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Quale Edit

Here is the last page for me anyways. I know that there is still another and some stuff about Choco if you wish to delve into that at this late stage. But these upcoming battles will be difficult without all that ace equipment. I said ace so listen to me because I'll never use it again! Ace... what was I thinking... At this late stage in the walkthrough I have become much more rambling. Maybe I don't care anymore.

So Frog Catching is call of order is here. Go for it! A quick reminder would be that you need one yellow and red left over so you can allow them to repopulate. If my memory serves me well it's red for female and yellow for the males, just concentrate and it doesn't take long to see the feet. Once you have it's hard to un-see. So my main tactic when waiting for the frogs to repopulate would be heading out to fight Grand Dragons, Yan on Vile Island if you're daring. Fight for about 20-30 minutes and continue to do the circuit of the four Qu's Marshes around Gaia. I sometimes head out and leave the game running, have a cup of tea and eat some jammie dodgers and wait for them to respawn. Harass some housemates, ring you mum, go have a power nap. I'm not entirely sure how the respawn thing works but as long as you have a girl and boy and then just wait for the frogs to get down and jiggy. Or you can, as I've previously reccomended, kill Grand Dragons and get experience for the upcoming battle.

When the frog number hits the magical 99 mark Quale will trundle on in and tell you there's nothing else he can teach you. He's letting Quina go off into the world alone and free like a really ugly dove... But wait, he has one more challenge for you. That's right, he wants to battle. So wait, before you hit the the 99 mark or go in to catch the remainder of frogs ensure that you have your team equipped with Water resistant equipment and turn on your status blocks for your mages and fighters, you know you should have them on 99% of the time anyway but Loudmouth and Bright Eyes are a must. Also protect against Poison with Antibody as he does take some pleasure in tossing that out every now and again.

Optional Boss Battle : Quale
HP: 66 000
Steal: Glutton’s Robe, Robe of Lords, Ninja Gear, Elixir.
Attacks Rolling Attack, Water, Aqua Breath, Confuse, Mini, Poison, Blind, Silence.

Quale likes his status effects and most of the time will be throwing them out nigh on every round or two and they don't just hit one party member, they'll hit everyone. Statuses like Silence and Darkness you should be more than prepared for but when Mini is cast on the entire party this can lead to complications. Otherwise he will use Water on the whole party regularly or Aqua Breath for minimal damage if you're prepared. Then there will a strong physical attack which will hit a single party member for about 2000-3000 HP. So look out for that, cast protect on weaker party members if you wish.

If things get hairy have Quina toss out an Angel's Snack to remedy any statuses that are causing you strife and have him casting White Wind to ensure health is kept at it's optimal peak. If you have a moment also cast Frog Drop to inflict reliable amounts of damage. With Quina busy you should be Stealing with Zidane and throwing Shock out every round with Steiner for guaranteed 9999 hits. Otherwise your last party member will be a mage of summoner so in short Ark for Dagger, Holy from Eiko, Flare from Vivi. Anyone else in that vital fourth party member slot and I will have to insult you in a dark purile manner. Fool.

Quale should fall in less time than you'd imagine and ... wait what's this? You also recieve a healthy amount of EXP for beating the bastard. Fantastic!

Afterwards Quale will reward Quina with his most powerful weapon. I mean Fork of course... the Gastro Fork and Quina will promise to train more. Silly thing. And that's the end of that.

Or is it? Well in the battle against Ozma, which is coming up next, you will need a healthy supply of dead cert 9999s and Quina's Frog Drop is one of them. But, as you've probably worked out, this means catching more frogs.

This simple equation should explain:
damage= level x amount of frogs

Got it? Good. So Quina at level 70, to get to that magical 9999 mark would need to catch 143 frogs. That's an awful lot of frogs. Of course in between catching you will be training thus boosting his level and making it all that much easier to hit the maximum damage. Keep going until you can. Also useful whilst training would be to have Zidane steal as often as possible in order to boost his Thievery ability. Use it every now and again to gauge it's power.

When you've done that. Onto the next section!

Ozma Edit

Next up will be the training for FFIX's very own superboss. Of course in comparison to other superbosses this one is essentially a bit of a pansy. A big globe with changing colours and barely 60,000 HP? Quale has more HP than that! Ha! A joke you'll say. Then I'll say, no. This guy is pretty damn difficult and deserves his title as this game's superboss. So do as I say and stop thinking you know everything.

First off after all that frog catching you'll be wanting a bit of relief, but this is where the real training comes in. Over the course of the game you should have subconciously been learning abilities such as Auto-Haste or Auto-Regen and the like. Well for this battle you will need these abilites equipped. Your chosen party should all have learned and equipped Auto-Haste, Auto-Regen, Auto-Life and if you wish Auto-Potion. Those are your dead certs for survival. So you have those abilities learnt and equipped? Well you need any and every status protection you can also get your grubby mitts on and mostly importantly for characters such as Zidane and Steiner and your two pint sized mages it is essential to have High Tide turned on. So you've got all your abilities sorted after all that grinding?

Good. Next up we need to just check your equipment and that's going to take a while. Now Ark is an essential part to fighting Ozma if you intend to use him but you will need the Pumice to be split back into one Pumice Piece if you acquired the Pumice from Hades. I know it doesn't make sense splitting it back into one but that's the price to pay for having Ark. If you're not using Dagger and wish to keep the Hammer (which is used to split the Pumice) for that extra bonus scene (that I have yet to notice) in the end scenes then that's your decision. If not you really need to go to Memoria, back to Hades, and ask him very nicely to split the Pumice back into one Pumice Piece. This can be equipped to a party member to protect them against Ozma's mighty Doomsday attack. Also just to note that Ark the summon is powered up by how many Lapis Lazuli which you can also get from Hades through synthesis so don't leave him before you sort that out. It's a hard journey if you intend to take it before approaching Ozma but well worth it as it will help with your levels considerably. Plus if you're still bored of frog catching the journey will mean plenty of frogs on your return plus a level or two for Quina if you take him and will assist him and reaching that magical 9999 hit with Frog Drop. So if you're level 80 you only need 125 frogs to hit the magic 9999 mark. This should be taken into serious consideration as that game is so damn frustrating it's worth all the random encounters I believe.

So after all this your party, if you've been training to the extent I expect, should be at about level 70. Just ensure at this point that no one has their level divisible by 5. Level 5 Death will irritate you somewhat if you are.

When you are ready to approach Ozma and feel satisfied your team is powered up enough just remember to equip that Pumice Piece you worked so hard to retrieve to one of your party members then the Demon's Mail or Ninja Gear to the others. Egoist's Armlet also defends against Shadow damage as does Dragon's Wrist if only slightly. Fiddle around with your equipment aiming to protect against Shadow damage from Doomsday. If you're not sure then hit Select in the equipment menu and Mogster will happily let you know what you're equipment will absorb if you wish to try some other methods. It also seems slightly academic, and much like I'm repeating myself, to ensure you have meeted and greeted all the Friendly Animals before taking on Ozma as this will cause Shadow magic to damage him and all bring him close enough for you to physically attack him. But of course you've already done that.

So let's have a run down before you go. Your chosen party are well and truly levelled up to the point you can't see anything in the world beating them? (Good luck!) You have your Auto abilities equipped and protection against all status ailments you can think up? Most essentially Clear Headed. Good! Your teams's attacks are all suitably powered up - talking Frog Drop mainly here and any summons in which you need high amounts of certain jewels to power up. Your team has their Trance bars nearly filled to the brim? Great! You are prepared. But not yet ready. You'll only be ready when you fight and succeed. Let's see how that goes.

Now summon up Choco for one last ride and take him to the Chocobo Air Garden which should appear as a shadow somewhere on your map. It'll be marked on your map so check for the anomaly, it can be anywhere in the ocean or near Chocobo Lagoon or on the northern coast of the Mist Continent and fly over to it. Remember to hover over the round black shadow and feed Choco a Dead Pepper then you'll be propelled up into the clouds. Don't talk to Mene and instead jump onto the platform behind and examine the big pile of rocks. Mene doesn't seem too sure but when you're ready, go for it.

Super-Boss Battle : Ozma
HP: 55 000
Steal: Robe of Lords, Dark Matter, Pumice Piece, Elixir.
Attacks Absorb MP, Curaga, Esuna, Berserk, Mini, Curse, Death, Doomsday, Flare, Flare Star, Meteor, Holy, LV4 Holy, LV5 Death.

Speed is of the essence here. Hopefully with Ozma's first attack this should get your main attackers immediately into Trance. Try and get rid of half of his HP in the first round. Oh wait did he did he use Curse thus casting mini blind and confuse on all your characters? Oh damn sorry about that. Shame. Get straight in there with Shock, Frog Drop and all of your most powerful attacks as soon as you can. Then be casting a Half MP doubled power with Concentrate Curaga on your party every turn. With that set up if any one character dies Life should revive them with full HP. This is of course the best case scenario. Ozma is ridiculously fast by any standards and will have two moves in one turn and this can cause havoc with your team. Of course Ozma is also vulnerable to Slow so the strategist in you will be hoping to inflict this ailment on it but of course it takes time for it to actually stick and these are wasted turns.

All of your team should have Auto-Life so should survive longer than you'd expect of course and always be healing with double strength Curaga every round. If you have Eiko and she get's a trance you can double cast which can be a life-saver in an otherwise desperate situation. Double Doomsday with Vivi can also turn the tide of an unlucky streak as it heals your team and inflicts damage on Ozma. An Angel's Snack if you have a chance should deal with any status effects but of course this is all in theory. In practice it's much harder to achieve and this battle, as you'll learn, is largely down to luck. Just take solace in the fact that there is a 99.5% chance you will not win on your first try, or second. It's just a lot of luck.

So hopefully with several party members in Trance and your guaranteed 9999 hits it shouldn't take too long for this guy to fall. But with status effects like Berserk Mini and Blind flying all over the place you'd better pray that your characters stand strong and tall. Just keep blasting it with everything you have healing every round and letting those that are useless just stay useless for the time being. I had Quina Berserked and mini-ed the whole battle when I won but it was ok because Steiner and Zidane were in trance and not subjected tomini. Just take chances and hope for the best and pray that the bastard uses Doomsday as with your protection set up that that should succeed in no less than tickling you and actually harming Ozma itself. The main thing to be concerned about would be Curse but of course with Death taking out any single character standing (even the last one you have left just about revive another party member) and Meteor causing masses amount of damage you'd just better keep your fingers crossed it is casting Curaga to heal itself whilst your party tries to pull itself together.

Good luck.

After the battle Mene will be in shock and write on a card her feelings about what has transpired and you will receive an Ozma Card to fill that gap in your collection and a Strategy Guide which does absolutely nothing. What do you need a strategy guide for anyway when you have me helping you out?

For me this is my last page and I have to admit before writing this walkthrough I myself had not beaten Ozma, but now I have and I'm sitting basking in the glow of the superbosses defeat as I write this. This is a good day to finish my walkthrough and say goodbye and wish you all the best. I hope you enjoy this walkthrough as it has certainly been a pleasure to write.


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