Hi folks, Hamfruitcake here with yet another scintillating walkthrough page. Am waiting for the time I wasted on this thing to be duly returned...

Chocobo Forest Edit

It's time to play in earnest here. It's the last slog here. Let's get this over with.

Head to Chocobo Forest and summon up your shiny red Choco and get digging. Now that Choco is shiny and red there are two new platforms in the Forest we can dig on, they are on either side of the forest and will be accesible when you see the field icon! Only look at them as a last resort because they waste time to get up and down and only take one dig to really figure if anything is there. So save them as a last resort if you'really desperate. We're looking for another batch and Chocographs here so keep digging until Mene says there aren't any left. Now you will almost instantaneously start to dig up Dead Peppers. These can be used to find treasures on the world map with Choco. More on that later.

When Mene says there are no Chocographs left this should leave you with 5 unopened treasure chests. Cold Lagoon should be grey as you don't have the ability for that yet so let's get the other four before we move on.

Number Name Picture How to get to it Where to Dig
13 Forbidden Forest ChocographLoc13 Leave Chocobo Forest on the Mist Continent and run Choco to the mountain range to the west of it. It's not far from Treno, just where all the mountains converge should be a little forest in the middle. Dig!
14 Green Plains ChocographLoc14 Ride Choco from the previous treasure 13 north, you should reach the middle of the northern coast of the continent. It's by a small beach but you have to dig on the plateau above, the picture is a good indication, it's just as the foot of the mountain.
15 Dusk Plains ChocographLoc15 Fly the airship to the Forgotten Continent selecting the Qu's Marsh as your Location on the northern part, you can only apparently land on grass... Choco Footprints are just north of this. Worm your way southwards until it gets all orangey because of Oelivert. It's just south west of that near the coast on a cliff. Dig where there is a little inset between the rocky bits...
16 Forgotten Plains ChocographLoc16 After the previous treasure work you way all the way back to the north of the continent near to where Ipsen's Castle is. It's a little ways north west of the castle, the picture is once again a good indication and dig on the cliff part to find the treasure.

After this you should have recieved the Ocean Ability and will then be able to do two things. One get to all the areas in Chocobo Lagoon and two get that Cold Lagoon Chocograph. Guess where we're going first.

Number Name Picture How to get to it Where to Dig
19 Cold Lagoon ChocographLoc19 Once you have the Ocean Ability fly the Lost(Icy) Continent due North and use the same footprints as usual to mount Choco. Go into the sea from the beach and swim round to the north of the continent, it's directly opposite that forest I had you training in before.

Treasure first and always peoples! And if you want to know what you're in store to recieve here is a nice table with all the treasure you'll get. Marvellous.

Chocograph Number Treasure
13 7 Ether, 2 Elixir, 10 Wing Edge, 1 High Mage Staff
14 Ocean ability
15 12 Phoenix Down, 14 Ore, 1 Kaiser Knuckles, 1 Iron Man Card
16 17 Ore, 5 Ether, 14 Opal, 1 Demon's Mail
19 11 Peridot, 9 Opal, 15 Sapphire, 19 Topaz

Chocobo Lagoon Edit

Now you can ride Choco or get the airship all the way to Choco Lagoon. One more ability to go and handful of chests left... Can you smell the excitement? I know I can! Mene takes one at look at Choco and insults him, rude moogle!!! It's ok I guess we forgive her, for now... In the Lagoon you can now dig the entire area and it's going to be a lot deeper to dig in the dark bits (I know... duh!) so you may have been having an easy ride in the ole Chocobo Forest but this is some serious digging. What Choco doesn't make up in digging power he does make up for in speed it would seem. It may get a bit higgledypiggledy at the minute as the traditional deeper Chocographs aren't that deep and stupid things like Potions are... Now to continue filling this paragraph up I will tell you to keep digging, keep digging! Just keep digging!

Once you have found all of the Chocographs and Chocograph pieces in the area let's head out and find them! Currently you can access 3 so let's get on with it.

Number Name Picture How to get to it Where to Dig
17 Sea at Dusk ChocographLoc17 Swim Choco from the Chocobo's Lagoon around the bottom of the Forgotten Continent onto the eastern coastline. Just swim up the east coast until you see the picture and then swim out a little way and dig.
18 Ocean ChocographLoc18 That picture is useless! Follow me! All the way back round the Forgotten Continent west of the long skinny island in the middle. It's literally off the coast of the little skinny island, use my picture there to find it and it shouldn't be too hard.
20 Mist Ocean ChocographLoc20 Do what the moogle says and swim to the north east coast of the Mist Continent. Swim until you find the Alexandria Dock, then the two islands east of it, swim between them and go forward a bit and dig until you find it.

Oh my Choco you look so beautiful and Golden! I love it! So with the flying ability all you have to do is pretty much press X-button to take off in any forest and land with Circle-button in a forest. Now enjoy flying around for a bit before we get back to the next slog of chocographs. The last load of Chocographs. Have fun and I'll see you at our next chocograph location.

Number Name Picture How to get to it Where to Dig
22 Outer Island 2 ChocographLoc22 Fly Choco to the north coast of the Outer Continent. There should be a tiny island just south of a bigger one in the middle northern part... if that makes sense, it's on the small island with forest on the tip.

Once again before we move on, here's what you could have won!

Chocograph Number Treasure
17 15 Phoenix Pinion, 1 White Robe, 1 Diamond, 1 Masamune Card
18 27 Ore, 1 Light Robe, 1 Whale Whisker, 1 Alexander Card
20 Golden Flying Ability
22 11 Sapphire, 1 Circlet, 1 Pumice Piece, 1 Hilda Garde 3 Card

Chocobo Air Garden Edit

Anyhoo next up we're flying to a pretty exciting place. Fly Choco to middle of the map and look for a dark shadowy circle on the ocean floor. Have Choco eat a Dead Pepper and hey Presto look at that. New place! Chocobo's Air Garden. Mene follows you up here and mentions the floor is pretty firm. Zidane calls her strange and then guess what! We get to play Choco Hot and Cold. Up here the ground is once again quite tough and you can only dig on firm ground. But wait the place is made up of islands! Yes you have to jump off and on them to dig, there's only two so it's not that difficult. There will be no digging on clouds I'm afraid, it's just not allowed. It's pretty easy to work out from there and Choco looks very cute when he jumps around. So let's get digging! Last time, I promise. Keep going until Mene says there are none left, again... Oh and when you're playing Choco goes at an uber fast rate because he's either high of the lack of air up here or he's just really excited. I can't tell but digging furiously with a super fast Choco is funny. 3 more chocographs to go!

When you have Mene mentions that we're ready to go to Chocobo Paradise, and take Choco too, aw shucks... Well first off to get these last chocographs! Ready set... uhh dig!

Just a word about Chocobo's Air Garden, I doubt you'll be going back there unless you're in need of... a time sink? But the location from now on will change, just check the map as far as I know and it should be there. just look for the shadow. I'm not going back there any time soon until one particularly nifty super boss battle so this is just so you know for later referrence.

Number Name Picture How to get to it Where to Dig
21 Outer Island ChocographLoc21 Fly Choco to the north coast of the Outer Continent on eastern most corner. There is a tiny island on the north eastern most tip with a little forest on. Land in the forest and dig away on one of the corners.
23 Fairy Island ChocographLoc23 It's the pointy island west of the Iifa Tree with the mountain and forest on. You'll be spending a lot of time here training later but for now ride choco around the mountain face opposite the Iifa Tree, dig at it's base.
24 Forgotten Island ChocographLoc24 It's the island opposite the one you've just been to on the Forgotten Continent. Land on the island shaped like the one in the picture and dig on the cliffs opposite the forest.

And here is what ye shall recieve!

Chocograph Number Treasure
21 21 Amethyst, 16 Garnet, 1 Genji Armor, 1 Ragnarok
23 33 Potion, 15 Annoyntment, 1 Holy Miter, 1 Dark Matter Card
24 1 Ribbon, 1 Rebirth Ring, 13 Amethyst, 1 Ark Card

Now here's some more treasure to get with Choco, I won't lie to you, this isn't the last time you'll be riding Choco. But here's where you can get some extra special treasures. We are now looking for Cracks and Dive Spots and I will end this page when I'm done because it's going on for far too long!

Dive Spots Edit

Ok in this case we are looking for bubbles in the ocean, I know the whole ocean looks bubbly but keep your eyes peeled and they'll be quite visible. In this case you will have to be swimming in the ocean to access them.

How to get to it Where to Dig Treasure
Go to the Lost Continent and swim off the beach into the sea. Head to the point right between the two pointy bits coming off each of the opposite continents. There'll be the island off the coast of the Outer Continent serving as your pointy marker on one side and the other bit will be the pointy Lost Continent. Use the world map and you'll find it! 50 Potions, 25 Hi Potions, 5 Elixirs, 7 Ethers.
Swim to the Forgotten Continent around the bottom southern corner with all the coves. There will be a lot of coves around here which you can swim in and out of. There is a very long cove to the right which has a bit of a way to get into and you'll find the bubbles. 10 Remedy, 1 Black Robe, 1 Genji Gloves, 1 Blue Narciss Card.
This one is easier to get to if you fly to Quan's Dwelling. Off you go. So enter Quan's Dwelling and run over to Quan's Fishing spot and notice the foam and use a Dead Pepper. 9 Ore, 15 Topaz, 1 Tiger Racket, 1 Red Rose Card.

After this Zidane says, Oh I get it now... what this means I don't know. Answers on a post card please!

Cracks Edit

Next up we will be looking for Cracks in mountainsides. You may think this sounds a bit silly as once again, they're covered cracks! But they are quite black and obvious so easy to find! You'll have to move the camera a round with the shoulder buttons a bit to get the angle right and see them but that's about all there is to it. Stand over it and feed Choco a Dead Pepper to collect the spoils.

How to get to it Where to Dig Treasure
Fly to north east of the Forgotten Continent and land in a forest around there. If you landed in the right forest you should see it when you get there. Otherwise it's just in a cliff face on the north eastern part of the Forgotten Continent, just keep running around it's not hard to miss. 19 Eyedrops, 1 Madain's Ring, 1 Genji Helmet, 1 Hilda Garde 1 Card.
Head South west from the crack you just handled. Look for Woody Woodpecker's head on the map of the Forgotten Continent, it's on the western side and it has a quiff and an eye and a beak, just look for it... The treasure is right next to the eye. And if you find it with this advice let me know so I can yell 'I told you so' to the world. Maiden Prayer, 1 Dragon's Hair, 1 Gauntlets, 1 Odin Card.
Fly to the top right hand corner of the map. Here there should be a little island. Land in the forest and there should be a crack in the mountain. Use a Dead Pepper and a hole will appear. Chocobo's Paradise

Chocobo Paradise Edit

Mene has followed you again and declares this is paradise. Zidane is a bit miffed Mene followed us again... For the first time the moogle is speechless. Now let's go explore!

Go down the water slide and run over to the circular pools and get shot up to be greeted by the Fat Chocobo. Fat Chocobo will then proceed to tell you that Choco can only stay here on his own. Mene is a bit rejected and sad because there are no exceptions to this rule. Mene goes home a little bit sad. Now you can understand the chocobos around you who will proceed to tell you clues about those cracks and dive spots we already found. Thanks anyways guys...

You can play Fat Chocobo who will have cards such as Chocobo and Boco cards if you're lucky.

One of the chocobos will even give you his collection of Dead Peppers if you want, you only need two more for two more things to finish off but we're not doing them today. In fact this page has gone on far too long. Play around with your characters and equip them with their shiny new equipment and be all smug you have recieved about 90% of the best equipment in the game. See you on the next page!


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