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Level grinding Edit

Let's get this out of the way now so you can groan at me all in one long go. I know you probably hate me for all that Choco Hot and Cold right now. To be honest I can't say I'm overly fond of myself. All those godamn tables... aaahhh...

Now choose your transportation. Your airship or Choco (your choice). For level grinding it would make sense to take the airship to swap your party members in and out as you wish but seriously seeing that big yellow bird fly is pretty awesome. For this part I'd recommend ensuring everyone has Antibody and Level Up equipped. Also armour that protects against lightning is very useful.
Grand Dragon-FFIX

Fly over to Gizamuluke's Grotto. It's time to find out what those Moogles were scared about up those vines. Just land your airship on the plateau above the Grotto, it'll have two forests on it if you're a bit stuck. This is Popos Heights. Or as my sister calls it Poopoos Heights. Anyhoo up here will lie the infamous Grand Dragons and they will provide your party with just under 9000 EXP per battle and with Level Up equipped this will look like a lot more. So this is an ideal place to train.

First off to explain how difficult these battles could be then let's see what the Grand Dragons can do to you. Their Poison Claw will inflict Venom which will poison and freeze your party members and take off about 1500hp. The same can be said for Venom Breath, it just doesn't actually hurt your party member. Thundaga will take off 1500 HP to 2500 HP from your team and 3000 HP if aimed at a single target. This is Grand Dragon's most lethal attack so be prepared.

The easy way to end these battles would be to keep Quina around and have him use Level 5 Death on them to kill them instantaneously. The hard slogging method without Quina would be to have a well balanced team of attackers and mages. The dragons have about 12,000 HP so in reality it shouldn't take long to beat them into the ground. Use all of your most powerful attacks, at this point Dagger should be blasting with Bahumut or Leviathan, Eiko should use Madeen and Holy (from the White Robe). Vivi should be using Flare (from the Black Robe) and Comet. Steiner's general attacks and Shock (from his newly acquired Ragnarok) should annihilate anything. Quina, Eiko and Dagger can heal with their own spells respectively if things get hairy. With everyone using such powerful attacks the battles should only last a couple of rounds. With all these powerful spells and MP attacks you will be draining MP furiously, luckily from all that treasure hunting with Choco you have a healthy supply but don't forget to use plenty of Tents with Moguo and save frequently. Two tents should restore everyone's HP and MP almost entirely so if things get hairy just have a good stock of Tents to back you up and you'll be fine.


Up here you will also probably come across Garuda a rainbow version of an enemy you'll find in the forests here. Don't bother going into the forests as the Garudas hang around here and don't provide as much EXP as their draconic neighbours. Our friendly animal friend will ask you for a Lapis Lazuli and then seems to choke on it... He will grant you with 40 AP and a Diamond. Only one more to go!

You'll find the entrance to Gizamuluke's Grotto in the mountain behind a forest on the plateau. Go down to see that the moogles we helped before have had children. Awww cute! For a Kupo Nut Mogtaka will give you an Extension. Very nice!

Now here's the part you might not want to hear. At this point in the game I highly recommend your core party is at level 50. I am a nerd and had everyone but Amarant and Freya at this stage. It's up to you who you intend to use and find the most useful but I like to have a variety and choice. Apart from Amarant and Freya who can rot for all I care, any combination of the other 6 should make a very strong and useful party.

If you get bored of doing all this then head to the other parts of this page and come back later.

Qu's Marshes Edit

Yeah yeah I know, it's rubbish. Hopefully all of your froggies should have respawned by this point so hop to it. (Such a bad pun...) As I've mentioned before if you look carefully enough you need to leave one yellow footed frog and one red footed one and any Golden Frogs. There are overall four Marshes and you should have visited them all at this point so they should be highlighted on your map. Fly around and fill Quina's empty belly before moving onwards and upwards. 45 frogs and you will recieve a pair of Battle Boots from Quale.

Daguerreo Edit

That is ridiculously hard to spell.

Fly to Chocobo Lagoon and fly to big island with the mountain in the middle. There will be a structure with a little bridge on. Run along it to enter our new location!

When you come in the name will pop up on the screen. To the right you will find capricorn on your way upstairs when heading right through the water. Use the lift to find a moogle and an synthesis shop with plenty of new goodies in. The moogle Noggy (awesome name)
Daguerreo 1
won't have any mail to send but you can save with him if you wish. Thieves Gloves are a dead cert for Zidane if you want to steal awesome things from the upcoming bosses. You can also synthesise gems to strengthen any summons, get 99 of any gem to make the respective summon very powerful. There will also be a four armed man who will rank you by your treasure hunter skills. He gave me a C-Rank at this point because I'm pretty awesome. Play cards with him and you will be able to win pretty much all of the airship cards in the game. Vigilance, the Invincible and Red Rose are particularly rare and hard to get a hold of but hold out for them as this is the only place to get them apart from from Choco Hot and Cold. Have fun!

Head back to the entrance and take the left corridor up to the next area. Hit the left lever twice and then examine the hole you have revealed. Pick up the pole which is leaning against the bookcase and Zidane will shove it in the hole. Hit the right lever twice and you're done. Hey presto you fixed the lift and now you can get to the Weapons Shop to pick up any equipment you need for synthesis.


Go upstairs to find a cove and push the button. Downstairs this opens up a contraption which turns Ores into Aquamarine, very useful for powering up Leviathan. To the right of this is the items shop so stock up. Next to this will be the Young Man who is arguing with the Sales Clerk, agree with him 3 times to recieve the Flare Card. OR Agree with the clerk 3 times to get the Meteor Card. Just to the right of him will be Engineer Zebolt who has some Ochu and Troll cards to win. A Scholar will to the right of the the weapons shop entrance will be looking for Eidolon and I, run to opposite side of the balcony and look at the pile of books, Zidane will list what he sees and one of them happens to be the book. Go tell the Scholar and he'll wander over to it.

Walk past where he was standing to find a ladder and you will appear on a balcony just below where you were. A Guy Doing Research will notice your Namingway Card and offer to change your character's names. Run all the way down to the stairs on the left to find an Elixir and head to the opposite side and find another one on the other set of stairs in a very similar place. Return to the 2nd floor and play cards with the Old Man who has a Zemzelett Card to win. You're pretty much done here for now so just stock up on whatever you need and be on your merry way.


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