice one... Four of your friends will give themselves up for the party you choose. At this point if you're in the mood feel free to sacrifice Zidane, he will say his piece and disappear in a bunch of bubbles. But you would be pretty insane to let Zidane go at this crucial point. Still doesn't mean that time I did it for funsies, just to see... And the next battle did not go well... Oh and just to say it's very satisfying to see Amarant die... to some extent... Not fun seeing Vivi disappear though. Uncool!

Final Boss Battle : Necron
HP: 60 000
Steal: Rebirth Ring, White Robe, Ether.
Attacks Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Blue Shockwave (reduces HP to 1), Flare, Meteor, Flare Star, Protect, Shell, Curaga, Grand Cross.

So here we go. Death personified who looks a lot like Seymour Natus in a later generation. So here we go, it's time to kick some serious blue bollocks.

So with Thievery, Ark, Shock, Flare, Holy and Quina must useMighty Guard in one fell swoop you should get rid of half this bitch's HP in one round. Now here's where it gets tough. Necron will use his wonderful attack Grand Cross which can inflict multiple status effects on your entire party. Such as Petrify, Confuse, Beserk, Heat, and various other helpful statuses. Remedies, Angel Snack and any healing spells at the ready, then heal like crazy Elixirs, White Wind and Curaga.

Keep pummelling him with everything you have and heal as swiftly as you can. Remember, you have to survive, all life depends on you. A Trance with Zidane or Steiner and you're laughing at the way back to Gaia. Good luck.

Congratulations. You have completed Final Fantasy IX.

Now everyone escapes from wherever they were and lands back down by the Iifa Tree. Unfortunately for the team Zidane decides to hang back and goes quite spectacularly into the Iifa Tree to find his brother.

Then the next scene occurs in the future. Everything seems fine but Zidane has not returned and this point Vivi is narrating a letter as we view everyone with their endings. Puck gets quite suprised when he meets a whole horde of Vivi's in a very cute scene. Then we get the final FMV which is pretty damn awesome. I do love a somewhat satisfying ending. Not pretentious, not irritating, just very very sweet, take that FFVIII! And the music is pretty too.

Thank you for using this walkthrough, hope you enjoy it, you know, as much as I enjoyed writing. Much more fun than I expected it to be. Sayonara folks.


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