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Black Mage Village Edit

Disc 4 starts in an oddly funny yet sombre place. We're at Black Mage Village. Some funny bits between the Genomes and Black Mages and Bobby Corwen. Damn that chocobo is cute. Mikoto is as pessimistic as ever and we have some sombre chit chat about Kuja inevitably destroying the world. Once you leave immediately head back in and stock up on all the new equipment available to you. Go check on Bobby Corwen terrorising a Genome, a couple of other Mages are trying to name a fellow Genome. The item shop owner has hired a Genome assistant and they are just basically everywhere... There is some pretty great stuff there so spend all your hard earned gil wisely. If you're lazy fly over to the Chocobo Footprints nearby and ride Choco through the forest to avoid any random encounters.

Choco Related Loose Ends Edit

If you didn't get on Choco before now is a good time to do it. Swim over to where Shimmering Island used to be and there should be a hidden Dive Spot. To get the angle just right manouvere yourself so you're directly over the spot on the map where shimmering island should be and use a Dead Pepper on Choco. You will find a Treasure Chest containing 10 Aquamarine, 1 Ultima Weapon (woot!), 1 Maximillian, and 1 Invincible Card. Congrats, that's the last treasure to find on the world map.

Next up fly over to Alexandria and go find Kupo at the Church tower. Stiltzkin will be there too and doesn't seem to understand why Artmecion is so rubbish. Buy a Moonstone, Ruby and Elixir off Stiltzkin for 5555 gil. For buying all his items I hear he gives you a Ribbon but I'm not sure when. Look out for that, it's either here or at Mognet Central by my reckoning. Kupo has a theory we're close to working out the problem with Mognet Central. He asks you to take a letter to Atla. Great, but he's all the way in Burmecia! Run up towards the castle and find 4832 gil by where the boat is parked and run back out. Fly to Burmecia and find Atla in the Storeroom, just deal with any battles you come across. Man up!

Apparently the machine is broken in Mognet Central and they need something to make it run smoothly. Atla asks you to send a letter to Mogryo. He can be found in Black Mage Village so head on over there with Choco. Mogryo thinks there's an item that'll fix Mognet Central and gives you a letter to send to Kumool. To Ipsen's Castle! Before you go just stop off at Qu's Marsh outside for some Frog Catching with Quina. Multi-tasking! Once at Ipsen's Castle go to Qu's Marsh before you pop in. Ipsen's Castle looks pretty grim covered in mist... Mogryo tells Kumool about that item and not much else. Apparently it's very rare... Hmmm... These Moogles are seriously holding out on you! Kumool has a letter for Mois.

Mois used to be hanging out at Ice Cavern but it's blocked by the roots currently so it's to Qu's Marsh where you'll find Mois chilling outside of Fossil Roo. Once again, catch frogs while you're there. Don't forget to leave that lucky Golden Frog. Apparently Mois knows what and where the Item is. Do tell us little moogle! Apparently he's not sure so he gives you a letter for Noggy. To Daguerreo!

Mois thinks the item is that thing which gives us nothing to work with. How does Noggy get that? Well he does and he has a letter for Kupo. Back to where we started! Alexandria. Noggy finally gives up the goods. The item is Superslick and the rumour is that someone right here in Alexandria has it. Thank God! It's finally over, but who has it...? Now you have to work it out on your own but here's the easy part. Go to the Mini Theatre and talk to Ruby. She'll give it you. Hooray!

Leave Alexandria and climb aboard Choco and fly him to the Outer Continent. The pointy island above it is where you should be aiming for. On this island will be a couple forests to land in a big mountain with a crack in it. Use a Dead Pepper and Tada! You have found Mognet Central! Artemicion will notice you have Superslick give it to him and he will fix the machine and give you a Protect Ring and apologise for his misdemeanours. And that as they say is that. At the entrance you will find Stiltzkin who is pretty chuffed about the whole turn of events too. Good times all around and warmy fuzzies for you.

Treno Edit

Now it's time to board the airship and press triangle to enter it. Run down from the bridge and find Pisces in the core of the Invincible (just down the stairs from the Bridge). Next fly to Treno and pay Stella visit. Time to sort out these Stellazio Coins once and for all. Give her all the coins to recieve a Black Belt, 20,000 gil and a Rosetta Ring, 30,000 and a Robe of Lords. But wait! Stella still doesn't appear to be happy. There's one missing. Apparently Stella doesn't read her horoscopes very often as of course there is only 12. But no she's insistent there is one more to find so she gives you all the coins back in order to work out where the 13th coin could be. You could spend days figuring it out but I'll tell you straight off. It's where you found Scorpio in Quan's Dwelling. The love story that's on the back of the coins ends with Scorpio and Virgo kissing and walking off into the sunset. How sweet. Go back to Stella and give her all her coins back and the 13th coin Ophiuchus. Stella will then give you the Hammer. It can be used in synthesis later if you wish or provide you with an extra scene during the ending. If you press select when highlighting it in the menu Mogster will tell you it's Cinna's Hammer. Did Stella steal it perhaps?

Next you can head to Card Stadium. Just run in and you'll be presented with a list of opponents all of whom have some pretty impressive cards which will buff up your collection very nicely. All the rest of the cards in the game should be easily acquired here or in Memoria when facing the card spirits. If you are missing any chocobo related cards then go to the Fat Chocobo in Chocobo's Paradise but that aside you should be able to find the remainder of the cards available in in either the Card Stadium or facing Card spirits. I will point them out for you. If you're uncertain which cards you are missing just check my table full of cards telling you each and everyone one in the Extras page.

There is plenty else to do in Treno. Head to the Weapon's Shop now to kill the monster in the cage beneath. A Behemoth, equip Auto-Hate, Auto-Potion and Counter to either Steiner or Zidane with their impressive weaponry and it should be dead in no time at all. For beating it you will recieve a Circlet. Whilst here sell any useless equipment you don't need. You're going to need a healthy bank balance for the next bit.


When you're finished beating everyone at cards now is the time to head to the auction house and start buying up any random stuff you can get your grubby mitts on. I'm talking Une's Mirror, the Rat's Tail, Doga's Artifact and the Griffin's Heart. You need to sell them all once so keep running in and out until they announce what you need. Try not to beat all those rich old fools heads with their paddles and calmly buy what you need and get the hell out of there. The best technique is to wait until the bid master guy says Any More? then quickly stick you bid in. Then you are guaranteed to get the item. It's just a lot of waiting around really. Then proceed to sell these precious items to the nobles around town mainly around the Cafe Carta near the entrance. I think there's a scholar in the Synthesis shop who will also buy something off you if my memory serves me correctly. Keep messing around like this until you get the chance to bid for the Magical Fingertips appear. Buy them, you usually can procure them for about 50,000 gil.

Then head Daguerreo and talk to the Old Man who you won that Zemzelett Card off. Remember? He will tell you how his wife died and he missed her and came to realised how meaningless his quest for those gosh-darned fingertips were. But he will in exchange give you Excalibur one of Steiner's most powerful weapons. Unfortunately not as powerful as the Ragnarok but hey it comes with the unbeatable skill Climhazzard. There is also the Excalibur II which can be aquired by getting to Memoria in 12 hours. But I've never had the energy to bother.

Friendly Animals Edit

It's time to find your last one. Hop on the Airship and fly to the Iifa Tree. Land on the pointy island opposite know Fairy Island in your Chocograph Hunt but when you actually get there it's really called Vile Island according to my Menu.
There's a reason for this, in the forest lies deadly enemies known as Yan who will decimate any unprepared party but also provide you with the best EXP and training ground in the game. At this point you should have meeted and greeted all the rest of the friendly animals and if not you should go back to this page to find them all. On Vile Island which I keep calling Yan island at the moment accidentally. You will hopefully come across the friendly Yan who in exchange for a Diamond will grant you with 50 AP and a Rosetta Ring. This also allows you to physically attack the Superboss Ozma when you come around to facing him and this will become invaluable, whom you can find a strategy for on this page. If you come across his less friendly brethren expect an shockingly quick game over. Save!

Tada, another side quest complete!


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