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Traversing Edit

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I really should have put this in the previous page but I forgot, so there. Anyhoo in this area you will find Yeti in the forests if you run around long enough, another member of the Friendly Animals Crew. You can also encounter Ragtimer in the forests as with any. Check the Extras Page for help with that. Yeti will give you 20 AP for two Ores which will help with any summons or abilities that need learning. When you're doing messing around a bit head over to the pile of rubble by the coast.

Madain Sari Edit

Your party will also be quick to note, this place is a pile of rubble. What did I say? Then there will be a choir of kupos and you will be introduced to a load of moogles! Hooray! Yet this is the one place in the game where you can't save despite the abundance of moogles. What a kicker. Go outside if you're desperate but nothing too death defying happens in here in which you necessarily need to save. Unless you count Eiko's cooking as ... death defying?

In the next area Eiko will send the moogles off to work and Zidane points out that Mog lives inside Eiko’s dress and then she has the moogle pop in and out just to prove a point...
Madain Sari
I don’t think she realises how disturbing that is. Eiko will then try her best to flirt with Zidane asking a barrage of pointless questions. Dagger will be looking a bit peaky (or jealous) and Zidane will worry about her causing questions about the pair to tumble out of Eiko's incessant mouth. Dagger doesn’t seem like much fun today... she seems a bit off, wonder why. Eiko will run off when a moogle appears.

Libra is behind the fountain and behind Dagger is a good view of her rear and a Tent. There will be an ATE involving Vivi thinking too much and scaring himself, poor thing is so confused about life... go to see him in the next area to the left, and Zidane will put him straight with a simple: ‘don’t think too much.’ spiel, nice one Zidane. Then there will be an ATE about Dagger’s feelings, she feels upset she’s lost her Eidolons.

Try and go in the house where the little entrance is and Morisson will prevent you heralding yet another ATE about Eiko’s feelings. She’ll decide she’s cooking some tasty stew and fish, I usually send the tiny moogle to fish and bigger moogle to get the potatoes but it really doesn’t matter, it just amuses me in the next part when the tiniest moogle gets all excited about catching something...

What about Zidane? Doesn’t he have feelings? Go to Eidolon wall and Moco will get all irritated at you until Quina will dive into the water below infuriating the little moogle even more, you can hear him kuping with indignation. Go back to the kitchen and Morisson will offer to take you to Eidolon wall. Zidane will think of getting Dagger, on the way back to the entrance to find her you will witness another ATE of Eiko’s kitchen.

Get water for more than 10 people as there are 9 people and Quina is of course on the prowl, I suggest 12 because he/she can eat enough for five people... you can throw in the oglop for seasoning, the only thing that happens is it ends up in Vivi’s bowl and ends the conversation at the table that much more abruptly; up to you. Then the tiny moogle you made fish will feel a nibble, and catch... a Quina. Moco will be upset and run off in a huff at Eidolon Wall, Dagger will come over all nostalgic as Morisson gives you a history lesson.

FFIX-Moogle Concept2

Moogles, so many moogles...

Eiko, even though she’s previously seen Quina will assume he/she is Kuja which seems beyond stupid considering Kuja doesn’t wear a chef’s hat. Then the gourmand will offer to help cook, you should probably take him up on his offer, he/she did after all work in the Alexandrian kitchen, remember? He/she will commend you for having plenty of water but will declare the fire is too weak, luckily he knows a mage who can make fire! Clearly Vivi will be helping... Leave Dagger at the wall and head back to the kitchen where some kupoing from Mog will mean the food is ready.

Enjoy the meal and conversation until Vivi finds an oglop in his soup. After the meal pick up the Ore and Phoenix Pinion in the chests and talk to Dagger who will note the books on the shelf are very old and Eiko needs to find something more up to date and possibly for her age group.

Eiko refuses to go to the Iifa Tree because there is a powerful eidolon within that had to be sealed by her tribe with another Eidolon; sounds strange. You’ll find some Kirman Coffee for Morrid to the left on the platform in the kitchen. Quina will be harassing the small moogle to fish for him. If you try to leave the house Momatose will say you should have some rest so go right ahead, there is not much else to do. Vivi is all worked up in the middle of the night and Zidane comforts him in some way...
then there is a strange gay moment that takes place between them that will change their relationship forever. Eiko while eavesdropping decides Zidane is perfect for her and she might go on with your party. Tinkle tinkle? Seriously guys?

In the morning Dagger will say she wants to return and Eiko will declare she is joining you to help unseal the tree. Dagger will throw a strop and Vivi will say he is working out his issues and once again Zidane feels nothing and off you go.

Head along the Moutain Path and take the exit not taken before in the Northwest and you’ll find yourself in the next area. Find Nymph and give her three doses of Ore for a very respectable 30 AP. Keep playing around in the forests for another question from Ragtime Mouse if you wish and also if you want to heighten some levels but other wise head on to the giant tree in the foreground and you’ll be at the roots of the Iifa Tree.

Iifa Tree Edit

Iifa trees sounds more cool to me, Lifa Tree if you will doesn’t have the same effect, it’s a little too obvious... plus Lifa has a flick, there is no flick. At the Iifa tree you will be impeded by the seal of the Eidolon preventing you entering; doesn’t hurt to give it a quick bodyslam. Then Eiko will cast her spell to break the seal and receive a Ruby. She makes more of a show about it than necessary but hey now you have Carbuncle which will cast reflect on all your party members or create some other effect depending on what jewel Eiko has equipped, this will change colour of the gem on its forehead and it’s attack, Emerald, Diamond and Moonstone affect Carbuncle’s summoning. Pretty redundant unless you intend use one buff in battle against all others. It's not worth spending too much time and energy learning but it's up to you.


Follow the path along in a very straight line, a majority of the monsters here will be zombies so are weak to healing magic, plus it’s a natural earthy place so fire should cause some damage too. Have Dagger and Eiko casting cure on all the beasties in one round who are undead (anything with Zombie in) and fire with Vivi, Zidane can attack but the battles will be over before he becomes of any use to you. Just keep walking along to the base of the tree. Keep going till you find Moochi; give him the letter from Mogryo who is wishing Vivi all the best which is sweet. Save and heal up and head onwards. You will come to a dead end where Eiko will poke fun at Vivi who determines he will be strong and Eiko reckons he’ll be stronger with her.

You have the option of jumping on the glowing circle do so and it will become a lift taking you into the depths. You all jump on together like teams do, and Vivi doesn’t fall on his face for a change so that’s nice. Head down the path to the second screen and along until there are two forks quite close together, go along the second one to push the switch which will cause the chest on the first fork to drop giving you a Phoenix Down. A little further down will be another fork with a Hi Potion in the chest. While down here try to make your team’s levels aren’t divisible by 5 for the next boss battle, if this encourages you to train more or less go right ahead. If you intend to fight the next boss rather than use the easy method which will be explained, now is a good time to equip Body Temp on all your characters ability lists as well.

Keep heading down the next screen until you reach a fork near the bottom, go to the left to receive the Lamia’s Flute, to left of that chest is a Remedy if you can find the path. Then head to the next screen where everything is all alive and green and glowing. Zidane ponders while Eiko jumps on a leaf for a bit and suggests a bit more weight would help. Well Quina’s not here but it seems to work when Zidane hops on board.

Iifa Tree Depths

You have a bit of a force field going and Mog verifies there is a lot life down here. The team muse a bit more and some monsters attack flying through the air to break up the conversation. Vivi’s reaction is always the cutest. After the battle the group will become concerned about Vivi and he makes the point that this place is similar to the factory in Dali. But of course a lot of questions need answering, mainly what connects everything together?

Another random battle and you reach the bottom and find yourselves on a giant harp with a glowing bottom. Dagger gets the impression the tree is like a machine, at the bottom of the stairs is an Elixir to pick up and run past Eiko and Vivi to look under the stairs to find a Brigandine with the handy Ability Up for Zidane before talking to them. Talk to the pair and Eiko will try some moves out on Zidane mentioning the sparkling water. Vivi makes the point that the mist must come from the sparkling water. It is definitely a bizarre place; Eiko will declare something is approaching, run to Dagger and then there will be a big bad beastie to taunt and he will tell you something connected to Kuja and the roots of the Iifa Tree connects to the other continents spreading mist inflicting fighting. If you defeat him there will be no more mist and no more Black Mages. Still going to kill him though aren’t we?

Boss Battle : Soulcage
HP: 9999
Steal: Magician’s Cloak, Brigandine, Oak Staff
Attacks Level 5 Death, Leaf Swirl, Fire Blades, Mustard Bomb, Shockwave, Fira

There are two ways to kill this guy, the easy way or the less easy way. The easy way would be steal his items and then throw a couple Phoenix Downs. Easy peasy, every game has one and this it, after all his bravado I know you expect more but that's the short and short of it.

If you are going to take him on the real way, the hard way follow my instructions to kill this bastard properly. Make sure you equipped Body Temp on your characters to avoid Mustard Bomb and ensure your levels are not divisible by 5, basically avoid level 30 but be around that area to succeed. Steal his items and then pummel him with Bio, Fenrir, Ramuh and Zidane’s MP Attacks. He should fall in no time. Who needs Phoenix Downs when you have pure force?

Unfortunately because of this the Mist quickly begins to dissipate and all of Alexandria and the Mist Continent seems to be cleared of mist. According to Eiko the tree looks much prettier without all that mist blocking the view. Vivi seems a bit upset about the fact that he has pretty much has prevented anymore Black Mages being made. Poor Vivi reckons they’ll all hate him for it but Eiko sets him straight, poor guy. A moogle will appear and tell you something has been stolen from the village so it’s time to trek back there again.

See you there.


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