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Madain Sari Edit

When you get there save before you head in just in case, as of course you can’t save whilst in there and lord knows you don’t want to go through the Iifa Tree again.

Head to the kitchen and to where all the moogles are gathered, Moco isn’t happy, Chimomo had fallen asleep, Morisson believes a precious stone has been stolen and Mocha says someone with a big weapon took it.

Zidane suggests crying which angers the horned girl and then she begins to bite back tears worrying it’s because she broke the seal on the Iifa Tree, Zidane comforts her and she convinces him
she wasn’t going to cry and runs off to pray. Zidane makes a move on Dagger and she reciprocates which is very unlike her, and then Eiko’s scream ruins a perfectly good moment, Vivi runs in and tells you to head to Eidolon Wall. There are two chests in here containing a Survival Vest and a Phoenix Down, grab them and head to the wall.

The moogles seem to be at a loss in moment of crisis. Have Morisson heal you up then peek inside. Oh look it’s Lani taunting a clearly irritating Eiko, the moogles will provide you with an Exploda and an Elixir. If you ask for Mog Morisson will reveal he’s a coward so off you go on your own to save her. Lani has put Eiko to sleep with some sleeping weed, if only we’d thought of that sooner. Lani once again wants the pendant and also has Eiko’s jewel too. Zidane has the pendant, when this happened, I don’t know, but Vivi takes it off him to give to the bounty hunter in exchange for Eiko. If only Quina did his usual thing of appearing from the sky and land on her.

Then the red headed bloke from before appears and does a similar thing to what Quina would do... and decides to level the playing field. He scares off Lani and then challenges you to a fight; Zidane accepts using it as an excuse to score with Dagger, they have been getting on well lately haven’t they?

Boss Battle : Scarlet Hair
HP: 9000
Items: Poison Knuckles, Ether
Attacks: he just attacks... and jumps...

This guy will jump about and attack not much else. It doesn't stop your attacks from hitting unless your controller has problems selecting things. If you have counter attack equipped and this should be ridiculously easy regardless of any stats.

Steal his items and throw a Hi-Potion when necessary. If you get a trance, Solution 9 and you’re laughing. Actually laugh anyway, this is pitifully easy.

Go back to the hut under the stairs healing up on the way with Momatose in the dining room if you want, you get a close up of the little moogle too which is quite cute.

Vivi will be watching Eiko, encourage her to leave to move the scene along. Vivi gives her his own version of a tough love speech, he’s very inspiring when he twiddles his
thumbs. Eiko will then wear the jewel as an earring and you’ll get the Memory Earring and Dagger will let Mog in to apologise before walking off. Here we will see Mog and Eiko traded ribbons and will wear them when they’re sophisticated ladies. Zidane puts his foot in it and only just realised that Mog was a girl, she lives in her dress Zidane! Head out of the village and you’ll hear Dagger singing and you’ll find your way down to a cove on a little boat. The pair will have a heart to heart, Zidane suggest Dagger has some real thieving skills now and they could pair up as a team and be called The Betrothed.
FFIX Devotion
In the end Zidane tells Dagger what can only be a story about two men as far as I can tell and it sounds romantic and all but still... Like Sherlock and Watson in my mind, before Guy Ritchie turned it into a buddy flick.

The boat starts drifting out to sea as this romantic moment takes place during the sunset. Unfortunately Eiko’s song ruins the moment and everything culminates in a horrific memory of the place being destroyed by a giant eyeball in the sky causing Dagger to collapse from remembering what happened. Turns out Dagger was raised in Madain Sari until she was six until the hurricane destroyed the village (with the giant eye in the sky) and then she ended up in Alexandria. Eiko has a lot of questions about how she got to become a princess and where her horn is but of course we don’t know. Eiko realises she’s not alone anymore, this convinces her to travel with your party and welcomes Dagger to her home.

In the morning you’re getting ready to head out and Eiko declare she’s coming too much to Vivi’s surprise; apparently he always has a long face. The moogles say their goodbyes then Scarlet haired guy appears and Zidane offers to let him on the team, the rest of the party seem surprised. Call him what you want, his name’s Amarant, with flaming on the front.

Amarant Coral
Amarant Coral character

I just noticed that his surname is Coral and Eiko's is Carol... is that weird or what? Did they just run out of surnames and switch the letters around to make it look slightly different or something? Weird...

I hate this guy. He serves no purpose to the story whatsoever except for being a moody bugger and sometimes hanging around with Freya like two sad acts who no one honestly cares about any more. His storyline is even more linear than Freya's. Zidane tricked him a few years ago and he never got over it and considering Zidane is supposed to be 16-17 in this timeline it seems ridiculous he'd get tricked by a pubescent monkey boy but who am I to complain? Some people hate Quina (for some unknown reason...) and I hate this guy. He's a waste of space.

His attacks are mediocre to say the least, he'll never attack better than Steiner or Zidane and you only need two physical attackers on a team of 4 for strategical purposes unless you're a moron. He throws items which you would frankly being better off keeping for synthesising and selling. The only thing he can throw which is any good is the Save the Queen but it seems wrong to throw something so awesome especially by this idiot's hand. His abilities are sub par and his trance... I've never used him long enough to actually try it. Use him if you must but only in the next few battles because I won't be providing any form of strategy involving this waste of pixels.

Now the venom is rubbed from my fingers off to the Iifa Tree.

Iifa Tree Edit

Kuja flies in his fluffy white dragon like all James Bond villains wish they could. Amarant also expresses his sheer amazement at the fact we defeated the mist monster (who you could beat by throwing two phoenix downs at but we won’t divulge that with him).

Anyways, keep your marching order if you want and follow the trunk along until there is a bit of dialogue, the kids don’t want to climb the trunk. Amarant basically ignores Zidane and throws Eiko and Vivi over both of his large giant like shoulders and starts climbing the trunk. Leaving Dagger and Zidane in an awkward situation, I like to think he gives her a fireman’s lift since it seems practical but also suitably embarrassing for poor Dagger... How does he manage in the end...

Go on ahead, your team order won’t matter so just go for it. The makers want to make it seem as though you’re actually going to face Kuja when in the reality, something much more impressive is about to happen.

So Dagger tries to converse with Kuja, tries to figure things out. Kuja just riles everyone up, mainly Vivi and Dagger. And now we enter the first act, Brahne’s here.

And she’s brought her sea navy that were getting prepared back in Lindblum, and it’s clear she’s lost it. She’s after Kuja now making it all very confusing... Whose side are we on?

Kuja tries to point out this is all just a very entertaining show (and it probably is) thus distracting us with some Mistodons. These things aren’t very strong, they’re merely there to make the drama a little bit more fun, something to beat up to get your frustration out if you will. Whilst you’re in the fight Kuja flies away on his Silver Dragon. Again. Damn him! And he’s flying right into Brahne’s range just to get her even more agitated.

Meanwhile Amarant suggests we leave them to barney, which is a wonderful idea had it come from anyone else. Zidane actually agrees but before we have the opportunity to wait Dagger runs off to find the sealed Eidolon.

Another fight with some mistodons and now we have to run down the roots for a while. But first! Mocchi is hiding behind the tree roots on the right before you dash off. He has a letter from Stiltzkin about the Mist if you wish to read and save up.

The mistodons will chase after you but as previously mentioned this is horse play, they barely are a threat but they give good EXP. Just run down until you cant anymore, you probably won’t get attacked more than three times. Dagger starts to talk to the sealed Eidolon and receives and Aquamarine. The Eidolon is Leviathan and unfortunately it’s element is water and will basically wipe out anything with a tidal wave, Dagger can’t use it.

So now what? Well we do nothing. Just watch.

Brahne gets all excited even though she’s losing and summons Bahamut, and may I just say he’s looking fine! Absolutely amazing design and he’s tearing up the scene even causing Kuja to run away like the “whelp” he is. He even gets wounded, which impresses him greatly... which is weird... Dagger is excited believing this to be the chance Brahne has, she might not have to die! But Kuja is ridiculously pleased saying it’s all going to plan, raising his arms in the air and causing the sky to open it’s eye.

It sends Bahamut and a bit mad... and like an enraged firebreather it starts blowing everything up. Including Brahne. Again, great scene! Vivi says a few words, and we find Brahne and Dagger sharing their last moment together. Which is quite sad all things considered.

We’re back in Alexandria and Dagger is visiting her mother’s grave. She promises to become a great Queen and the final scene of this disc is Dagger accepting her new role as Queen Garnet of Alexandria, which of course is very pretty but sad at the same time.

Next up the coronation


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