Starting another page here for you Hamfruitcake. Man this game makes me smile and happy even when my characters are just discussing things and you have a frog man running about and Quina... FFXIII is so much less amusing than this ¬_¬

Let's get this show on the road!

Oeilvert Edit

Outside you'll find Mimoza who has a handy dandy Mogshop. From all that training you should have plenty of gil to blow on some quite useful equipment. You can buy a Fairy Flute here among a lot of other powerful equipment. Mimoza will happily hand a letter for you to send for Mooel. Poor moogle is lonely. Save up and head on into the structure. You get to the door, Zidane and it suddenly opens after a bit of complaining. A bit of giggling and in we go. Go in and opposite the entrance and there is a chest to the right of the stairs containing a Remedy. Up the stairs on the right is a chest containing a Rising Sun.
Head to the left through the door and touch the blue orb, in the chest is an Elixir. The Epitaph can kill you if it imitates one of your party members but also can be instantaenously killed with a Soft. If you do this then you do not recieve any EXP, just hitting it relentlessly should beat it easily enough. The rest of the monsters shouldn't cause your team much hassle. Back down the stairs to the entrance and head through the archway on the left to find a Diamond Sword in the bottom right corner. Run past the glowing circle in the middle and a planet will appear. Zidane is the only one who can understand it apparently. Sheild Armour can be found above the planet in the chest.

Head up to the yellow door and walk through the pretty crazy room with lasers. You will come to a grey glowing orb which Zidane will dictate what's going on explaining some random stuff. Keep moving through the room and you'll end up in a room with a bunch of yellow glowing orbs. There is a pair of Feather Boots in the top right and a chest to the bottom right with a Power Vest. You have to look at the glowing yellow orbs in the right order. Go up the stairs and examine the one of the left then the next one to the right. Then examine the yellow orb downstairs on the right then the left. Leave through the bottom door and head up to the blue door in the top left of the room. In here there is a lot faces on the wall and you will witness a pretty disturbing scene where all the faces talk to you. It's up to you what you make of it.

Head back to the Entrance Hall and go to the left. Mooel will be found in the room to the right of the entrance with Stiltzkin. (Note: Stiltzkin will only be here if you enter this room first after entering Oeilvert). He will happily recieve Mimoza's letter which seems a bit redundant when he's just outside but whatever. Mimoza asks Mooel to complain about the state of Mognet. He doesn't have a letter to deliver so just leave it at that. Stiltzkin will sell you a Hi-Potion, Emerald and an Elixir for 888 gil, buy his stuff and save. Run around the bottom of the room and the centre will be a glowing orb planetary thing going on. Go to the right and there is a chest with a Gaia Gear in. Before you exit the room to the right ensure everyone has Clear Headed equipped in their abilities for the next boss battle. Jump on the lift and it will take you to a room with a big triangle. Approach it to take the Gulug Stone. Now you didn't think it would be that easy now did you?

Boss Battle : Ark
HP: 25 000
Steal: Holy Lance, Power Vest, Elixir
Attacks Boomerang, Photon, Propeller Wind, Whirlwind.

Photon will lower one person's HP down to 1. The other three will affect your whole party for a small amount of HP. Whirlwind may inflict Confuse if you're not prepared with Clear Headed. Stealing the Holy Lance is a bloody nightmare but keep trying. Cast Reiss' Wind with Freya and throw Hi-Potions with Quina. Zidane should be stealing as much as possible and Steiner killing the shit out of this thing. If you get a trance with either of the boys you'll be laughing.

For winning you recieve the invaluable Pumice Piece. Now take the the Gulug Stone and get the hell out of there.

Froggy Time Edit

At this point you should be greeted with a scene that either involves Vivi or Eiko or any character left behind pretty much. It depends but most of the time you will have Vivi. Kuja will then alert you to the fact that if Zidane doesn't get back in 10 minutes and his big hourglass runs out of time then you'll all fall into a pit of lava. Because that's the kind of guy he is. Cid gets all frustrated at this point and decides to take some action. At this point you get to hop around with him which is much fun. Oh and a scene with Black Mages wondering about their decision and mentioning something about turning them all on to switch the machine off.


Now hop, hop, hop away! Hop down to where the mages were and go right. Now you get to engage in a ridiculously fun and irritating mini game involving Froggy Cid and a Hedgehog pie. Press Circle-button to make him move very gradually and STOP when the Hedgehog pie turns around. You have six minutes to succeed and grab the key. The Hourglass Key will then be yours and all you have to do is examine the weights and use the heaviest to weigh the scales down. Check them all with Cid's help and use the clay, iron and stone ones on the scales, basically not wood. Then hop on and turn the hourglass around to free everyone. Cid looks very froggy about this. Hooray Now, everyone should be alright <ribbit>.

Everyone scrambles out of their cells now and Cid congratulates himself for freeing you. At this point you will be in control of either Vivi or Eiko. As I mentioned before it's usually Vivi but for some odd reason I keep getting Eiko at the minute.

Head back to the right room with the Hedgehog Pie to find Mojito chilling out and buy some equipment from the Mogshop and take his letter for Mogasm (odd name). Save up and head to the left to enter the Desert Palace.

Desert Palace Edit

One word. Hate. Two more. This place. It's not particularly difficult, just tedious. Now you get to play with, as I keep mentioning Eiko or Vivi. Vivi is cuter to dash about with to be honest which is why the game keeps giving me sodding Eiko. Do not pin your hopes on getting the cuter character or all hope will be lost.

Here the monsters are, oddly enough, mainly magical. If you haven't taken the chance to bother learning Dagger's summons now would be an ideal tiime if you wish. You'll find Grimlocks which change their weaknesses depending on what colour is on top so just change your strategy accordingly. They will also irritatingly enough cast Stop which can be easily handled with a Remedy, there will also be plenty of other status effects thrown your way which can be dealt with accordingly. Drakans will use Mind Blast to Confuse your characters and you'll need Body Temp to avoid it's Freeze attack. Everything else should be pretty easy.

Kuja&#039;s Palace Artwork

Ok so you come to a corridor, two angels, light the candles on the one of the left and then inspect the bloodstone that suddenly starts glowing on the right to receive a Promist Ring. In the next room there will be three statues. Run to the left past them and the angel in the middles eyes will go red and reveal a shiny path. Head on up it and light the candles on the balcony. There's nothing else to do up here so head back down and pick up the chest containing some more Fairy Earrings on the right then take the exit to the left.

In here light all the torches. Go through the door and exit through the right and find another room with torches in. Light the one under the flowers to reveal an entry to the middle section of the room. To get to it exit the way you came in and go to the middle section and light the torches there. Hey presto the whole room is opened up. Light the other two torches around to the right to be allowed to light the torch down the stairway in the middle. This will activate the bloodstone. Inspect it to recieve an Anklet and exit through the door on the right that has been revealed.

Through the next room light the candle under the statue on the far right to activate the bloodstone. Inspect it to recieve some Shield Armour. Continue onwards to the end of the corridor and go up the stairs. Light the candles at the top of the stairs to illuminate a well pretty picture. Continue onwards to find yourself in a room with an impressive book case.

Light the candles on the left and then go up the stairs to the bottom right of the room. Light the candles to the right to reveal a doorway. Head through it to inspect the bloodstone and recieve an N-Kai Armlet a handy trinket which will allow Vivi to learn Water. Come back down the stairs and go up the stairs on the book case to the second level and light the candles on the right to reveal another doorway. Head up the stairs, lighting the candles on the way to reveal yet another pretty stained glass window. Light the candles at the top of the stairs and go straight back down. Go down the stairs on the bookcase and light the candles to the right next to the statue and head through the doorway. Hey what do you know more candles. Ignite them! (Trying a new word, this is getting insanely repetitive...)
Desert Palace

Come back through and head to the left through the stained glass window to find a moogle. Hey some company! What do you know he's called Mogasm, we have a letter for him, none of these moogles seem to send much mail which makes me wonder why they are so bothered about Mognet anyways. Mojito is pondering why the mail isn't going very smoothly and is placing his faith in Stiltzkin, not us. Nice. He doesn't have anything to send so just have a rest and save up.

Go past the moogle and immolate the candles on either side of the scary gargoyle. Inspect the bloodstone to recieve a Black Hood which will teach Vivi Death. Go through the doorway and enflame all the candles in this room. Inspect the bloodstone to recieve a Venetia Shield. Now ensure only the right hand candle of each Gargoyle is lit. A staircase will be revealed up the stairs and up the big staircase to irradiate the final set of candles. We're done! Hooray! Damnit spoke too soon.

Boss Battle : Valia Pira
Valia Pira-FFIX
HP: 10 000
Steal: -
Attacks Reflect, Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga.

Now if you activated all the bloodstones all of his enhancements should fail. Therefore should be considerably weakened if you're lucky. Not that this would cause much problems for you anyways but in fairness it's great treasure.

This is one of those battles that will be laughably easy if you know the trick to it. Valia Pira will try to cast Reflect on itself to prevent magic from affecting it. Instead just cast it one of your team and bounce it off them for it to connect. Bounce Comet and Water off one of your reflected characters and keep Amarant throwing physical attacks and it should fall in no time. Just heal one person at a time with your white mages.

Should be laughably easy.

Light the candles and get the hell out of there. Phew I need a lie down and some Cinnamon Grahams... See you folks soon.


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