Hamfruitcake here again starting to get slightly concerned that I am using this walkthrough to distract myself from the very real issues of real life. Such as an essay that has yet to be done. But University is for later. Let's crack on with Disc 3!

Alexandria Edit

We are back at Alexandria and we’re all very excited about the new Queen’s coronation. Can you tell?

Zidane is moping in the bar, whilst his friends try to figure what the heck is wrong with him. They decide to ignore him after a bit and head of to watch one of Ruby’s plays. As they come outside Blank bumps into Vivi and they have a quick catch up session and now we’re in control of Vivi in Alexandria... Feels strangely familiar... But in a very good way.

Go to the right to find Hippaul standing in a street looking grumpy with his mum. There’s an ATE of Eiko of being tormented by some chefs; quite amusing on the way. Talk to Hippaul's mum to enjoy rather annoying mini game that can get you some nice cards if you’re good at it. Poor Hippaul is not impressed with his mum giving away his impressive collection so don't expect him to take this all lying down. To race you just press Circle-button and Square-button alternately to get Vivi to run, if you win Hippaul will gain a level and you can win some cards. Unfortunately the more levels the faster he gets and the more tired your fingers become.

The first few are a bit lame but as you get better you get some awesomely nice cards for your collection. Here's what you can win:
Level Prize
10 Wyerd Card
20 Carrion Worm Card
30 Tantarian Card
40 Armstrong Card
50 Ribbon Card
60 Nova Dragon Card
70 Genji Card
80 Queen Athlete

After 90 he’s nigh on unbeatable anyways. Whilst playing just keep tapping, find yourself a rhythm and you’ll be fine, just try not to look at the screen when you do it or you’ll get distracted. If you’re feeling cheeky you could change the config to make the buttons more manageable like, changing square and circle to L1 and R1 which are obviously just that little bit easier to mash and less obvious to get confused with.

Have a wander on up to the church and eventually you’ll meet a purple moogle called Artimecion; who seems to be pretty bad at delivering mail. Unlike yourself who is obviously brilliant and have a chat with Stiltskin and Kupo and don't forget to buy Stiltzkin's goodies. Looks like Tom’s lost his kitten again, it's still a kitten after everything that's gone on? Climb up the ladder in the church and ring the bell and you’ll find a small chest with two new cards in, Shiva and Ramuh. Save with Kupo and move on.

Once you’re done shopping, at the items, weaponry and synthesis shop getting the new itinerary you want head to where Blank and Marcus are standing outside the mini theatre and head down the staircase to watch Ruby’s play. Ruby will promptly yell in her scary accent and Cinna will say hi, a scared Vivi will try and call him ‘Uncle’ but that just causes Cinna to be offended and an amused Ruby will tell you to a take a seat and enjoy. Strange times... But go Vivi for quick thinking, the age thing seems a bit silly as Vivi is only technically about 6 months old...

Then we will see some scenes involving Dagger, Steiner and Beatrix and Doctor Tot will give the princess her summoning jewels which will allow you to summon Shiva, Ifrit and Atomos when you get the chance and can be bothered to learn them all.

Eiko will then be wandering about the castle and concocts a poorly thought out plan to seduce Zidane with a love letter, she enlists the help of Doctor Tot who then goes into thoughtful mode. He recalls that Dagger washed up on the Alexandrian shores with a horn but it was cut off and she was made princess of Alexandria as the previous one had recently died when she appeared. Eiko’s letter is written and she is thrown off the balcony by Baku’s enormous gut and is left hanging off the railing by her ribbon. She tells Baku to take the letter to Zidane but as he leaves the castle Steiner comes and opens his rude mouth angering the Tantalus leader causing him to drop the letter. They both storm off immaturely and Beatrix wanders by to find the letter and recognising Steiner’s loud tones thinks he has written it for her.

This can only end in tears...

Zidane is sitting in the bar still moping over Dagger pitifully; his friends come in to try and cheer him up and inspire him but he does a Squall on us moaning about how no one knows how he feels. Baku has a go at him and then Vivi comes in and asks if they can go see Dagger. Everyone leaves and Vivi begs a little more until Zidane submits because Vivi so earnestly asked and is adorable and you can’t say no to him.

Watch the ATE and Baku will remember he forgot to give Zidane his love letter and promptly realises he lost it anyway. Oh well, nothing too stupid is going to happen because of it... surely...

Head to the castle and you’ll witness the characters that hold no purpose in the story anymore having a head to head causing a bit of a ruckus. Freya makes the loud point that Kuja might come after Dagger again but of course the story also forgets to do anything about that later on... Vivi says that Dagger wants to see Zidane so we should go see her. Once again Zidane can’t say no to him so get on the boat and head to the castle. There is an Ether to the left and a Phoenix Pinion to the right of the stairs as you get off the boat and a Lapis Lazuli behind the fountain. Head to the left and go into the castle taking the door on the left, there will be a statue with a glowing trident in there, in the top right hand corner of the room you can pick up the Leo coin. Head back to the boat bit and go straight ahead.

Now off to the castle, Steiner will hurl Eiko out on her bum much to her annoyance and Steiner will refuse to let you in the castle until Vivi asks him nicely, he can’t say no to him either. Then we will get a nice view of the princess on the balcony and Eiko trades jewels with her as a sign of friendship, in comparison to Eiko’s want for her to be love rivals for Zidane. Clearly the only one in Zidane’s heart is Dagger so she just sits and watches a big mess happens. Now this is just getting silly. Then just as Steiner and Beatrix are about to fall into one another's arms Baku sticks his fat arse in and everyone runs off. Poor Beatrix is thoroughly embarassed by the whole debacle and our rusted knight almost got some (might have calmed him down a bit) but what can you do?

Then the team decide it’s off to Treno, how they all fit in the Gargant’s carriage is beyond me. Oh look who it is Zorn and Thorn have returned and they promptly flee once again.

Treno Edit

Eiko demands Vivi shows her around Treno and Amarant and Freya will go off on their own too. Time to get some card playing done then, if you haven’t been playing up to now then here is a good time to look at your cards, you will have been winning plenty in battles and possibly mini games so chances are you’ll have a pretty healthy card collection at this point.

Play Doctor Tot if you need some practice, he’ll have second tier cards. Watch the ATE involving Eiko and Vivi where Eiko psychoanalyses the Zidane/Dagger pairing and run off, Vivi will meet a passer by who recognises him. The next ATE (i'll be saying this alot...) will name the passer by as Marco and it looks like he gave Vivi a lift to Alexandria from Treno at the beginning of the game and gave him the ticket for the play. Nice one you kind hearted fool! It wasn't I want to be your Canary, more like Crow!
Encourage the little guy to head home even if his Grandpa is dead just for funsies. He'll have no issues tackling those Mandragora. The next ATE as you head out of Tot’s house will involve Amarant and the four armed man from before who will recognise him and run off, Eiko will appear telling him off for being a bully and the four armed man will formulate some sort of a plan from this. Go along with it if you want an item...

These all activate as you're walking around, the best way would be to head straight to Stella's for now, you will receive an Elixir, 10000 gil and a Black Belt from Stella for her Stellazio coins. As ever if you haven't before now, it's always worth trying out playing cards with her and her assistant as they are possibly the only really proficient players in Treno. The synthesis shop has the standard for buying, nothing too exciting... Head to card stadium and watch the ATE involving Eiko and the Four Armed Man who will then be terrorised by Quina and you will receive a Chimera Armlet, totally worth it. Go to the Weapon Shop and read the moogle’s letter from Artemicion about the running champion... could be Vivi, it could be Hippaul. Go inside the Weapon Shop and face the beastie below, a couple attacks and it should fall, just equip Jelly for protection from petrification just in case, you’ll win 15000 gil, buy some weaponry and head out. At the Auction House the Dark Matter will be up for auction, buy it for Dagger to learn Odin.

An Excursion Edit

Head out of town to Quan’s Dwelling to find Vivi outside by the windmill. We’ll learn that Quan was a Qu and became Vivi’s grandfather when he fished him out of the sky... of course this Qu is wearing a nice coat and scholarly hat so that makes him intelligent but he still talks in broken English and intends to eat Vivi when he’s big enough. Good thing that monster died... Once you’re done reminiscing you can leave.

Burman Coffee

Burman Coffee can be found here

Head all the way along to South Gate and head to Dali to finish the coffee quest if you wish. Go to the village and inside the windmill where the cogs have stopped turning and you can get at the chests containing the Cacushua and an Elixir, head into the mayor’s house from here, the bottom left exit, and check the desk for the Mini-Brahne. Keep checking it, at least two more times, until the sleeping person says Zzzz then you will be free to check the heater for the Mayor’s Key. Go back into the Mill and through the door on the right which you can now open into the Chocobo pen. Here you will find 30000 gil in a treasure chest on the right and then examine it again for some Burman Coffee.

Once you’ve finished here head to the Observatory to give Morrid all of his coffee. Dutiful daughter Slai will be in his hut and tell you he’s enjoying the sun (on the stairs) and claims he’s been a bit depressed lately with nothing to do. Hand over his coffe and he will be so happy he’ll make himself a cuppa right away. He’ll send the Theatre Ship model to the Tantalus hideout for you, it doesn’t do anything but you helped out an old man. He’s so happy and fulfilled he’s ready to join his dead wife now, slightly depressing... Back to Treno!

Cards Edit

You can now sign up for the Card Tournament at the Stadium with the Card Seller and she will mention the Champion is a sailor girl much to Zidane’s delight.

The first guy will be pretty easy with the cards you should have, hopefully the Shiva and Ramuh you picked up in Alexandria will be of great use to you. Just stay calm and you should be fine, the cards that are being used aren’t anything to worry about.

After you’ve won you will have to walk around a bit to witness an ATE involving Freya and Amarant, prompt him to tell his story and then the ATE will end. Go in to the next area to see the rest of the story and then head back to the Stadium for Round 2. If you're really nervous go save with the moogle first.

The next round should have relatively the same cards as before and should be the same level of difficulty. Once you leave you will want to go save before the last round and watch the ATEs, Quina will dive into the water after moping about being penniless and needing food to eat, an old man will assume it’s suicide because of gambling debts, how nice. The other ATE will be Eiko will be talking to Doctor Tot about how her and Dagger traded the crystals and then she’ll run off because she senses Mog is in trouble or something to that effect.


Save and head back to the Stadium and then Erin and an Oglop will appear. Oh look it’s Regent Cid, a father and his son will pick on the Regent not quite knowing who is just assuming it’s an Oglop with a cape and a moustache and then reveal that Erin is the master of winning with Oglop cards. This is going go be a relatively easy match, don't panic, Oglop Cards are beyond rubbish, you'll have no problems here. For winning you will receive at least one oglop card and a valuable Rebirth Ring. The likelihood of getting a perfect is extremely high unfortunately and Oglop Cards are pretty rubbish so just chuck four away because you will not be using any of them.

The Regent will reveal he has been testing out his new Airship that can fly without mist and thought he'd come and lose at cards it seems. Zidane seems to be just about back to his usual self but disaster strikes as Eiko dashes by and declare something horrible is happening in Alexandria.

Whatever could it be?


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