Hamfruitcake here dragging you kicking and screaming through this game. Enjoy my company. It's obligatory.

More Memoria Edit

The next room is filled with water and everyone seems to recall it somehow. It's a nice theory that everything started in a watery place. But why would everyone remember that? Run up the stairs to encounter yet another boss! And hey it's fitting in with the theme! Water!

Boss Battle : Kraken
HP: 60 000
Steal: Gluttons Robe, Genji Helmet, Wizard Rod.
Attacks Freeze, Ink (blind), Wateraga, Leg, Water Gun (trouble).

First off. Just for fun, get straight in there and summon Ark, if you synthesised that Pumice with Hades. It's incredibly satisfying and lets you twiddle your thumbs for a little bit and enjoy the smugness of watching Kraken get obliterated by you new and extremely powerful summon. With that out of the way.

Steal the items if you wish, Gluttons Robe is for none other than Quina so get that if you use him and use Mighty Guard just to be academic and hack away at him with Thunder based spells and Ramuh or powerful(-er) non elemental magic and Steiner's Sword Art moves. The special part of this battle is that Kraken has two tentacles which have about 6000 HP each and should be dealt with quickly. Keep everyone's HP above 3000 HP as when his powerful attacks do hit this is what they can cause to your party, Leg does about 1000 HP to one party member. If one character falls he will relentlessly attack them preventing you from keeping them concious which can be a pain. He's not a hard boss, just an annoying one.

Head up the stairs and exit to the next screen. You'll be in a clock room. Here if you run to the far right you will find a hidden save point. Use it and heal up. Upstairs to the right will be a Cards Phantom with a very nice selection of cards to win if you intend to play. There are a ton of rare cards knocking about with this guy such as Elixir, Mog, Boco, Ribbon, Genji Twin Moons, Tiger Racket, Odin and Hades. A particular favourite of mine would be Boco but i have a thing for Chocobos annihilating Summon cards left right and centre. Have fun!

In the next room we will witness the creation of Gaia and a mini lecture off Garland. Head up the ladder to the next area. In the left corner of the platform you arrive on will be the Mace of Zeus for Vivi which will teach him Doomsday a very powerful shadow attack which will obliterate all participants on the field with Shadow magic including your party members if you're unprepared. In the right hand corner is a Card Spirit who plays exclusively with Dark Matter Cards if you wish to farm them off him. Head up the ladder to the next room which will have an old friend to play with.

Boss Battle : Lich
HP: 60 000
Steal: Black Robe, Siren's Flute, Genji Gloves.
Attacks Doom, Death, Lv 5 Death, Death Cutter (Doom), Venom Powder, Earthquake, Stop.

Recognise this guy? Yeah it is that guy we let Quina Eat before. Well he's back and he's not happy!

See a theme in his attacks? Well don't worry because most of the time these death moves will miss half the time. Have Auto-Life turned on or cast it with Quina if you're really concerned. Have Antibody turned on to prevent his Venom attacks effecting you and everything should go fine. Just steal it's items, keep reviving any characters that may fall and pummel this skeletal fool.

So you'd assume this place is a dead end but really that's all in your tiny little ignorant mind. Walk through the archway into nothingness and you shall not fall but instead be taken on a path into a whole new (and pointless) world. Walk towards the light and Garland will again prattle on about the Crystal. For a dead guy he sure is talkative! Oh no wait... he's gone... no wait he isn't... Now he is! Kuja is after the Crystal so we have to stop him because the Crystal made everything and that crazy fool wants to destroy it.

Crystal Maze Edit

You'll now be inside the Crystal World. Here you will on fight crystal forms of the four fiends/Seal Guardians you have faced previously and you will not recieve EXP for these battles. Only AP and items. What a bust! You should know most your abilities now so there is really no point in battling around here excessively. Just kill the baddies and quickly worm your way through the very linear path (not really a maze at all but it sounds better). If you're really bored just use Flee to get away quickly. Shouldn't take too long, there is nothing to pick up here so off you trot! Keep going. It's probably pretty silly of me to tell you to use plenty of ethers and heal your characters after most battles if you're nervous but do so anyway just to be on the safe side.

After a couple of screens (about 3) you'll come across a save sphere and an ominous looking exit. You have a teleport option here which will take you to the beginning of Memoria and allow you to return to Gaia to complete any missions you have missed. First save up and heal and head through the doorway for a last hoorah.

First off you'll see Kuja playing around with things that shouldn't be played with - ie the Crystal. He thinks he's pretty much won but destroying life the universe and everything doesn't seem like a good prize in my book... Then he sics a beastie of his on you - instead of taking you on himself. Cheek!

Boss Battle : Deathguise
HP: 50 000
Steal: Black Belt, Duel Claws, Elixir.
Attacks Comet, Spin, Demon Claw, Twister, Death, Lv 5 Death.

Ok be prepared because Meteor if it hits is going to hurt. A lot and will kill a couple of your party members, most likely the mages. Revive them and cast Mighty Guard and keep healing with Curaga and White Wind every round to prevent any catastrophes happening. Deathguise likes beating your characters when they're down and will use Demon's Claw on your just revived characters killing them immediately just for fun.

Trying to get through this with everyone concious can be severely hampered if any character has a level divisible by 5 so for the love of God don't enter the battle with this chink in your armour. It really just hurts things alot. Apart from that all you can do is pummel this bastard with high level magic Ark and Steiner's Sword Art moves. Throw Elixirs if things get very hairy but just keep going at him until he falls. And don't worry, he will, in less time than you'd expect!

Kuja will be thoroughly distressed upon your brutal murder of his pet's death. Serves him right

Well now you have a choice. You're standing right in front of Kuja but in all case scenarios turn tail and flee back to the Save Sphere to heal and regroup. Now you can either teleport back to Memoria and the ship and do all those things you wish you'd done before now... Or you can go in their all guns blazing and fight Kuja to complete the game...

Unfortunately there's so much more I want to do with you guys so you'll have to wait until you fight the final bosses as I have a certain something that needs seeing to coming up. Teleport to the entrance and walk down the steps and where a question mark pops up over your head you can board the Invincible. I'll see you on Gaia.


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